The Spongebob movie is a big success, you guys. No seriously, the animated flick about a bright yellow sea-sponge (don’t act like yo don’t know) is on its way to finally bump American Sniper out of the top box office spot this weekend. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water, might sound like a dodgy title made to suck in the money of exhausted parents with 10-year-olds at the movies, and that’s exactly what it’s done this weekend – to the tune of $56 million in gross domestic profit.

Spongebob Squarepants
Yes, this is actually a thing that exists. Sorry, folks.

SpongeBob knocked down Sniper after three weeks on the top. Those really in the know about the life and times of SpongeBob will remember that Sponge out of Water is a sequel to the 1998 cinematic masterpiece The SpongeBob Sqarepants Movie.

The original scored $140 million worldwide in 2004. The new film picked right back up again and then some as it scored with audiences seeking family entertainment.

Check out the trailer below, especially if you're a fan of loud noises and bright colours.

"The delay in films did not matter at all. It's become a generational experience. It's just a great brand," says Paul Dergarabedian analyst for Rentrak, via USA Today. "It's incredibly impressive. This is so beyond what everyone thought. It's nearing Lego Movie territory."

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Oh no. Does that mean we have to suffer through another decade of SpongeBob themed backpacks, beach towels, underwear and other memorabilia?