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Una Foden Battling Broken Toe For Splash!

30th December 2013

Irish pop star Una Foden will be hobbling to the diving board as she prepares to compete in U.K. reality show Splash! after breaking her toe during training.The Saturdays singer, aka Una Healy, has signed...

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Fascinating Fact: 3651285

8th May 2013

Former Baywatch beauty Nicole Eggert overcame her fear of heights to take second place in celebrity diving contest Splash. Canadian professional skier Rory Bushfield was crowned the winner during the final episode of the U.S....

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The Things They Say: 3641903

3rd May 2013

"Is it too dangerous? No, I don't think so. Everyone needs to know their boundaries. Either you're up for it or you're not." Former Baywatch beauty NICOLE EGGERT defends U.S. Tv contest Splash over accusations...

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Nicole Eggert Shows Off Bruises After Diving Accident

23rd April 2013

Former Baywatch beauty Nicole Eggert has stripped off to show the severe bruising she suffered in a diving accident on the set of U.S. Tv contest Splash.The actress was injured last week (ends19Apr13) while she...

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Nicole Eggert Briefly Hospitalised After Botched High-dive

19th April 2013

Actress Nicole Eggert was hospitalised on Thursday (18Apr13) after a high-dive gone wrong for the U.S. version of reality show Splash.The former Baywatch star was filming a daring backflip jump for the Tv series when...

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Katherine Webb Quits Splash: Another Dull Departure For Diving Dunces

By Hayley Avron | 18th April 2013

Katherine Webb quits Splash, as the show loses yet another star. Reality shows are supposed to bring out the best in our minor celebrities. They are supposed to overcome their fears, find talents they never...

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Kendra Wilkinson Quits Splash

3rd April 2013

Former Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson has quit the U.S. version of celebrity Tv show Splash over her fear of heights.The blonde beauty admitted last week (ends31Mar13) she was facing her phobia in the show, and...

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Nicole Eggert Battling Height Phobia On Splash!

22nd March 2013

Actress Nicole Eggert has been battling a crippling fear of heights during her stint on the U.S. version of diving show Splash!, insisting it's a struggle just to climb the steps to the board.The former...

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Fascinating Fact: 3568705

21st March 2013

The pool actress Nicole Eggert dives into on new U.S. reality Tv show Splash is the same one she trained in for her role as a sexy lifeguard in Baywatch.

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Chuy Bravo Fractures Foot Filming Splash!

13th March 2013

Chelsea Handler's assistant Chuy Bravo has been forced to pull out of reality U.S. Tv show Splash! after fracturing a bone in his heel on the first day of filming.Bravo, who regularly appears on Handler's...

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Louie Anderson Suffers Splash Mishap

28th January 2013

Comedian Louie Anderson had to be pulled from a swimming pool last week (ends27Jan13) when a practice session for Tv talent show Splash went awry.The funnyman is among the stars taking part in the U.S....

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Stars Sign Up For U.s. Diving Show Splash

25th January 2013

Baywatch actress Nicole Eggert and former Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson are among the stars set to show off their diving skills on a U.S. version of celebrity Tv show Splash.The pair will don bikinis and...

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Caprice Bourret's Sex Life Has Taken A Dive Since Splash! Began

10th January 2013

Former supermodel Caprice Bourret's sex life has taken a dive since she signed up for new U.K. reality Tv show Splash! - because she is covered "from head to toe" in bruises due to the...

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Hanks Makes A Splash On U.s. Tv

10th November 2010

SPLASH star TOM HANKS was left drenched during an appearance on U.S. TV on Tuesday night (09Nov10) following a prank by host CONAN O BRIEN.The Hollywood actor sat down for a chat in the second...

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Montag Wants To Make A Splash With Mermaid Movie Remake

22nd March 2010

Reality TV star HEIDI MONTAG is begging moviemaker RON HOWARD to remake mermaid movie SPLASH - because she wants to play DARYL HANNAH's role.The Hills star, who is about to make her big screen debut...

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The Things They Say 11573

10th March 2009

"That was completely weird, like an out-of-body experience. I could only think, 'I used to watch SPLASH all the time.' And TURNER & HOOCH kept popping into my head. I tried not to think of...

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Travolta Admits Hanks Envy

9th April 2007

Screen legend JOHN TRAVOLTA occasionally wrestles bouts of jealousy - over TOM HANKS' career. The SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER hunk confesses some of his biggest career mistakes were turning down roles Hanks subsequently made into hits....

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Hollywood Activists Appeal To Schwarzenegger

23rd October 2006

Hollywood celebrities including PIERCE BROSNAN, DARYL HANNAH and HALLE BERRY have appealed to California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER to veto plans for a proposed natural gas facility in the region. The stars' Malibu protest yesterday (22OCT06)...

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Hannah Tastes Wedding Dream In New Film

28th July 2006

Actress-turned-environmental activist DARYL HANNAH is getting to taste what a dream wedding is like thanks to her latest movie. The SPLASH star dons a pleated wedding gown, complete with a tiara and a veil, for...

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Celebrity Farm Protest Continues As Bulldozers Move In

5th July 2006

The urban farm in Los Angeles that actress DARYL HANNAH and JOAN BAEZ fought to save earlier this summer (06) is being bulldozed to the ground today (05JUL06). Baez and Hannah both spent time protesting...

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Daryl Hannah Launches Green Tv Show

16th September 2005

Screen star DARYL HANNAH is shooting a new TV show about saving the environment. The SPLASH actress is devoting her energy to green issues and getting close to nature and hopes to raise awareness...

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Hannah And Kiedis Set For Environmental Panel

13th April 2005

SPLASH beauty DARYL HANNAH is teaming up with rocker ANTHONY KIEDIS to be part of an environmental-activist panel later this month (APR05). The stars will share their views on planet preservation for FORCES OF...

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Former Jackson Maid Testifies She Used 'Broker'

9th April 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's former maid has testified that she and other employees used a "media broker" to sell stories to tabloids - including one claiming inside knowledge of the star's sex life with ex-wife LISA MARIE...

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Hannah Sued By Public Relations Firm

7th February 2005

DARYL HANNAH is locked in a money war with a group of Hollywood bigwigs, who claim the actress owes them cash after they helped revive her career. Statuesque beauty Hannah 1980s glory with such...

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Daryl Hannah Has Never Seen Wall Street

6th February 2005

Statuesque actress DARYL HANNAH had such a bad experience making her 1987 movie WALL STREET with director OLIVER STONE, she refuses to watch the film. The SPLASH beauty and Stone fought so much on...

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Selleck's Ferrari For Sale

13th July 2004

The Ferrari TOM SELLECK drove in hit TV show MAGNUM, P.I. is to be auctioned off in Los Angeles at the end of this month (30JUL04). The sale, which also features DARYL HANNAH's mermaid...

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Hannah's Kill Bill Act Prompts Police Questions

15th April 2004

Hollywood actress DARYL HANNAH was so nervous about attending the premiere of KILL BILL: VOL 2, she acted like her character in the movie - and ended up being questioned by police. The leggy...

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Hannah Helps Horse Give Birth

15th April 2004

Actress DARYL HANNAH spent the first day of promotional duties for KILL BILL: VOL 2 exhausted - because she was up until the small hours of the morning helping her pet horse give birth....

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Hannah Claims Tarantino Influenced By Jackass

6th April 2004

DARYL HANNAH believes QUENTIN TARANTINO was inspired by JACKASS: THE MOVIE when it came to her fight scenes in sequel KILL BILL: VOL II. The SPLASH actress, 44 - who plays lethal assassin ELLE...

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Hannah Nabs Hotel Tycoon

30th March 2004

DARYL HANNAH has taken a leaf out of KILL BILL co-star UMA THURMAN's book - by dating a wealthy hotelier. The SPLASH beauty, 44, is enjoying a passionate romance with SEAN McPHERSON, the...

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