Spears And Federline Heading To Custody Trial

Custody of BRITNEY SPEARS and KEVIN FEDERLINE's two young sons will be settled in a trial in August (08), after an attempt to settle out of court failed on Thursday (26Jun08).
The pair spent the day in talks with a mediator, but Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan has confirmed no agreement could be reached.
He tells E! News, "The mediation didn't result in an agreement that would avoid the trial set in August."
But he insists there was no breakdown in communication between the former couple, adding, "The mood was comfortable, positive and it was a mood that was consistent with opening at least a great dialogue, which is necessary.
"If the existing arrangement was acceptable to both parties... we wouldn't have to go to trial. But that didn't happen."
The trial is due to begin on 25 August (08), and would result in a final custody ruling.
Kaplan added that Federline is seeking sole physical and legal custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James. Federline was handed full custody of the boys after Spears was committed to a psychiatric facility to treat an alleged bipolar disorder following a stand-off with police and childcare officials in January (08).
Spears locked herself and her youngest son in the bedroom of her Hollywood home and initially refused to come out when a visitation period had ended.
Earlier this week (beg23Jun08), Spears was granted an extension to her custory rights when a judge agreed she could spend one night a week with her sons.


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I am happy that Brittany is contesting the custody of her two adorable and precious children. Why should Kevin get full custody. I find that him and his despicable lawyer Mark Vincent have never cared about her issues, just about the MONEY!! As I have continually stated, that if it wasn't for Brittany's money, Kevin would still be on the streets using cocaine. Also what happened to the complaint that Brittany lodged to Children's Services about Kevin smoking pot in front of the children. It is no secret that Kevin is a big pot smoker. Where has Kevin gotten all this money, to live the lifestyle he had now been accustomed to. Let us not forget that Kevin left his girlfriend Shar when she was eight months pregnant for Brittany. Kevin obviously has become a big roller in Las Vegas, and that is probably the reason, they through a big party for him. He seems to go out a lot, and the children are with the nannies. Kevin needs to get a real job, since he never had one. He apparently lives off people, and struck it rich when he hooked up with Brittany. Brittany has done a 180 turn in her life, and has done great. She looks so happy when she is with her children, and they seem to adore her. Brittany's mother did not have any parenting skills, and Brittany did the best she could on her own. Brittany looks wonderful, and has been doing all positive things in her life now. Why shouldn't she get custody? I could not believe that when Brittany was taken out on a strechter to the hospital, Kevin took the video to the judge, and Judge Gordon gave him custody at a time when Brittany was in crisis. I couldn't believe that Judge Gordon did that. There are plenty of people who suffer from psychiatric disorders, and have custody of their children. I worked at a methadone maintenence program in he Bronx for many, many years. If any of the counselors had patients that had children that were temporaily removed from them, the parents usually saw their children every week, usually at the agency involved. We call children services in the Bronx, as ACS. Judge Gordon did a disservice to the children, when he discontinued Brittany's rights for almost two months. I never heard of that. By doing that, and since Kevin not beening able to deal with Brittany, the children were the ones to suffer from all this craziness. Kevin had taken down all the pictures of Brittany in the house, and didn't talk about her in front of the children. How does that make Kevin a good father? I thought that was just horrendous, and it made the children apprehensive when Brittany evenutally saw her babies. Her father back in her life, has made a big difference in everything she has done. I think he is making up for all the heartache that Brittany suffered as a child. Let us not forget that Brittany supported the whole family, since she was working as a young children. BRITTANY DESERVES TO HAVE CUSTODY OF HER PERCIOUS BOYS!!!!
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