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'Dead' Hannah And Lawless Coming Back For Spartacus Prequel

12th May 2010

JOHN HANNAH and LUCY LAWLESS have been brought back from the dead for a prequel to hit U.S. cable series SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND.The TV couple were slaughtered in the bloody finale to the ancient...

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Whitfield Battling Cancer

10th March 2010

SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND star ANDY WHITFIELD has been diagnosed with cancer.Production on the second season of the U.S. show was due to begin in New Zealand in the coming weeks but filming has been...

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Douglas Honoured With Prosthetic Penis In New Spartacus

6th August 2009

KIRK DOUGLAS has an odd cameo in the upcoming TV remake of SPARTACUS - as a prosthetic penis.Producer Rob Tapert reveals some of the more modest and less-endowed cast members of Spartacus: Blood & Sand...

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Lawless Considers Pubic Wig For Fist Sex Scenes

28th July 2009

Actress LUCY LAWLESS is fretting over a merkin to hide her modesty in upcoming TV mini-series SPARTACUS.The Xena: Warrior Princess star was offered a pubic wig for her first full-frontal nude scenes - but, with...

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Michael Douglas Gets Candid About Dad's Shortcomings

9th March 2007

MICHAEL DOUGLAS has taken his movie legend father KIRK to task over his poor parenting skills in a new US TV special. The two Douglases sat down for a candid chat as part of upcoming...

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Douglas Enjoyed Romps With 'Nazi' Stewardess

25th January 2007

Movie legend KIRK DOUGLAS enjoyed kinky romps with a German air stewardess who called herself a "Nazi", before he settled down and started his family. In his forthcoming autobiography LET'S FACE IT - 90 YEARS...

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Douglas Urges Youth To Save The World

11th December 2006

Film legend KIRK DOUGLAS is calling on young people in America to help save the planet. The SPARTACUS star has written an open letter to the teenagers of America on his 90th birthday, urging them...

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Kirk Douglas To Speak At Un Summit

30th October 2006

Film legend KIRK DOUGLAS will urge the world's youth to act quickly to save the planet at a United Nations (UN) Global Youth Summit later today (30OCT06). The SPARTACUS star, 89, is deeply concerned about...

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Michael Douglas Found Dad Kirk 'Intimidating'

29th August 2006

Hollywood actor MICHAEL DOUGLAS found his father KIRK "intimidating" when he was growing up. The 61-year-old star was amazed by his dad's work ethic, but believes his ambition kept them apart emotionally. He says, "I...

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Kirk Douglas Urges Gibson To Seek Catholic Help

11th August 2006

Movie veteran KIRK DOUGLAS has advised disgraced MEL GIBSON to seek help from his own Catholic church leaders before speaking with rabbis and Jewish groups. Gibson outraged Jewish community leaders last month (JUL06) when an...

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Douglas: 'Acting Made Me Vomit'

11th August 2006

MICHAEL DOUGLAS almost quit acting before his career took off, because appearing on camera made him vomit. The son of SPARTACUS legend KIRK DOUGLAS blames some bad advice for his condition. He tells Total Film...

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Curtis Slams The Oscars

15th March 2006

Film legend TONY CURTIS has launched a scathing attack on the Academy Awards, likening the annual ceremony to "ape s**t". The SPARTACUS actor, who was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in the 1958...

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King Kong Named Best Movie Of 2005

14th March 2006

Gorilla remake KING KONG has been named the Best Film of 2005, picking up top prize at last night's (13MAR06) Empire Magazine's film awards. Despite being largely shunned at the Academy Awards earlier this month...

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Beckinsale Vows To Stay Away From Big Budget Movies

11th January 2006

KATE BECKINSALE has vowed to stay away from expensive movies after her turns in recent epics PEARL HARBOR and VAN HELSING were slammed by critics. Beckinsale was disappointed by the reaction to Pearl Harbor,...

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Spartacus Star Stone Dies At 92

21st November 2005

Movie veteran HAROLD STONE has died of natural causes in a Woodlands Hills, California hospital. He was 92. The actor is most famous for starring roles in ALFRED HITCHCOCK's THE WRONG MAN and biblical...

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Monaghan And Ferguson Mock Law's Nanny Scandal

26th July 2005

LORD OF THE RINGS star DOMINIC MONAGHAN teamed up with Scottish comedian CRAIG FERGUSON last night (26JUL05) to poke fun at JUDE LAW's affair with his children's former nanny. Last week (ends22JUL05), Law admitted...

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Pepsi Ask 'Who's Spartacus?'

6th March 2005

PEPSI bosses are using KIRK DOUGLAS' epic SPARTACUS movie in new TV adverts for the soft drink. In the commercial, Pepsi chiefs poke fun at the famous "I'm Spartacus" mountain top scene from the...

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Douglas Honoured Again

27th October 2004

Movie veteran KIRK DOUGLAS is set for yet another honour - because he insisted the name of a blacklisted Hollywood writer was featured in the credits of his hit film SPARTACUS. The actor fought...

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Douglas's Brother Believed He Had Aids

11th July 2004

MICHAEL DOUGLAS's late brother ERIC - found dead at his New York home on Tuesday (06JUL04) - may have killed himself as he was convinced he was infected with AIDS. While reports suggest...

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Crowe's Gladiator Voted Top Hero

25th April 2004

RUSSELL CROWE's brave Roman general MAXIMUS in GLADIATOR has been voted the greatest cinema hero of all time. The fearless fighter in the OSCAR-winning film has beaten SUPERMAN and ELLEN RIPLEY of ALIENS...

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Lawrence Of Arabia Is Best Epic

21st April 2004

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA has been named the greatest ever film epic by leading British film magazine TOTAL FILM - in a feature inspired by the upcoming release of TROY. The SIR DAVID LEAN directed...

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Sir Peter Ustinov Dies Aged 82

29th March 2004

Acting legend SIR PETER USTINOV has died aged 82. The London-born actor and entertaining raconteur passed away in Switzerland yesterday (28MAR04). His acting career spanned more than 60 years - including ACADEMY AWARDS...

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Sir Alan Bates Dies

28th December 2003

British actor SIR ALAN BATES has lost his long battle with cancer at the age of 69. The Derbyshire-born star, who was nominated for an OSCAR for his performance in THE FIXER, passed...

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Zeta-jones Does A 'Marilyn' For Kirk Douglas

12th December 2003

OSCAR-winner CATHERINE ZETA-JONES has sung a sultry MARILYN MONROE-esque version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY for her father-in-law KIRK DOUGLAS. The sexy CHICAGO actress was hosting the NOBEL PEACE CONCERT in Oslo, Norway with husband MICHAEL...

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Kirk Douglas Caught Up In Squawk Row

15th August 2003

Veteran star KIRK DOUGLAS has been caught up in an eviction battle after a real estate manager kicked a bird lover out of her home for letting her parrots squawk too loud. Distressed MARA...

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George W Bush The War Film Fan

7th July 2003

American President GEORGE W BUSH loves war movies, his favourites being BLACK HAWK DOWN and SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. Former WHITE HOUSE projectionist PAUL FISCHER has revealed the cinematic tastes of a number of former...

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Douglas Clan Team Up For New Movie

8th April 2003

WALL STREET star MICHAEL DOUGLAS loved working on his latest movie IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY alongside his father, son and mother - because it bought the family closer together. The movie stars SPARTACUS...

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Kirk Douglas.s Suicide Bid

25th March 2003

Hollywood legend KIRK DOUGLAS tried to commit suicide after suffering a devastating stroke seven years ago (96). The 87-year-old SPARTACUS legend says he planned to use a loaded pistol he'd had as a prop...

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