The four pieces of art hoping to be crowned the new winner of the Turner Prize were unveiled to the British press today and, ITV reports, there was an oddly amiable atmosphere surrounding the event, with little of the sniping and criticising so often seen by those there to speculate on the contenders.

Spartacus Chetwynd was among those whose art will go up for the prestigious prize; one of her pieces is called The Oracle and sees members of an audience lie prostrate on the floor which a puppet whispers mocking predictions in their ear. In Chetwynd's own words: "The audience are picked out to lie full body prostrate and lower themselves in front of the oracle. Then they're told something like 'you will get food poisoning'. It's a little bit like the humiliation on The X Factor."

Chetwynd arrived at the unveiling in London looking a little outlandish, and put the look down to being too busy to dress properly. "It's meant to be a special evening for me. I haven't had time to find a dress so I thought if I put a beard on with an old dress it will be a scintillating combination" she said, before commenting on the event "In contrast to democracy, these shows are meant to be celebrating political ineptitude." She goes up against Paul Noble, Luke Fowler and Elizabeth Price for the honour.