Sophie Cranston says Duchess Catherine has helped her business "enormously".

The brunette beauty was seen wearing one of Sophie's Libelula frock coats in January and the designer says she's very grateful of the publicity she has given the label.

She told "Kate has helped the business enormously. Through all the press we got, people abroad began to take notice. When she first wore it, our website crashed - it went up 2,000 per cent - and we actually has to get a better servers to make sure we could cope with number of enquiries. Since then, business has grown steadily - it's impossible to maintain that level of interest, but it's been quite constant. She has had an amazing effect on the label. Kate looks pretty good in anything. She is fairly representative of the people that buy the brand, but we hope Libelula appeals to a wider demographic. She's a pretty nice person to have wearing your designs though."

Sophie also revealed how Libelula's clothes suit most women because of the way the clothes are made.

She said: "This winter a black lace and wool dress I created just flew off the shelves. I think it was to do with the flattering shape - something I always focus on - and the contrasting fabrics. I always think about boobs and bottoms; clothes should be flattering. A lot of shapes are initially cut in a size 14-16, so that everyone looks gorgeous in them."