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Tamara Ecclestone Loves Being A Mum

5th August 2014

Tamara Ecclestone loves being a ''hands-on mum''. The 30-year-old socialite gave birth to daughter Sophia four months ago and she is thoroughly embracing everything that motherhood has thrown at her. Tamara - who is married...

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Tamara Ecclestone Gives Birth To Baby Sophia

18th March 2014

Tamara Ecclestone has given birth to a baby girl called Sophia.The Formula 1 heiress and her husband Jay Rutland welcomed their first child on Monday (17.03.14) and are completely overwhelmed by the love they feel...

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The Things They Say 10586

21st December 2008

"SOPHIA has been amazing, I have learned so much from her and she has been like a mother to me. We have all been getting on so well." PENELOPE CRUZ on her NINE co-star, Hollywood...

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Stallone Challenged By Raising Daughters

23rd December 2006

MACho actor SYLVESTER STALLONE can take on any opponent in the boxing ring, but insists he is baffled when it comes to raising his three young daughters. The ROCKY star is married to former model...

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Stallone To Intimidate Dating Daughters

31st August 2006

Hollywood hardman SYLVESTER STALLONE wants to scare off his young daughters' future boyfriends by dusting off his old RAMBO costume. The tough guy admits he is very protective of his three daughters - SOPHIA, 10,...

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Richardson Hates Neeson Watching Her Sex Scenes

26th March 2006

British actress NATASHA RICHARDSON cringed with embarrassment when her husband LIAM NEESON watched her explicit sex scenes in recent movie ASYLUM. But Richardson, who plays sexually repressed doctor's wife STELLA ARPHAL in the DAVID MACKENZIE-directed...

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Bana Smartens Up

20th December 2005

TROY star ERIC BANA is making an effort to wear smarter clothes whenever he collects his two children from school, because he was starting to feel like "a bum" in his jeans and T-shirts....

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Hewitt's Golden Girls Fixation

19th August 2005

Actress JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT is so fixated with THE GOLDEN GIRLS, she wants to be president of the classic sitcom's fan club. The I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER star watches repeats of...

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Bratt Keeping Baby Secret

9th August 2005

BENJAMIN BRATT knows the sex of his unborn second child with wife TALISA SOTO, but they are keeping it a secret from the world. The actor insists everyone will have to wait until the...

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Stallone A Drill Instructor With Daughters

10th June 2005

SYLVESTER STALLONE is putting his three young daughters through their paces - every morning before breakfast the ageing Hollywood tough guy takes them through a vigorous training routine. The FIRST BLOOD star has three...

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Bratt And Wife Expecting Second Child

21st April 2005

Actor BENJAMIN BRATT and his wife, TALISA, have announced they will become parents for a second time this autumn (05). The couple, who were married in April 2002, made the announcement in a joint...

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Golden Girls Distressed By Getty's Health

22nd November 2004

BETTY WHITE, BEA ARTHUR and RUE McCLANAHAN are highly distressed by their former GOLDEN GIRLS co-star ESTELLE GETTY's mental health battle. The 81-year-old actress, who played SOPHIA on the classic sitcom, is suffering from...

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Macy Selling Himself Out

18th November 2004

Actor WILLIAM H MACY is turning his back on critically-acclaimed, independent films to star in big-budget blockbusters. The FARGO star is proud of his filmography, but now he's a father to SOPHIA, four, and...

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Clooney Linked To Mystery Brunette

6th October 2004

Hollywood hunk GEORGE CLOONEY has been spotted with a mystery brunette in his Italian lakeside mansion - despite his recent declaration of "liking" his on/off girlfriend LISA SNOWDON. Clooney renewed his relationship with the...

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British Film Firm In Thunderbirds Crisis

24th August 2004

THUNDERBIRDS has pushed Britain's leading movie company to the brink of crisis - because the film's performed so badly at the box office. The $77.4 million (GBP43 million) film - starring BEN KINGSLEY and...

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Bana To Become Next Bond

1st August 2004

Australian actor ERIC BANA is set to be the next JAMES BOND - beating JUDE LAW, ORLANDO BLOOM and HEATH LEDGER to the part of the British spy. THE HULK star, 35, is still...

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Sellers Film: Most Emotional Experience Of Ekland's Life

23rd May 2004

BRITT EKLAND was so overwhelmed watching the eagerly-waited biopic on her late husband PETER SELLERS, she's labelled the exclusive screening the most emotional experience of her life. The Swedish actress - who until...

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Rachel Hunter Open To Plastic Surgery - In Europe

29th March 2004

Model RACHEL HUNTER has declared she plans to have plastic surgery - and she insists on getting the job done in Europe. The curvaceous beauty, 34 - who is the estranged wife of rocker...

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Stallone Trying For Fourth Child

3rd March 2004

ROCKY star SYLVESTER STALLONE is enjoying life as a father so much, he and wife JENNIFER FLAVIN are now trying for a fourth child. The 57-year-old actor admits he's "more in love than ever"...

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Meg And Gwyneth Head Up London Festival

17th September 2003

Hollywood stars MEG RYAN and GWYNETH PALTROW are to appear in London next month (OCT03) to premiere their latest films at the TIMES LONDON FILM FESTIVAL. Ryan will be promoting sexy movie IN THE...

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Sly Takes Over Clooney

14th July 2003

GEORGE CLOONEY fans hoping to catch a glimpse of their hero in the third SPY KIDS movie are in for a shock - he's SYLVESTER STALLONE in disguise. Clooney's good guy spy 'morphs' into...

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The Hulk's Childish Inspiration

17th June 2003

Australian actor ERIC BANA drew on unconventional inspiration for his role as THE HULK - his toddler son's temper tantrums. Bana, who plays the raging green beast in the soon-to-be released comic book adaptation,...

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Ryan O'neal's Son Splits From De Mornay

15th May 2003

RYAN O'NEAL's son PATRICK has broken up with actress REBECCA DE MORNAY after almost 10 years together. Patrick never married the star of THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE - just like his father,...

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Luke Leaves Wife Sobbing At Spirit Awards

23rd March 2003

Hollywood newcomer DEREK LUKE delivered the most thrilling acceptance speech at the INDEPENDENT SPIRIT AWARDS yesterday (22MAR03) - when he handed his Best Actor honour to his wife. Luke dragged his wife of four...

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