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Devil Dies On Sunday

10th January 2012

Several of the weekend's top films didn't do quite so well as studios had estimated on Sunday, but they did far better than industry analysts had forecast on Friday -- especially the No. 1 film,...

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George Clooney To Tackle Nazis In New Movie

9th January 2012

George Clooney is set to take on the Nazis in his latest movie.The 'Ides of March' star is working on the screenplay for a big screen adaptation of Robert M. Edse's book 'The Monuments Men:...

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Dragon Tattoo Sequel Still Planned

4th January 2012

The sequel to 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' is still in "development". Sony has confirmed 'The Girl who Played with Fire' will continue to be made despite some believing the film - starring Daniel Craig...

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Lg To Unveil New Tv's With Spectacular Clarity

2nd January 2012

Korea's LG Electronics announced today (Monday) that it plans to unveil a 55-inch TV set for the home using OLED technology at next month's Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Until now, the ultra-high-definition, ultra thin (3/16ths...

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Paramount At Box-office Peak

28th December 2011

For the first time in more than a decade, Paramount Pictures is ending the year as the box office champion. The strong showing of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol , which took in $46.2 million over...

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Cheap Tv's Proving To Be Disastrous For Manufacturers, Retailers

27th December 2011

A glut of big-screen TV sets has pushed prices of the sets down to bargain levels -- a boon for consumers, a nightmare for manufacturers and retailers, the New York Times observed today (Tuesday). The...

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Netflix's U.k. Plans Undermined By Amazon Deal

22nd December 2011

Netflix can't seem to catch a break, not even overseas. On Wednesday Amazon's LoveFilm, Netflix's chief online rental rival in the U.K., announced that it had signed an exclusive deal with Sony for the right...

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Box Office Slump Extends Into A Third Week

20th December 2011

Any hope that the 2011 domestic box office might finally overtake 2010's vanished over the weekend as ticket sales fell well below predictions for the third week in a row. After strong spring and summer...

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Mission Accomplished

19th December 2011

Against the backdrop of another dismal weekend at the box office, Mission Impossible -- Ghost Protocol put in a top-notch performance as it opened in just 425 locations (mostly IMAX) with $13.6 million. The idea...

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Denzel Washington To Star In Equalizer?

14th December 2011

Denzel Washington is set to star in 'The Equalizer'. The 'Unstoppable' actor is Sony Pictures' top choice to take on the lead role in the adaptation of the 80s TV series - about an aging...

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New Year's Eve Ain't No Valentine's Day

13th December 2011

Last February, Sony's Valentine's Day , featuring a raft of stars, opened to poor reviews and a solid $56.3 million. Last weekend, New Year's Eve, featuring a raft of stars, opened to poor reviews and...

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Liv Tyler To Sing In Givenchy Advert

8th December 2011

Liv Tyler is set to make her singing debut for Givenchy. The 'Lord of the Rings' actress - who has been the face of the Very Irresistible Givenchy fragrance since its launch in 2003 -...

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Box Office Worst Weekend Of The Year

6th December 2011

The weekend after the Thanksgiving holiday lived up to its reputation as a lowpoint of the year at the box office. But this one was even lower than usual, beating even the weekend after the...

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Thanksgiving Box Office Down

29th November 2011

Moviegoers apparently didn't get the message that they were supposed to lift the box office to a new Thanksgiving Day record over the weekend. To be sure, they turned out in force, but not in...

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British Music Retailer Launches Video-on-demand Service

24th November 2011

HMV, Britain's largest music and video retailer, is launching a beta version of its video-on-demand rental service today (Thursday) in the hope of offsetting slumping in-store sales. The retail chain said that it is partnering...

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Walmart Video Service To Allow Free Downloads Of Movies

18th November 2011

Add Walmart's Vudu to the video services scrambling to take advantage of Netflix's recent stumbles. Until now, if you bought a new DVD or Blu-ray Disc from Walmart, you also had the ability to stream...

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Weekend Box Office Rises 12 Percent Above Last Year

15th November 2011

With a slate of debuting films performing at the high end of expectations or above and last week's top film dropping only 25 percent in its third week, the weekend box office wound up 12...

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Katy Perry Set To Lose Producer

9th November 2011

Katy Perry is set to stop working with producer Dr. Luke.The pop star and the studio wizard worked together on her hit album 'Teenage Dream' - which contained several chart-topping hits, including 'California Gurls', 'E.T.'...

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Puss Lifts Dreamworks Animation's Shares

8th November 2011

What a difference a weekend makes! Shares of DreamWorks animation shot up 12 percent on Monday on word that its latest feature, Puss in Boots , declined only 3 percent over the weekend -- the...

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David Bowie To Leave Emi?

8th November 2011

David Bowie is reportedly set to leave EMI.The legendary rocker's deal with the troubled label - which is in the middle of being auctioned by Citigroup - came to an end in January after 15...

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Miley Cyrus Joins Hotel Transylvania

7th November 2011

Miley Cyrus is to voice Dracula's granddaughter in 'Hotel Transylvania'. The 'Hannah Montana' actress has been keen to rid herself of her teen-star image, but is set to make a return to kid's films with...

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Haloween Box Office Frightening

1st November 2011

Maybe the box office will just have to wait until next week when it won't have to deal with the distractions of inclement weather, the final game of the World Series, and Halloween. All of...

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Sony To Split Up Its Tv Business

1st November 2011

In a wrenching effort to get its once untouchable television manufacturing business into the black again, Sony announced on Monday that it plans to split the business into three divisions. One would focus on the...

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Will Smith Wants 50m For Independence Day Sequels?

28th October 2011

Will Smith is reportedly demanding $50 million to sign up to two 'Independence Day' sequels.The actor - who played the lead role of Captain Stephen Hiller in the 1996 alien invasion movie - is willing...

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Despite Audience Complaints, Paranormal 3 Sets Box-office Record

25th October 2011

Even as many movie-related blogs were swamped with complaints from people who had seen Paranormal Activity 3 on Friday and Saturday and regarded it as an overhyped ripoff, more moviegoers nevertheless poured into theaters on...

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Will Anonymous Go Wide? That Is The Question

20th October 2011

The wide release of the Shakespeare drama Anonymous set for October 28 is, well, not to be. According to the Los Angeles Times , Sony plans to open the Roland Emmerich drama, which raises the...

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Kathryn Bigelow's Bin Laden Movie Postponed

20th October 2011

Kathryn Bigelow's Osama Bin Laden movie will not be released before the 2012 US Presidential election. The Sony film - believed to be called 'Kill Bin Laden' - was set to hit cinemas on October...

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Footloose Tripped By Real Steel

18th October 2011

Paramount's Footloose , which held a slim lead at the box office on Friday and Saturday, lost its footing on Sunday and wound up in second place for the weekend as Disney/DreamWorks's Real Steel made...

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Real Steel Wins Round One

11th October 2011

Real Steel may have wound up as the No. 1 film at the box office, earning $27.3 million and making it one of the top earners ever in October, but several analysts were saying that...

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You Tube Jumps Across The Pond

10th October 2011

YouTube, which launched an online movie rental service in the U.S. and Canada in May, has expanded it to include the U.K., Britain's Guardian newspaper reported today (Monday). According to the newspaper, the Google-owned website...

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