Snipes' Prison Sentence Postponed

WESLEY SNIPES has been spared jail for now - he's been granted a postponement ahead of his looming prison term.
The Blade star lost an appeal against his three-year jail sentence in July (10) after a 2008 trial found him guilty of wilful failure to file his income tax returns to the U.S. government.
He was due to surrender to authorities to begin his stint behind bars on 2 September (10) but on Monday (23Aug10) a U.S. District Court judge granted him an emergency stay, according to
A new date for Snipes' surrender will not be set until several pending motions in the case are ruled on.
Last week (19Aug10), the actor's lawyers filed a motion asking to question jurors involved in his trial to find out whether they had pre-determined his guilt before the case was heard in court.
Meanwhile, Snipes has signed up to star in a new movie, Havana Heat, which is due to begin filming in November (10).


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Wesley Snipes owes no tax to the US Government via the IRS, unless the prosecution can locate in subtitle "A" of the Internal Revenue Code, a section that makes him "liable for income taxes". The DOJ or the IRS has never come up with a section of Title 26, subtitle "A" that makes anyone liable for the tax. The US Supreme Court decided a case about liability for any tax, stating that there must be a clause or phrase containing the words, "made liable" for the tax to be owed. Also the US Constitution in Article 1, section 2, clause 3, section 9, clause 4, requires that a direct tax must be apportioned and this has never occurred for citizens of the private sector of the 50 states. If Wesley Snipes is convicted the second time, it will be because the jury has no knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code or its regulations and the one Supreme Court case ruling on liabilty for any tax and the US Constitution which prohibits a direct tax without apportionment. It will be a criminal conviction by the criminal activity of a corrupt DOJ, corrupt federal judge, etc. Snipes was originally convicted by a corrupt federal judge and a corrupt IRS along with a ignorant jury regarding income taxes. Ignorance of the law is no excuse and no one is above the law. Snipes can owe no tax and no law requires him to file a "Return" since Snipes was not engaged in a "trade or business" with the US Government. Government employment may require employees to "Return" a portion of their privileged income by a "Tax Return". No private sector citizen is employed with the Government and has no requirement anywhere in the Internal Revenue Code to file a 1040 or any other tax form as a "Return".
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