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Snipes deserves a new trial. Every citizen in this country deserves a fair due process whether he/she is a celebrity or criminal. Why wouldn't the judge keep denying and refusing an appeal and a new trial. He even refused to interview the alleged 2 jurors, who stepped forward to claim the fact that 3 jurors had presumed Snipes to be guilty before the trial began???? And now WS is going to be sitting in prison for 3 YEARS, for what? For not filing papers? Common, America!He said he paid over $30M in taxes over the past 10 years. Why don't they make an example out of dirty politicians, and let him pay the fine and keep making money for the already depressed economy sake? We gain nothing but lose by putting someone like Wesley Snipes in jail for 3 YEARS.. America needs to wake up! They close down schools everywhere. Jail's over crowded. But the real criminals still walking around, raping and extorting. Who is going to make money for this country? I mean really! !!!Free Wesley Snipes!!!
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3 years 10 months ago
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