Smith Dismisses Scientology Rumours

WILL SMITH has brushed off reports his Hollywood pal TOM CRUISE has converted him to Scientology - because he is a student of all religion.
Smith, who was raised in a Baptist household, had his own faith questioned since striking up a friendship with Cruise - a well-known follower of Scientology.
But the I Am Legend star insists having security in his belief system has helped him become more open to others' religious practices without taking them on as his own.
When asked to clarify if he is a Scientologist, Smith tells Newsweek magazine, "No, but when people are afraid of religion they have to go back and get in touch with the Good Book. Fear of other religions means you're questioning your own understanding, and that's just not where I am."
He explains, "I love the nature of humanity's search for meaning. For me I'm certain about my relationship with the model of perfection of human life that's laid out with the life of Jesus Christ. I'm certain of that.
"I'm at home and not fearful when I sit in a mosque or a synagogue or a Buddhist temple, the same way that I'm home in the Church of Scientology. I like anywhere people are searching for the truth, and I respect their path and I'm intrigued by their path.
"I think when you are certain in and of what you believe in, you can open your mind to seeing the ways of others."


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Really Will? I presume you don't tell people, for example, that Christianity and Scientology are compatible. To do that you'd have to gloss over Hubbard's own assertion that unlike Christianity, which worships victims, Scientology worships strength. OBVIOUSLY they're NOT compatible, so that would be a lie. But this isn't really the problem anyway. The larger problem is that you keep intimating that people are aghast by Scientology because of religious intolerance. CLEARLY that's NOT the case and you'd HAVE to know that. People are up in arms over the human rights abuses and a clear policy that tries to obliterate the First Amendment Rights of critics. Destroying them utterly if possible (LRH). It's the totalitarian nature of the doctrine. Were you unaware Will, that Hubbard said the only way to control people was to lie to them? How many churches have "celebrity centers"? How many churches in the western world can you think of where members have to face mortifying escapes to leave Will? None of this made you suspicious?Do you know what "black auditing" is? GoogleAndre Tabayoyon's affidavit.You're far too bright to try to peddle the "religious intolerance" defense. You need to either talk straight to people, tho clearly Hubbard discourage it, or examine the other side more closely.
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5 years 11 months ago
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General Public AYS's picture

General Public AYS

Smith can't possibly be a student of religion if he compares scientology favourably to Christianity and other religions. His cult has plans to do away with two and a half percent of the worlds intractable population once they gain power. His cult believe they are homo-novis, or 'new man' which puts us simple homo-sapiens on the level of homo-erectus.His cult is conceptually closer to the totalitarian structure of national socialism and stalinist communism than religion.All scientologists are trained to lie.Smith can't possibly be a student of religion because he doesn't study.
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5 years 10 months ago
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