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Guns N' Roses To Enter Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame

7th December 2011

Guns N' Roses and Red Hot Chili Peppers are to be inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame next year. The rock groups will be joined by Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood's bands...

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Madonna Confirmed To Perform Super Bowl Half-time Show

5th December 2011

Madonna will play the prestigious half-time show at Super Bowl Xlvi on February 5th, it's finally been confirmed after months of rumors. With previous stars including Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and U2 among...

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The Things They Tweet 2146

2nd December 2011

"Checked the new 'Lair' reptile & invertebrate exhibit at the LA Zoo yesterday. In final stages of construction, but its killer!" Reptile fan Slash on his trip to the zoo.

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Carey Mulligan Upset By Suicide Scene

29th November 2011

Carey Mulligan "couldn't stop crying" after filming an attempted suicide scene for new movie 'Shame'. The British actress plays the troubled younger sister of a sex addict portrayed by Michael Fassbender in the film and...

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The Things They Tweet 2131

28th November 2011

"Rip Ken Russell. 1 of the great film directors." Rocker Slash pays tribute to moviemaker Ken Russell, who died in a hospital on Sunday (27Nov11) after a series of strokes.

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Slash Almost Finished Second Album

22nd November 2011

Slash has almost finished writing his second solo album. The former Guns N' Roses Guitarist is currently preparing and recording his second solo record in Los Angeles, so far finishing three of approximately 20 tracks...

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Slash's Family Use Nickname

18th November 2011

Slash's family call him by his nickname because it's "more exciting" than his real name. The former Guns N' Roses guitarist was born Saul Hudson in England, but even his close family use his adopted...

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Gene Simmons Thinks Axl Would Benefit From Beating

15th November 2011

Gene Simmons believes Axl Rose's career would have been helped by a "good beating".The KISS bassist thinks the eccentric singer stopped his group Guns N' Roses becoming the "best band in the world," by falling...

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Axl Rose 'Honoured' By Hall Of Fame Nomination

14th November 2011

Axl Rose says it is "still up in the air" how Guns N' Roses would be inducted to the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame.The singer is the only member of the classic line up...

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Slash Joins Call For Gallagher Honour

24th October 2011

Rocker Slash has joined a growing movement committed to landing late Irish blues great Rory Gallagher an induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.The former Guns N' Roses star is a huge fan...

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Slash, Rihanna React To Turkey Earthquake Tragedy

24th October 2011

Slash, Rihanna and Kelly Osbourne are among the stars who have reached out to the victims of a devastating earthquake which killed at least 138 people in Turkey on Sunday (23Oct11).Dozens of buildings collapsed and...

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Slash Unveils Three New Tracks

20th October 2011

Slash has unveiled three new tracks from his second solo album, 'Halo', 'Standing In The Sun' and 'Bad Rain'.The former Guns N' Roses guitarist has started recording his new record in Hollywood, and played early...

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The Things They Tweet 2016

20th October 2011

"I get the situation, but there's no way it was totally necessary to exterminate 49 loose exotic animals in Ohio." Reptile lover Slash is appalled by the news that creatures who escaped a wildlife sanctuary...

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The Things They Tweet 2007

18th October 2011

"my buddy Rob & his wife, Lena are about to have a baby any second. A boy named Hudson. If that don't beat all!" Slash, real name Saul Hudson, is thrilled by his pal Rob...

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The Things They Tweet 1980

13th October 2011

"I bet dead celebrities turn in their graves at the bad impersonations of themselves that come out around this time every year... Having said that, we're doing a dead celebrities cocktail party this year. I...

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Velvet Revolver Have Their Sights Set On A New Frontman

7th October 2011

The members of rock supergroup Velvet Revolver have inched closer to finding a replacement for Scott Weiland after Slash and Duff Mckagan were left impressed by a potential frontman at a recent charity show.The two...

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Slash Recording Second Solo Album

5th October 2011

Slash will start recording his second solo album this weekend. The legendary ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist has 17 songs ready to take to the studio and already has blisters on his fingers from all the...

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Stars React To Knox's Overturned Murder Conviction

4th October 2011

Actress Nia Vardalos and rocker Slash were among the first stars who took to on Monday (03Oct11) to express their shock and joy after American student Amanda Knox was acquitted of murder in Italy.Knox...

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Courtney Love Writing Autobiography

30th September 2011

Courtney Love is writing a tell-all autobiography.The Hole singer and widow of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain hopes to "set the record straight" in the book, which is expected to cover her life as an...

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Guns N' Roses Score Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nomination

27th September 2011

Guns N' Roses, The Cure and Red Hot Chili Peppers are nominated for entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.The acts are all on the shortlist to be inducted to the...

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The Things They Tweet 1935

23rd September 2011

"Just witnessed a squirrel getting hit by a car. Heart wrenching. Poor little guy. Why would he try to cross the street in rush hour traffic?" Rocker Slash is saddened by Los Angeles roadkill.

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Seth Macfarlane Reads Charlie Sheen's 'Winehouse' Obituary

20th September 2011

Seth Macfarlane, the American comedian and creator of Family Guy, opened Charlie Sheen's "roast" on Comedy Central last night, reading a fake obituary of the former 'Two and a Half Men' star. MACfarlane had audience...

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Slash Is Guest Of Honour At Benefit Concert

15th September 2011

Slash performed with his former Guns N' Roses bandmates Matt Sorum and Duff Mckagan at a benefit concert in New York City on Tuesday (13Sep11).Rocker Slash was the guest of honour at the Playing It...

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Charlie Sheen Loved His Comedy Roast

12th September 2011

Charlie Sheen "never realised how f***ed up" he was until his Comedy Roast this weekend. A cast of comedians and stars - including guitarist Slash, boxer Mike Tyson and Charlie's ex-wife Brooke Mueller - gathered...

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The Things They Say 22799

12th September 2011

"In my lifetime, nothing compares to the destruction, tragedy, bravery & sacrifice I witnessed on this day 10 yrs (ago)." Slash pays tribute to the police and firemen who helped save lives during the 9/11...

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Slash Stunned By Billy Gibbons' Guitar Gift

12th September 2011

Zz Top star Billy Gibbons left pal Slash stunned when he sent the former Guns N' Roses rocker a rare issue Les Paul guitar from his own new custom line as a wedding anniversary gift.The...

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The Things They Tweet 1892

9th September 2011

"Its amazing to me that Buddy Holly, hands down, one of rock & roll's biggest influences, is just now getting a star on Hwd's WoF." Slash can't believe it has taken the powers that be...

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Slash Renews Wedding Vows

1st September 2011

Slash and his wife Perla Ferrar have renewed their wedding vows.The couple decided to reaffirm their love for one another with a ceremony in Ibiza on Tuesday (30.08.11).For the service Perla wore the same Richard...

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Slash's Wife Recycled Wedding Dress For Commitment Ceremony

1st September 2011

Slash's wife Perla Ferrar donned the gown she wore for her first trip up the aisle with the rocker when the couple renewed its vows in Ibiza, Spain this week (30Aug11)The couple, who briefly split...

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Slash Renews Wedding Vows In Spain

30th August 2011

Rocker Slash has renewed his wedding vows to mark his 10-year marriage to his wife Perla.The former Guns N' Roses star wed Perla in October 2001, and the pair has two sons together. Slash wanted...

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