The James Bond movie Skyfall, which opened last Monday in China, took in $35 million during its first week, according to the website It was a record for a 2D film, the website said, and was exceeded only by James Cameron's 3D Avatar, which opened in China with $46 million in its first week in 2010. With numerous scenes shot in Shanghai, the film has received positive notices from Chinese moviegoers. The state-owned website, quoted a 27-year-old media worker as saying, It is a rare thing for an international action movie to depict China in a fashionable way. But on a Twitter-like social media site called Sina Weibo, one blogger commented, It feels somewhat weird to see Bond in a Chinese setting. quoted Beijing filmmaker Chen Chuanlu as saying that the film shows that Hollywood has now broken the stereotype of [Chinese] being treacherous, backward and superstitious ... thanks to the growing importance of the domestic market and increasing understanding about the nation.