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Dev Patel Proud Of Quirks

9th August 2010

Dev Patel is proud of his big ears.The 'Last Airbender' actor used to get bullied at school for his appearance, but never got upset by any of the taunts and was able to laugh at...

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Dev Patel Inspired By Love

8th August 2010

Dev Patel is inspired by his girlfriend.The 20-year-old actor - who is in a relationship with his 'Slumdog Millionaire' co-star Freida Pinto - loves the fact he can relax with the actress and be himself...

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Brook Set For Skins

31st July 2010

British model-turned-actress KELLY BROOK is set to make her mark on the small screen - she's landed a cameo role in U.K. TV series SKINS.The brunette beauty will play an aerobic instructor in the next...

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Nicholas Hoult Set For X-men Role

9th July 2010

Nicholas Hoult is being lined-up for a role in 'X-Men: First Class'. The 'Single Man' actor is set to play Dr Hank McCoy/Beast in the prequel, a role originally portrayed by Kelsey Grammer in the...

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Bad Guy Dev Patel

9th July 2010

Dev Patel wants more baddie roles. The 'Slumdog Millionaire' actor - who first hit fame in UK cult TV show 'Skins' - admits he took the role of Prince Zuko in 'The Last Airbender' because...

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Britain Gives Birth To Two More U.s. Tv Shows

21st June 2010

Two more audience-tested British TV series are jumping across the pond, this time into arms of MTV. Britain's Guardian newspaper reported today (Monday) that MTV is planning to produce a U.S. version of Skins, about...

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Brooke Shields Blasted By Peta

3rd June 2010

Brooke Shields has been criticised by PETA for encouraging youngsters to wear fur.The actress recently admitted she supports the wearing of animal skins following a visit to Kopenhagen Fur's workshop - but has since been...

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Inquisitive Actress Rachel Weisz

24th April 2010

Rachel Weisz became an actress to find out more about people.The 'Agora' star - who studied English at the prestigious Cambridge University - admits one of her favourite things about her profession is the research...

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David Baddiel's Controversial Comedy

6th April 2010

David Baddiel's new movie 'The Infidel' was too controversial for the BBC. The 45-year-old comedian, who wrote the screenplay for the movie, claims the storyline of a Muslim who discovers he is an adopted Jew...

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Hoult Lost Onscreen Virginity Two Days After His 18th Birthday

9th December 2009

ABOUT A BOY star NICHOLAS HOULT had an odd 18th birthday present from the crew of British TV drama SKINS - his first sex scene.Directors waited until two days after the actor had turned 18...

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Fascinating Fact 7874

25th August 2009

British drama SKINS is set for an American makeover - bosses at U.S. network MTV have purchased the rights to recreate the teen show. The new version will take place in Maryland, with producers promising...

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Harding Desperate To Break Into Acting

19th March 2007

GIRLS ALOUD star SARAH HARDING is desperate to break into acting - and has begged for a part in a new British teen drama. Harding pleaded with SKINS star MIKE BAILEY for a starring role...

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Hoult Terrified By Mother's Reaction To Sex + Drugs Role

13th March 2007

ABOUT A BOY star NICHOLAS HOULT was terrified what his mother would think of his role in controversial British TV drama SKINS. Hoult, 17, plays teenager TONY in the sex and drugs-filled series, and worried...

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The Gossip Pull Single Release

20th January 2007

Rockers THE GOSSIP have been forced to pull the planned UK release of new single JEALOUS GIRLS over unprecedented demand for one of their previous hits. Jealous Girls was slated for release on 5 February...

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Prism Awards Nominate Irons. Kilmer And Judd

2nd April 2003

The nominations have been announced for this year's PRISM AWARDS - which reward actors portraying drug, alcohol and tobacco addicts. JEREMY IRONS and NEVE CAMPBELL were both nominated in the category of Best Performance...

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