Siva Kaneswaran's girlfriend takes his replica doll everywhere.

The Wanted singer is currently busy working in the US and misses Nareesha McCaffrey - who he has been in a relationship with for four years - a lot when he is on the road, and he thinks she is dealing with the distance better because of the miniature figure she keeps on hand.

Siva said: ''I've been missing my girlfriend and family, but when we've not been crazy busy I've brought her out to see me.

''I don't think she misses me too much though, because she's got my Wanted doll, which she keeps with her when I'm not there.''

The 'Glad You Came' hitmakers recently suffered a setback when they got stuck in a lift at a US TV studio - and Siva admits the mishap was his fault.

He explained to TOTP magazine: ''I'll own up, it was our fault we got stuck in a lift recently. We'd just found out we were appearing on a big US chat show and we all started jumping up and down with excitement... and broke it!

''Being stuck was horrible, especially because Tom was letting off some terrible farts.''