Sir Patrick Stewart has opened up about the "pain and hurt" he feels over his decision to focus on his career ahead of his family.
The veteran actor admits he neglected his wife Sheila, daughter Sophie and son Dan when he moved to Los Angeles in the 1980s to take on a role in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Sir Patrick threw himself into playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard and reveals his family life suffered as a result, prompting his split from Sheila in 1990.
He tells The Sunday Times Magazine, "I never expected to stay in L.A., thousands of miles from Sheila and Sophie. People said Star Trek wouldn't last but it did and I let it take over my life. Dan and Sophie held me and my work responsible for what happened. It affected them and, obviously, it affected Sheila. Badly. Of course, my fame made the divorce a news story and... Look, I won't try and defend myself. It was my fault...
"Despite years of excellent therapy, I have not been able to unravel or justify the pain I caused my family, but the fact that I now have such a close relationship with Dan is an antidote to that pain and the hurt."
The X-Men star insists he's immensely proud of his actor son Dan, and hopes the 44 year old won't follow in his footsteps.
He adds, "(Dan) makes people laugh. He makes them smile. If I could give him one piece of advice, it would be to share that with people. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy life. Have fun! I didn't. But I wish I had."