Rapper and peace activist Emmanual Jal is recovering from his injuries after he was beaten unconscious and robbed in his native South Sudan on Saturday (07Sep12).
The human rights hero, a former child soldier caught up in Sudan's bitter civil war, was in Juba promoting the upcoming International Peace Day when he was reportedly attacked by a group of police officers, who stole his cell phone.
Jal says, "Two days after arriving in my home country I was attacked by members of Juba's police and national security. This is an ironic and sad situation that will not deter my path for freedom, equality and justice. I am swollen, but recovering, and thank all the fans and supporters for their well wishes.
"I would like to express that abuse of power should not be tolerated on any level. South Sudan must move forward with positivity and equality. Tribalism, police brutality, corruption and other problems of de-stabilization must be highlighted and stopped in order for the country to progress."
Police brutality in South Sudan has become a huge issue in recent months, ever since the country won its independence from the north.