The former American Idol finalist, 29, initially battled kidney disease in 2005 and the wife of his former piano instructor offered an organ to him in 2007.

However, the transplanted body part became weaker over time and in October (14), doctors told MACIntyre he needed to replace the organ within six months.

An anonymous donor heard about MACIntyre's plight on the radio and offered to help the singer. The new organ proved to be a match, and MACIntyre underwent the kidney transplant procedure at Nashville's Vanderbilt Hospital in Tennessee on 4 June (15).

MACIntyre is now on the road to recovery and he has released a statement to People with an update on his condition.

It reads: "I am so grateful to have received the gift of life through organ donation for the second time. I am truly humbled that a stranger would give themselves to me in this way.

"I want to thank every person who offered to be tested as a potential donor for me... This experience has deepened my faith and I'm so grateful that God has answered yes to so many of my prayers concerning my transplant."

MACIntyre is now hoping to return to the road later this summer (15) to promote his latest album, Lighthouse.