The 29 year old, who shot to fame on TV talent show Australian Idol and later joined girl group Young Divas, has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs following a traffic stop in Sydney and is set to appear in court on 31 July (15).

The news comes just weeks after DeAraugo opened up about her addictions in a radio interview Down Under, in which she admitted batting drugs and depression during a career slump, and her manager Dave Wilkins has now confirmed the star is heading into a treatment program.

He tells, "Unfortunately Kate has been battling addictions for a very long time and she's been very healthy for quite some time, but now has fallen into relapse. I know her family and myself, being her manager, just want what is best for Kate and will be there with her to try and get her through this dark moment... She is going to go back into rehab. She is with her family at the moment and right now it is best for her family to deal with these issues."