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Sinbad Completes Financial Management Course

22nd July 2013

Bankrupt comedian Sinbad has taken a step towards sorting out his financial troubles by passing a court-ordered money management course.The Jingle All The Way star, real name David Adkins, filed for bankruptcy in April (13)...

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Sinbad Files For Bankruptcy Again

20th May 2013

Comedian Sinbad has declared himself bankrupt with more than $10 million (£6.5 million) in debts, according to a U.S. report.The Jingle All The Way star, real name David Adkins, filed for bankruptcy last month (Apr13),...

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Vesta Williams 'Congratulations' Singer Found Dead

23rd September 2011

Vesta Williams, the American R&B singer best known for her 1989 hit 'Congratulations', has been found dead in her hotel room in California, according to It is not clear how long Williams had been...

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Dwayne Johnson Set For G.i. Joe Sequel

7th June 2011

Dwayne Johnson is in talks to star in 'G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes'.The actor - who began his career as a professional wrestler known as The Rock - is in negotiations with Paramount to join the...

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The Things They Say 21211

12th April 2011

"You’re not anybody ‘til you die. When (information website) Wikipedia kills you, you’ve been somebody. I’m so good I got killed twice! You can’t kill me once." Funnyman Sinbad prepares to launch a comeback after...

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Dwayne Johnson To Star In Snitch

23rd March 2011

Dwayne Johnson has signed on to star in 'Snitch'. The 'Tooth Fairy' actor will play a working class man who risks his entire life to save his falsely imprisoned son in the drama movie. Justin...

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Bankrupt Sinbad Selling Home

10th February 2010

Actor SINBAD has been forced to turn over his California home to pay off his debts - a month after he declared bankruptcy.The Jingle All The Way star, born David Adkins, is putting the Hidden...

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The Things They Say 6134

12th November 2007

"Oh God, I don't know. Probably the one Brad was in, Sinbad. Maddox loves that one, he likes the sounds of Brad's voice." Actress ANGELINA JOLIE and her adopted son MADDOX love BRAD PITT's animated...

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Sinbad Dismisses Death Reports

16th March 2007

American comedian SINBAD has laughed off reports he died of a heart attack last Saturday (10MAR07), after website stated he had passed away. Wikipedia describes itself as 'the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit',...

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Curry Saved By Cosby

15th February 2007

American comedian MARK CURRY contemplated suicide last year (06) and credits pal BILL COSBY with bringing him back from the brink. The HANGIN' WITH MR COOPER funnyman's depression began when a can of spray starch...

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Reeves' Sinbad Sinks

16th November 2005

LATEST: KEANU REEVES' sea-faring adventure as mythical sailor SINBAD has sunk without trace. Reeves was set to play Sinbad in a new ROB COHEN action film but bosses at Sony have chosen not to...

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Jet, Djimon And Hayden To Set Sail With Sinbad?

15th April 2005

JET LI, DJIMON HOUNSOU and STAR WARS star HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN will set sail with KEANU REEVES in the updated SINBAD movie if director ROB COHEN gets his way. The XXX movie maker is hoping...

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Keanu To Play Sinbad

12th March 2005

KEANU REEVES is set to sail as Arabian hero SINBAD in new adventure THE 8TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD. XXX director ROB COHEN will take charge of the movie, which will be the first Hollywood...

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Britney Out But Little Sister Leads The Way

8th March 2004

BRITNEY SPEARS is a shock no-show on this year's (04) KIDS CHOICE AWARDS nominations list - but her little sister is leading the pack with two nods. JAMIE LYNN SPEARS and her comedy show...

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Douglas Censors His Films

18th February 2004

Hollywood legend MICHAEL DOUGLAS has banned his young children from watching his movies - because they're too racy. The TRAFFIC actor and wife CATHERINE ZETA-JONES make sure DYLAN, 3, and CARYS, 10 months, don't...

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Zeta-jones: Marina Is A Feminist Icon

12th August 2003

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES believes her character in new animated film SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS is a revolutionary feminist icon. The Welsh beauty thinks heroine MARINA sets a fantastic example to young women with...

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Organised Pfeiffer Loved Animated Chaos

4th August 2003

MICHELLE PFEIFFER loved playing the Goddess of Chaos in new animated movie SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS - because she's so organised in real life. The kooky 45-year-old is a stickler for order...

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Life Is A Stage For Joseph Fiennes

24th July 2003

Handsome British actor JOSEPH FIENNES finds pre-stage nerves help him to concentrate - and believes theatre work is the OLYMPIC GAMES of acting. The SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS voice artist loves performing...

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Zeta To Replace Kidman In Pitt Flick?

22nd July 2003

OSCAR winner CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is poised to take over NICOLE KIDMAN's role in the BRAD PITT movie MR AND MRS SMITH. The Welsh beauty is keen work with JENNIFER ANISTON's hunky husband after problems...

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Arnie Terminates July 4 Opposition

7th July 2003

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has terminated the American box office opposition again with an impressive $72.5 million (GBP45.3 million) opening. T3: RISE OF THE MACHINES marks the action man's biggest opening ever - destroying the $42.8...

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Brad Pitt: Too Picky For Movies

3rd July 2003

Hunky actor BRAD PITT is unconcerned with cash - he picks his roles purely based on the people he'll be working with. The brooding FIGHT CLUB actor has done little work in the past...

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Brad Pitt Did Little Work As Sinbad

2nd July 2003

BRAD PITT is refusing to take any credit for his vocal performance on animation SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS - because he says he just read a book out loud. The hunky star...

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Pfeiffer's Attempts To Get Fired

2nd July 2003

Sexy actress MICHELLE PFEIFFER was called back so many times to re-record parts of SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS, she told film bosses to fire her. The TEQUILA SUNRISE star voices the character...

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Pfeiffer Loathes Her Own Voice

2nd July 2003

Sexy actress MICHELLE PFEIFFER was stunned when movie bosses asked her to lend her vocals to new animated flick SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS - because she's repulsed by her voice. Pfeiffer, who...

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Pitt Confused By British Honour

1st July 2003

BRAD PITT was confused when he was presented with a badge of achievement from Britain's longest running kids TV show recently - but his SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEAS co-star JOSEPH FIENNES revelled in the...

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Brad Pitt Bemused By Sinbad

1st July 2003

Handsome actor BRAD PITT voiced a character for new animated kids' film - even though he doesn't understand the plot. JENNIFER ANISTON's husband has provided the voice for SINBAD in new DREAMWORKS flick SINBAD:...

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Fiennes Sails On Seven Seas

30th June 2003

BAFTA-nominated SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE hunk JOSEPH FIENNES found providing the voice for a cartoon character harder work than filming a real-life movie. The hunky KILLING ME SOFTLY star spent two years recording the voice...

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Catherine Zeta-jones Back On The Scene

18th June 2003

Just two months after giving birth, CATHERINE ZETA-JONES squeezed herself into a glamorous black dress to attend a screening of her new cartoon SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS. Catherine gave birth to her...

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Catherine Zeta-jones Wants To Team With Brad Pitt

17th June 2003

Welsh actress CATHERINE ZETA-JONES has her eye on BRAD PITT - she's desperate to make a movie with him. The TRAFFIC beauty, married to Hollywood actor MICHAEL DOUGLAS, voices the role of MARINA in...

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Pitt: Cartoons Act Better Than Humans

13th May 2003

Hollywood hunk BARD PITT believes today's movie stars should watch their backs - because cartoon animations are far better at acting than them. The SPY GAME star appears as title character SINBAD in a...

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