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Murphy Supports Owen's Bond Dreams

24th May 2005

BRITTANY MURPHY is urging JAMES BOND producers to cast her SIN CITY co-star CLIVE OWEN as the next 007. The English actor admitted yesterday (23MAY05) that while no one had yet approached him, he...

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Madonna Stuns Murphy At Premiere

24th May 2005

MADONNA left Hollywood beauty BRITTANY MURPHY speechless last night (23MAY05), when the superstar appeared as a surprise guest at the British premiere of SIN CITY. Murphy joined her Sin City co-stars MICKEY ROURKE, JESSICA...

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Owen: 'Sin City Violence Isn't An Issue'

22nd May 2005

Actor CLIVE OWEN is echoing SIN CITY creator FRANK MILLER in rubbishing fears the comic book thriller is too violent - he insists the movie is too full of humour for the brutality to be...

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Sin City Sequels Confirmed

20th May 2005

SIN CITY director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ has confirmed there will be more film adaptations of FRANK MILLER's graphic novels - they will be shot back to back next year (06). The maverick film-maker is so...

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Miller: 'Movie Violence Does Not Affect Society'

19th May 2005

SIN CITY creator FRANK MILLER has hit out at reports suggesting violent films encourage anti-social behaviour among cinema-goers. The comic-book writer, who also co-directed the movie with ROBERT RODRIGUEZ, insists the brutal action seen...

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The Rolling Stones Bring Weinsteins Back To Music

16th May 2005

THE ROLLING STONES have brought movie moguls BOB and HARVEY WEINSTEIN back to their concert promoting roots. The MIRAMAX studio bosses were gig promoters 30 years ago before they turned their attentions to making...

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Del Toro Battles The Bulge

11th May 2005

Screen hunk BENICIO DEL TORO vowed he would never pile on the pounds again after plumping up for FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS seven years ago (98) - but he has already gone back...

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Dawson's Dream Pad Gets An Extreme Makeover

22nd April 2005

Movie star ROSARIO DAWSON had a little extra help renovating her East Village, New York, studio after a fire in the apartment above wrecked her home - her mum called in her favourite TV home...

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Sahara Tops Us Box Office

11th April 2005

PENELOPE CRUZ and MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY's new movie SAHARA debuted at the top of the US box office, with the an opening haul of $18.5 million (GBP9.7 million). The previous weekend's number one movie, SIN...

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Rourke Praises Scott For Fighting Studio In Casting Him

10th April 2005

MICKEY ROURKE has thanked TONY SCOTT for securing his latest movie role, following a battle with studio executives who wanted the director to cast a more popular name. The former Hollywood badboy would have...

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Duncan's Desperate Dash At Movie Screening

7th April 2005

Hulking movie star MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN is such a huge fan of TV hit DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, he left a screening of his own film to catch the show last weekend (03APR05). The SCORPION KING...

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Dawson's Mohawk Tribute To Mother

5th April 2005

Actress ROSARIO DAWSON's Mohawked hairstyle in new comic book adaptation SIN CITY is a tribute to her "radical" mother. The sexy ALEXANDER star was encouraged to come up with her own look for the...

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Alba Finds Love

4th April 2005

Screen siren JESSICA ALBA has found love again after overcoming the heart break of her failed engagement to ex-fiance and DARK ANGEL co-star MARK WEATHERLY. The sexy SIN CITY actress fell for assistant director...

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Sin City Tops American Box Office

4th April 2005

New movie SIN CITY has raced to the top of the American box office with a weekend haul of $28.1 million (GBP14.7 million). The comic book adaptation, which counts BRUCE WILLIS, ROSARIO DAWSON, BRITTANY...

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Rourke Eyes A Move To Austin

27th March 2005

Reforming wildman MICKEY ROURKE is looking to give up life in Hollywood after falling in love with Austin, Texas, while shooting new comic book adaptation SIN CITY. The RUMBLE FISH star is sick of...

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Broke Rourke Takes Accountants' Allowance

25th March 2005

Fallen movie star MICKEY ROURKE is so broke he gets a weekly allowance from his accountants. The RUMBLE FISH star admits years of bad investments and big spending, combined with a long period of...

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Ashton Reveals All To Brad

21st March 2005

BRAD PITT has come out of semi-reclusion to interview his one-time love rival ASHTON KUTCHER for the latest issue of American magazine INTERVIEW. The movie hunk once agreed to let a young Kutcher date...

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Knowles Inspired Alba To Embrace Stripper Role

1st March 2005

Sexy actress JESSICA ALBA credits BEYONCE KNOWLES for helping her feel comfortable with playing a stripper in her upcoming movie SIN CITY. The 23-year-old Latina flashes her curves in the film adaptation of the...

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Bosworth Thanks Press For Bloom Romance

21st May 2004

WIN A DATE WITH TED HAMILTON star KATE BOSWORTH is grateful to the media for bringing her closer to her actor boyfriend ORLANDO BLOOM. Although the high-profile coverage of JENNIFER LOPEZ and BEN AFFLECK's...

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Tarantino To Make Kill Bill Animation

5th April 2004

Maverick director QUENTIN TARANTINO is planning an animated prequel to his KILL BILL movies - to show the early life of the deadly assassin. The film will be drawn in the Japanese manga...

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Gugino Takes On Parole Officer Role

1st April 2004

Sexy actress CARLA GUGINO has landed a new role after the cancellation of her acclaimed show KAREN SISCO - as a lesbian parole officer. Gugino will reteam with SPY KIDS director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ in...

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Rodgriguez Quits Dga

19th March 2004

Maverick director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ has quit America's DIRECTORS GUILD (DGA) so he can turn graphic novel SIN CITY into a film alongside the comic's creator. The SPY KIDS filmmaker wants to co-direct the movie...

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Rodriguez's All-star Cast

18th March 2004

SPY KIDS director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ is collecting an all-star cast for his new film and has so far targeted LEONARDO DiCAPRIO, BRUCE WILLIS, ELIJAH WOOD, BRITTANY MURPHY and BENICIO DEL TORO. Rodriguez has already...

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Rodriguez To Make Screen Version Of Princess Of Mars

4th March 2004

Film-maker ROBERT RODRIGUEZ has signed up to direct a movie version of EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS' science fiction classic PRINCESS OF MARS. The project is based on the first book in Burroughs' 11-book series JOHN...

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