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Fascinating Fact 2971

10th March 2007

The bra sexy JESSICA ALBA wore as exotic dancer NANCY CALLAHAN in SIN CITY recently sold for $1,025 (GBP525,600) on auction website eBay....

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Driver, Dayne + Dawson Hit The High Notes At Independent Spirit Awards

25th February 2007

MINNIE DRIVER, TAYLOR DAYNE and ROSARIO DAWSON were among the stars who gave the Independent Spirit Awards a few musical highlights when they performed quirky songs dedicated to the ceremony's five Best Feature nominees. Driver...

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Dawson Dating Another Sex And The City Star?

15th February 2007

SIN CITY star ROSARIO DAWSON is dating another hunky actor who appeared on SEX AND THE CITY, just three months after splitting with former model JASON LEWIS. Dawson, 27, began dating Lewis, who played SMITH...

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Fascinating Fact 2840

12th February 2007

FRANK MILLER's graphic novel RONIN is to be adapted for the big screen following the recent film adaptations of his comics SIN CITY and 300....

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Rourke Attacks Pet Store Owner Over Sick Dog Sale

25th January 2007

Former Hollywood wildman MICKEY ROURKE is barking at a Miami, Florida pet store after discovering owners are selling sick puppies. The dog-loving movie star grew so angry about the conditions at Hot Dogs (Puppies) in...

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Owen Set To Play Private Eye Marlowe

24th January 2007

British actor CLIVE OWEN is set to play fabled private eye PHILIP MARLOWE in several feature films based on RAYMOND CHANDLER's mystery series. The INSIDE MAN star will also serve as executive producer on the...

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Alba And Cruise Team Up For Horror Film

23rd January 2007

SIN CITY star JESSICA ALBA has signed on to star in horror thriller THE EYE for TOM CRUISE's production company. The 25-year-old has signed a $4 million (GBP2 million) deal to star in the movie,...

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Jolie Dreams Of 'Dirty Role'

19th January 2007

ANGELINA JOLIE jumped at the chance to play a sexy and "dirty" role in a sequel to comic-book film SIN CITY, after months of good-behaviour enforced by pregnancy. The film has since been stalled, but...

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Depp Most Searched Movie Star

29th December 2006

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star JOHNNY DEPP is the most searched Hollywood celebrity by movie fans around the world. The actor dominated searches by over 42 million users on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) website,...

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Sin City Character Helped Life Pregnant Jolie's Spirits

19th December 2006

ANGELINA JOLIE raised her spirits while suffering from depression during her recent pregnancy by dreaming of playing a sexy comic book character in the upcoming SIN CITY sequel. The Oscar-winning actress felt low while waiting...

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Alba Asks Designer To Revamp Parents' Kitchen

19th December 2006

JESSICA ALBA has given interior designer pal KARI WHITMAN a boost as the homestyle queen launches a new US reality TV show. Alba commissioned Whitman to revamp her own parents' kitchen for the pilot of...

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Murphy's Plane Prayers

24th November 2006

BRITTANY MURPHY has conquered her fear of flying through praying and sleeping. The 29-year-old SIN CITY star was previously too terrified to travel by air but now puts her faith in God and sees plane...

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Sin City Fight Tops Movie 'Ass-kickings' Poll

16th November 2006

BRUCE WILLIS' battering of NICK STAHL's evil YELLOW BASTARD character in SIN CITY has topped a new poll of the Best Movie Ass-Kickings of All Time. The gruesome spat beat PAXTON's fight with THE DUTCH...

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Winstone And Alba On Bond Wish List

14th November 2006

Screen hardman RAY WINSTONE and Hollywood bombshell JESSICA ALBA have topped a film survey on who should be the next Bond baddie and babe respectively. The Yahoo! Movies survey asked 3,000 007 fans who they...

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Lewis + Dawson Split A Year After Moving In Together?

7th November 2006

One of Hollywood's most beautiful couples, ROSARIO DAWSON and JASON LEWIS, have reportedly split. The actress was overheard telling a friend about the break-up in a New York restaurant over the weekend (04NOV06), explaining she...

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Rourke Slams Cruise Over Therapy Comments

5th November 2006

Hollywood wildman MICKEY ROURKE has blasted TOM CRUISE for publicly criticising psychiatry, calling the superstar actor a "c**t". SIN CITY star Rourke regularly sees a therapist, who he credits with saving both his life and...

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Rourke: 'I Ruined My Hollywood Career'

3rd November 2006

SIN CITY star MICKEY ROURKE accepts responsibility for his period in the Hollywood wilderness, admitting his bad attitude contributed to his downfall. The 50-year-old actor says he was too immature to handle the pressure of...

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Rourke Slams 'Celebrity-obsessed' Hollywood

27th October 2006

MICKEY ROURKE has hit out at Hollywood, accusing the movie industry of prioritising personal lives over talent. The SIN CITY actor is furious today's film business is dominated by relationship news rather than acting abilities....

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Damon Thanks Rourke For Good Advice

24th October 2006

MATT DAMON credits MICKEY ROURKE with giving him the advice he needed to succeed in Hollywood, because he could learn from the SIN CITY actor's mistakes Rourke told THE BOURNE SUPREMACY star not to...

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Alba Refused To Strip For Sin City

12th October 2006

JESSICA ALBA refused to bare all while playing a stripper in SIN CITY, because she was too nervous to show her naked body. The 25-year-old was given the option to appear naked by the film's...

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Duncan: 'I Was So Excited Around Kiefer I Lost Out On 24 Role'

6th October 2006

Actor MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN blew his chance of landing a role in his favourite TV show 24, when he lost his cool in front of its star KIEFER SUTHERLAND. SIN CITY actor Duncan was thrilled...

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Rourke's 'Homophobic' Rant

3rd October 2006

MICKEY ROURKE has been forced to dismiss claims he's homophobic after launching into a foul-mouthed rant about a "fag" he almost punched in New York City. The SIN CITY actor insists he has lots of...

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Owen Defends Bond Rival Craig

19th September 2006

CLIVE OWEN is the latest star to defend the casting of DANIEL CRAIG as JAMES BOND, even though he originally hoped to land the role. The SIN CITY actor was tipped for the coveted part...

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Alba Missing A Tooth

23rd August 2006

Sexy JESSICA ALBA is missing a tooth after an over-zealous love scene with new movie co-star DANE COOK left her needing dental work. The SIN CITY star was shooting kissing scenes with Cook in new...

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Dawson Left Red-faced At Comic-con

26th July 2006

SIN CITY star ROSARIO DAWSON was left feeling like "a total dork" at Sunday's (23JUL06) Comic-Con comic book convention in California when she was called upon to fill-in for an absent KEVIN SMITH. The actress...

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Dawson Poses For Comic Book Art

26th July 2006

ROSARIO DAWSON called on all her acting skills when she created her new comic book, OCT: OCCULT CRIMES TASKFORCE, because she had to pose for the storylines' pictures. The SIN CITY star and her uncle...

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Metcalfe Left Red-faced By Observant Dawson

26th July 2006

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES hunk JESSE METCALFE was left red-faced on a US chat show on Monday night (24JUL06) when actress ROSARIO DAWSON quizzed him about his marriage plans. The actor was appearing on the JIMMY KIMMEL...

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Tarantino Confirms Russell Collaboration

25th July 2006

LATEST: Director QUENTIN TARANTINO has confirmed action star KURT RUSSELL will star in his new horror movie collaboration with ROBERT RODRIGUEZ - and he insists the collaboration is a dream come true. Tarantino had hoped...

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Jolie In Talks To Visit Sin City

24th July 2006

ANGELINA JOLIE is in talks to join ROSARIO DAWSON and MICKEY ROURKE in the sequel to comic book movie SIN CITY. Actress Dawson let slip about Jolie's involvement in the sequel at this weekend's Comic-Con...

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Sin City Director Miller Tackles The Spirit

20th July 2006

SIN CITY director FRANK MILLER has signed on to bring another classic graphic novel to the big screen after agreeing to take charge of THE SPIRIT. Comic book guru Miller will adapt and direct the...

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