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The Things They Say 5976

29th October 2007

"I might get it recoloured. I have had it half my life, so I figure it's time." SIN CITY star CARLA GUGINO on the butterfly tattoo on her ankle.

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Foster Offended By Sin City

11th September 2007

JODIE FOSTER has ripped into ROBERT RODRIGUEZ's SIN CITY because she found the film offensive. While many critics raved about the director's adaptation of Frank Miller's comic book, Foster admits it's one of the most...

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Movie Reviews: Shoot 'Em Up

7th September 2007

Bullets certainly do fly in Shoot 'Em Up -- but that's nothing compared with the barrage between the critics over the movie. On the one hand, A.O. Scott in the New York Times calls it...

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Dawson's Green Credentials

9th July 2007

SIN CITY star ROSARIO DAWSON is so concerned about the environment, she would refuse to date a man who wasn't green-minded. The Hollywood actress is so used to reducing her carbon footprint that she would...

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Fascinating Fact 3435

20th June 2007

CLIVE OWEN is reteaming with SIN CITY director FRANK MILLER for an upcoming adaptation of RAYMOND CHANDLER novella TROUBLE IS MY BUSINESS....

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Dawson Pities Suffering Brother

10th June 2007

SIN CITY star ROSARIO DAWSON hates the impact her sex symbol status has on her family. The actress particularly pities her long suffering brother Clay, who has had to cope with being the older brother...

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Madsen: 'Grindhouse Has Put Sin City 2 In Doubt'

31st May 2007

Actor MICHAEL MADSEN has hinted the upcoming sequel to SIN CITY may never be made, after director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ's recent film GRINDHOUSE failed to perform as well as expected. Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse double...

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Fascinating Fact 3309

28th May 2007

SIN CITY star ALEXIS BLEDEL's new film, I'M REED FISH, features the unnatural offspring of a horse and a zebra, a zorse....

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Kurt Russell Criticizes Grindhouse Breakup

22nd May 2007

Kurt Russell, who starred in the Death Proof segment of the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez horror "double feature" Grindhouse, has expressed disappointment over the decision to release Death Proof as a separate feature for European audiences....

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Banderas Snubbed For Sin City 2 Role

15th May 2007

Actor ANTONIO BANDERAS is disappointed after being overlooked for a role in the upcoming SIN CITY sequel, by his mentor ROBERT RODRIGUEZ. The Spanish hunk was reported to have been asked to star in a...

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Murphy Marries Boyfriend

7th May 2007

SIN CITY star BRITTANY MURPHY has wed her screenwriter boyfriend Simon Monjack. The 29-year-old actress and Monjack were seen wearing wedding rings at a Playboy magazine event at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday (05May07). A...

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Dawson Dating Roth?

10th April 2007

Actress ROSARIO DAWSON has found love again after splitting from hunky actor JASON LEWIS - she's dating HOSTEL director ELI ROTH. The couple fell for each other while promoting QUENTIN TARANTINO and ROBERT RODRIGUEZ's new...

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Alba Banned From Eye Contact On 90210

9th April 2007

JESSICA ALBA was contractually forbidden from making eye contact with the likes of LUKE PERRY and TORI SPELLING while working on the hit series BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 in 1998. The SIN CITY star, who is...

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Rodriguez Paid For Short Film By Testing Healing Drug

6th April 2007

Movie maverick ROBERT RODRIGUEZ raised the money for an award-winning movie short he made, by agreeing to be wounded and healed in a week. The SIN CITY director funded his college tuition and made movies...

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Rodriguez Kills Son In Grindhouse Movie

6th April 2007

Moviemaker ROBERT RODRIGUEZ's seven-year-old son REBEL is in for a big surprise when he eventually sees his dad's gory new GRINDHOUSE movie PLANET TERROR - he's killed off in it. The SIN CITY director often...

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Dawson Avoids Car Stunt Injury But Gets Hit In Los Angeles

5th April 2007

Actress ROSARIO DAWSON avoided injury in car stunts on the set of new action film DEATH PROOF - and then got hit on her way to an interview to promote the film. The SIN CITY...

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Sin City Sequel's Big Star A Mystery

4th April 2007

The stars of the SIN CITY prequel have been told not to discuss ANGELINA JOLIE's possible involvement in the film. Jolie has been linked to the graphic novel adaptation, A DAME TO KILL FOR, but...

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Dawson Enjoys The Single Life

3rd April 2007

SIN CITY star ROSARIO DAWSON is enjoying the single life since splitting with SEX AND THE CITY hunk JASON LEWIS last year (06). The Hollywood actress started dating Lewis in 2004 and is relishing her...

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Alba Taught To Act By Macy And Huffman

19th March 2007

Movie beauty JESSICA ALBA was taught to act by husband-and-wife Hollywood stars WILLIAM H. MACY and FELICITY HUFFMAN. Before finding fame, the SIN CITY star enrolled on an intensive six-week long course at the Atlantic...

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300 Is The World's Top Movie As It Conquers Us Box Office Again

19th March 2007

War epic 300 is all conquering at the top of the US box office for a second successive week - and it has become the biggest film in the world too. The instant cult film,...

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Bloody 300 Creates A Storm At The Us Box Office

10th March 2007

Bloody new movie 300 looks set to become the year's biggest film so far after early Friday (09MAR07) showings sold out across America. Tickets to see the warrior film - about a legendary battle between...

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Fascinating Fact 2971

10th March 2007

The bra sexy JESSICA ALBA wore as exotic dancer NANCY CALLAHAN in SIN CITY recently sold for $1,025 (GBP525,600) on auction website eBay....

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Driver, Dayne + Dawson Hit The High Notes At Independent Spirit Awards

25th February 2007

MINNIE DRIVER, TAYLOR DAYNE and ROSARIO DAWSON were among the stars who gave the Independent Spirit Awards a few musical highlights when they performed quirky songs dedicated to the ceremony's five Best Feature nominees. Driver...

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Dawson Dating Another Sex And The City Star?

15th February 2007

SIN CITY star ROSARIO DAWSON is dating another hunky actor who appeared on SEX AND THE CITY, just three months after splitting with former model JASON LEWIS. Dawson, 27, began dating Lewis, who played SMITH...

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Fascinating Fact 2840

12th February 2007

FRANK MILLER's graphic novel RONIN is to be adapted for the big screen following the recent film adaptations of his comics SIN CITY and 300....

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Rourke Attacks Pet Store Owner Over Sick Dog Sale

25th January 2007

Former Hollywood wildman MICKEY ROURKE is barking at a Miami, Florida pet store after discovering owners are selling sick puppies. The dog-loving movie star grew so angry about the conditions at Hot Dogs (Puppies) in...

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Owen Set To Play Private Eye Marlowe

24th January 2007

British actor CLIVE OWEN is set to play fabled private eye PHILIP MARLOWE in several feature films based on RAYMOND CHANDLER's mystery series. The INSIDE MAN star will also serve as executive producer on the...

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Alba And Cruise Team Up For Horror Film

23rd January 2007

SIN CITY star JESSICA ALBA has signed on to star in horror thriller THE EYE for TOM CRUISE's production company. The 25-year-old has signed a $4 million (GBP2 million) deal to star in the movie,...

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Jolie Dreams Of 'Dirty Role'

19th January 2007

ANGELINA JOLIE jumped at the chance to play a sexy and "dirty" role in a sequel to comic-book film SIN CITY, after months of good-behaviour enforced by pregnancy. The film has since been stalled, but...

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Depp Most Searched Movie Star

29th December 2006

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star JOHNNY DEPP is the most searched Hollywood celebrity by movie fans around the world. The actor dominated searches by over 42 million users on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) website,...

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