Silent movie star Carla Laemmle has died at her home in Hollywood.

The 104-year-old silver screen star, who appeared in The Phantom of the Opera, passed away on Thursday night (12Jun14).

Laemmle was the niece of Universal Studios co-founder Carl Laemmle.

Among her many credits were appearances in 1931's Dracula, Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Broadway Melody and Mystery of Edwin Drood. She also played a ballet dancer in 1939 movie On Your Toes.

It was 70 years before her next screen credit in 2010's Pooltime and her final film, Mansion of Blood, is still in post-production, according to

Actress Sally Kirkland narrated a documentary about Laemmle's life, Among the Rugged Peaks: The Carla Laemmle Story, in 2011. The film followed the actress as she returned to the soundstage where she shot The Phantom of the Opera.