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Bassey Admits Lack Of Musical Knowledge

22nd June 2007

Singer DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY may be a music icon but she admits she has an complete lack of musical knowledge. The 70-year-old Goldfinger star confesses it is her intuition, not musical talent, has carried her...

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Bassey Happy To Prove Manager Wrong

22nd June 2007

Veteran singer DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY is delighted she has proved her manager wrong - he told her she will never have a successful career. The Goldfinger hitmaker has an incredible music career, but reveals her...

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Bassey Plans Brief Glastonbury Encounter

18th June 2007

Singing legend DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY is planning to leave the Somerset, England site of the Glastonbury Festival immediately following her performance. The Welsh diva is one of the headline acts at this week's (22-24Jun07) huge...

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Glastonbury Ebay Tickets Cancelled

15th June 2007

Tickets for Glastonbury festival appearing on the online auction site eBay are being cancelled by the event's organisers.According to a spokesman for the festival, eBay have also taken the steps to remove any auctions selling...

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Glastonbury Lineup Unveiled

1st June 2007

Arctic Monkeys, the Killers and the Who have all been confirmed as the headline acts at this year's Glastonbury festival.Festival organisers have revealed the lineup for the summer's premier festival, with Kaiser Chiefs, Paul Weller,...

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Free Loo Roll At Glastonbury

8th May 2007

Attendees at this year's Glastonbury festival can leave one essential behind when they pack their bags this summer: loo roll.Festival organiser Michael Eavis has said that enough toilet roll will be provided for every festival...

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Extra Glastonbury Tickets Snapped Up

22nd April 2007

An additional 20,000 tickets for this year's Glastonbury festival sold out quickly on Sunday morning, to the delight of successful music fans who missed out in the main sale three weeks ago.Today's tickets constituted those...

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Bassey's Back After Gym Encounter With Songwriters

9th April 2007

SHIRLEY BASSEY is planning a pop chart comeback with two singer/songwriters who tracked her down in a Monte Carlo gym and asked her to consider adding her vocals to their tunes. The 70 year old...

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Fascinating Fact 3062

2nd April 2007

All 137,500 public tickets for the first Glastonbury Festival in two years sold out in a record-breaking one hour and forty five minutes today (1APR07). More than a quarter of a million pre-registered members of...

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Fans Wait For Glastonbury Ticket Sale

1st April 2007

Festivalgoers will be dribbling with anticipation as they wait for the Glastonbury ticket sale balloon to go up.From 09:00 BST tomorrow those who wish to attend the 2007 edition of one of the world's most...

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Shirley Bassey Set To Play Glasto

28th March 2007

Dame Shirley Bassey will perform to thousands of revellers at this year's Glastonbury festival.The Welsh singer, famed for hits such as Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever, will take to the stage on the Sunday of...

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Bassey Confirms Glastonbury Rumours

5th March 2007

Welsh singing legend DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY has confirmed rumours she is in talks to appear at English music festival Glastonbury. The BIG SPENDER diva, 70, has been offered a set at the annual Somerset event...

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Bassey Eyes Chart Comeback

27th February 2007

Welsh singer DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY is staging a comeback with her first single release in over a decade. The GOLDFINGER star, who turned 70 last month (JAN07), has recorded THE LIVING TREE with a rock...

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Baldwin Plans To Produce Beyonce

17th January 2007

Hollywood star ALEC BALDWIN wants to add a stint in the music business to his already prestigious Tinseltown career, branding actors "second rate musicians". The AVIATOR star admits he deeply regrets not having musical talent,...

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Bassey Regrets Never Finding True Love

8th January 2007

Welsh singer DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY has given up looking for love, convinced she's doomed to spend the rest of her life alone. The GOLDFINGER star, who turns 70 today (08JAN06), has been married twice and...

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Fascinating Fact 2424

13th November 2006

Star fans SIR ELTON JOHN, DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY, SIR CLIFF RICHARD and OLIVIA NEWTON filled KYLIE MINOGUE's dressing room with flowers and messages of support ahead of her comeback concert in Sydney, Australia on Saturday...

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Winehouse Seduces Bond Bosses

6th November 2006

English jazz singer AMY WINEHOUSE has been tipped to record the next JAMES BOND theme tune, after her sultry vocals caught the ears of movie producers. The STRONGER THAN ME hitmaker, 23, reveals she's already...

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Bassey To Front M+s Christmas Campaign

6th November 2006

Welsh singer DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY is starring in a Christmas TV ad for British chain store Marks + Spencer. The DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER star has already shot the spy movie-themed ad, in which the chain's...

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Barry's Goldfinger Close-call

21st September 2006

Composer JOHN BARRY's legendary theme song for the 1964 JAMES BOND movie GOLDFINGER almost didn't make the film, because a producer thought it "the worst f**king song I ever heard". Film-maker HARRY SALTZMAN was livid...

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Knightley's 'Pmt Playlist'

4th July 2006

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY has the perfect way to beat the monthly blues - she has a "PMT (pre-menstrual tension) playlist". The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star admits she goes into camp overdrive when her period strikes,...

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Bassey Bemoans 'Showbiz Has Gone'

27th June 2006

Welsh diva DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY has launched a scathing attack on the music industry, insisting real showbusiness has been replaced by crass TV talent contests. The flamboyant GOLDFINGER star who, in the past, has slammed...

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Bassey Slams Sister's Retirement Rumours

26th June 2006

LATEST: DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY has slammed her sister's claims she is on the verge of retiring as ludicrous, insisting she doesn't even talk to her sibling. Earlier this month (JUN06) EILEEN HOPKINS alleged the Welsh...

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Bassey On The Verge Of Retirement

6th June 2006

Singing icon DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY is on the verge of retiring, according to her sister. EILEEN HOPKINS is convinced the Welsh diva has grown tired of performing and is keen to spend more time relaxing...

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Cliff, Wailers And Skatalites Entertain Monaco Royals

27th March 2006

Reggae stars JIMMY CLIFF, THE WAILERS and THE SKATALITES entertained Monaco's royal family at Monte Carlo's Rose Ball on Saturday (25MAR06). I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW hitmaker Cliff opened the glitzy event, which was attended...

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West Had Never Heard Of Bassey

2nd January 2006

KANYE WEST has hit back in the row over his sampling of DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY's DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER JAMES BOND theme, insisting he had never heard of the singer. Bassey is considering legal action,...

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Williams Wanted For Bond Theme Tune

12th December 2005

British pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS has been approached to sing the theme tune to the next JAMES BOND movie. Veteran singer TONY CHRISTIE has written a song he believes suits the former TAKE THAT...

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Bassey Binged After Daughter's Death

3rd November 2005

DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY was forced to wear maternity clothes after her weight rocketed following the tragic death of her daughter SAMANTHA in 1985. The BIG SPENDER hitmaker ate compulsively in a bid to stem...

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Daltrey Honoured By Music Industry

14th October 2005

Veteran rocker ROGER DALTREY is to receive a Gold Badge award from The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters for his contribution to musical entertainment. Best known as lead vocalist in British band THE...

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Bassey Fumes Over Kanye Sample

21st September 2005

Legendary diva DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY is furious after discovering rapper KANYE WEST sampled her 1971 hit DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER in his single DIAMONDS FROM SIERRA LEONE. The 68-year-old star is considering legal action after...

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Church Lies About Alcohol Abuse

8th August 2005

CHARLOTTE CHURCH fears her wild partying lifestyle is affecting her pop career - she recently pretended to be ill because she was too hungover to attend gig rehearsals. The CRAZY CHICK star's drinking habits...

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