Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook and former head-honcho at Yahoo!, has released a book titled Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, in which she outlines her own feminist ideology of how women can not only survive but prosper in the workplace. Her aim was to promote the 'Lean in Circles' ideology which tells women not to 'lean back' when it comes to their lives and in business and to give it '100% in all aspects of life.' This is by no means bad advice, but all those working women that the book is aimed at are having a hard time relating to the book at all, with Sandberg's privileged lifestyle hindering her from being able to relate to target audience.

With a $500 million worth, corporate backing and a foothold in many of the most prosperous businesses in the world today then it may come as no surprise to many that Sandberg's attempts to appeal to a mass audience is proving to be an enormous failure, as a massive backlash has occurred from certain press outlets (namely the New York Times and Daily Mail) lambasting the businesswoman. Her teachings have been labeled as being ridiculously out of touch with the average women, being akin to the time Gwyneth Paltrow gave her own business advice by urging mums to spend less on clothing by buying t-shirts worth $99 on her consumer blog Goop.

As such, Sandberg's campaign has fallen flat on its face, and whilst partial blame can be given to the naysayers who never gave the book a chance, the fault behind the book's failure falls squarely on Sandberg herself as she further highlighted the division between the rich and the poor. Something tells us that she won't be taking things too badly though, especially when she has that massive windfall to comfort herself with.