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Stone's Event Speech Is A Turkey

28th May 2009

SHARON STONE flapped her way through a speech at the recent opening of a luxurious resort in Turkey - stunning the crowd with her admission she had never heard of the country's fierce ally Azerbaijan.The...

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Stone Wells Up During Richardson Tribute

22nd May 2009

Hollywood star SHARON STONE fought back tears as she paid tribute to her late friend and "angel" NATASHA RICHARDSON on Thursday (21May09) at a charity AIDS event at the Cannes Film Festival. British actress and AIDS...

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Fascinating Fact 7261

29th April 2009

The couple SHARON STONE married in 2004 after becoming a mail-order minister is filing for divorce. Restaurateur Michael Bourseau and stylist Brenda Swanson, who celebrated their union with actors JACK NICHOLSON and ROBERT WAGNER serving...

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Stone Lawsuit 'Sealed In Error'

25th April 2009

Court officials in Los Angeles have released details of a civil lawsuit filed against Hollywood star SHARON STONE after a judge "inadvertently" cloaked the case in secrecy. Attorney William Jacobson sued the Basic Instinct actress earlier...

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Fascinating Fact 7110

3rd April 2009

ROBERT DE NIRO, CLINT EASTWOOD, SHARON STONE and MARIAH CAREY were among a host of Hollywood stars who flew into South Africa on Thursday (02Apr09) to celebrate the opening of the exclusive The One &...

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Stone To Launch Writing Career

2nd March 2009

Hollywood actress SHARON STONE is eyeing a career as an author after writing a collection of short stories. The Casino star is reportedly looking for a publishing deal to have her work released. Stone insists her...

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Stone Sets Sights On Slumdog Star Patel

10th February 2009

SHARON STONE is on the lookout for a new toyboy - the Hollywood actress made a play for SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE star DEV PATEL at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards on...

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Stone Upset By Inaugural Ball Snub

22nd January 2009

Actress SHARON STONE was one celebrity who left Washington, D.C. unhappy following President BARACK OBAMA's historic inauguration, after her friends were turned away from one of the night's 10 glitzy balls. The Basic Instinct star...

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Stone Gets Her History Wrong At Presidential Ball

21st January 2009

Hollywood star SHARON STONE got her American history wrong while addressing an gala in honour of new U.S. President BARACK OBAMA in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday (20Jan09). The actress was the guest speaker at a...

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Actresses' Hollywood Stars Targeted By Vandals

19th January 2009

SHARON STONE and the OLSEN twins have seen their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame defaced by anti-fur protesters. The shared star belonging to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, unveiled in April 2004, was...

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Stars Turn Out For Huston Husband's Funeral

10th January 2009

SHARON STONE, HARRISON FORD and JACK NICHOLSON were among the stars who turned out to pay their respects at the funeral of Californian sculptor ROBERT GRAHAM, husband of Oscar-winning actress ANJELICA HUSTON. Graham, whose works...

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Stone Calls On Police To Investigate 'Suspicious' Man

24th December 2008

SHARON STONE has asked California police to investigate a "suspicious" man who recently attempted to make a delivery to her home, according to reports. The actress called the Beverly Hills Police Department on Sunday (21Dec08)...

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Stars Kick In Cash For Obama's Inauguration

20th December 2008

SHARON STONE, HALLE BERRY and JAMIE FOXX are among a list of politically-minded stars who've donated thousands of dollars to fund U.S. President-elect BARACK OBAMA's upcoming inauguration into the White House. Obama secured a long...

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Cattrall And Stone Wanted For New Police Academy

26th November 2008

Actresses KIM CATTRALL and SHARON STONE are poised to return to the U.S. police force for a new POLICE ACADEMY film. Sex and the City star Cattrall appeared alongside Steve Guttenberg in the original 1984...

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The Things They Say 9931

20th October 2008

"I never wanted to be married, but they (ex-husbands) were just hounding me, especially my last husband." Twice-wed SHARON STONE insists she's not the marrying kind and her brief union with PHIL BRONSTEIN was doomed...

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Stone Donates Clothes And Furniture To Charity

20th October 2008

SHARON STONE cleared out her closets as a pre-50th birthday gift to herself in February (08) - and donated her designer clothing to a charity for abused women. Stone also parted with a room full...

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Stone: 'I Felt Like A Hollywood Leper When I Turned 40'

20th October 2008

Turning 40 was a big deal for SHARON STONE because suddenly movie roles and freebies dried up. The actress admits she was looking forward to becoming a 40 something back in 1998, but ageist attitudes...

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The Things They Say 9903

16th October 2008

"With three kids, you never pee alone." SHARON STONE struggles to find private time at home....

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The Things They Say 9753

3rd October 2008

“You had GENE HACKMAN and SHARON STONE and these actors who had been in the business for 30 years. We had only done a couple of small movies, and we weren't part of that superstar...

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Stone Fires Back At Court's Botox Statement

2nd October 2008

SHARON STONE has fired back at reports from leaked court documents suggesting she once planned to inject Botox into her son ROAN's feet to stop an odour issue, insisting the statement is "a complete fabrication"....

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Stone's Mothering Skills Criticised In Court Document

1st October 2008

Movie star SHARON STONE's mothering skills were dramatically criticised by the California officials who rejected the actress' request for a change in her child custody arrangements earlier this month (Sep08) - they accused her of...

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Lawyer: Stone Didn't Lose Custody Of Son

25th September 2008

LATEST: Actress SHARON STONE did not lose physical custody of her young son with ex-husband PHIL BRONSTEIN, according to her lawyers. According to documents detailing a custody hearing earlier this month (12Sep08), Bronstein would "have...

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Stone Loses Custody Of Son

23rd September 2008

Actress SHARON STONE has lost physical custody of her young son with ex-husband PHIL BRONSTEIN. Last October (07), a judge ruled that Stone and Bronstein, a newspaper editor, had "joint legal and physical custody" of...

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Thewlis: 'Stone Was A Nightmare'

27th August 2008

DAVID THEWLIS is relieved he didn't share many scenes with his BASIC INSTINCT 2 co-star SHARON STONE - because he claims she was a "nightmare" on set. The British actor appeared briefly onscreen with Stone...

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Stone Dating Toyboy?

20th August 2008

SHARON STONE has a new man - and he is more than half her age. Stone, 50, is reportedly dating a 24 year old Chase Dreyfous. In Touch magazine reports Dreyfous boasted about his new...

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Mystery Man Who Fell Sues Stone

14th August 2008

A man who fell and injured himself on SHARON STONE's estate is suing the actress for unspecified damages. Peter Krause claims he fell down a "large, concealed drop-off" while at Stone's home in 2006, and...

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The Things They Say 9042

30th July 2008

"That was fun. I felt like a real Californian." SHARON STONE was moved by Tuesday's (29Jul08) 5.4 earthquake in Los Angeles, which hit as she was dining at top restaurant Orso....

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Stone Threatened With Suit By Chinese Earthquake Victims

30th July 2008

SHARON STONE is facing a $1 billion (GBP500 million) lawsuit from the victims of China's recent earthquake after she controversially blamed the disaster on "karma". The Basic Instinct star provoked outrage with her comments at...

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Peta Offers Stone A Brain Scan

3rd July 2008

Bosses at animal rights group People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are offering SHARON STONE a free brain scan - in an effort to improve her compassion. PETA President Ingrid Newkirk has written...

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