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Please... Arnold does bear the sole responsibility IF he steps out once, twice, or for a long ten years. When the home he shared with his wife, is the nest for an on-going affair, and that also ends with a hidden child growing up with his other children, wow! Sometime during that period he could have manned up and said he was guilty. This sorted affair offers a huge picture of his indecisive lewdness and poor character. "I'm sorry says he, ....for ten long years of never having the decency to be a man, but instead, a kennel character. Two people may not be getting things together in the manner they are suppose to for one reason or another, but this situation was lower down then whale dung! So please, this was indeed a one-man-band for blame. Arnold should have ask Maria for a divorce and moved in with Mildred. In the case of Maria,This IS NOT a "both are to blame" situation. There are dog kennels to observe, if you want to know where to put this sorted story and the blame! A man like this is not well suited for anything that requires commitment. Gracious, this is way out of the league of "This couple should have been more attentive to one another." A wonderful relationship with his wife NOW, only sounds out of tune.

1 year 9 months ago
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