Following the tragic news of Buckwild star Shain Gandee’s death, TMZ reports that Gandee’s family have appealed to the local community to help pay for his funeral costs. It appears that Shain had not made any significant amount of money from his brief time appearing on the MTV reality show, so members of his family are organizing memorial events in the hope that it will ease the financial burden on his family.

Shain’s cousin, Ashley Gandee is planning a ‘mud run’ (an off-road trucking contest) in Shain’s memory. “I know the strain they are going through,” Ashley told TMZ and added “It's hard to provide a proper burial. It's already tough with the loss of family members ... expenses are tough as well." The event is due to take place in Proctorville, Ohio, around 50 miles from Charleston West Virginia, where the programme Buckwild is filmed. A $10 charge will be made for each vehicle entering the event. Ashley will also be taking donations at her store, Gandee’s General Store, in Crown City, Ohio.

Shain was found dead yesterday (April 1, 2013) in a vehicle in West Virginia. He had told people that he was going 4-wheeling with his uncle, at around 3am on Sunday. His 48 year old uncle and a third, unidentified man were also in the vehicle with him. The cause of death is thought to have been carbon monoxide poisoning. A rep for MTV confirmed that the show has been suspended.