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Cattrall Buys New Pad

26th November 2003

Sexy actress KIM CATTRALL has splashed out on a new multimillion dollar home on New York's exclusive Park Avenue. The British-born actress, currently shooting the last two episodes of her hit TV show SEX...

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Britney's Sex And The City Dreams

24th November 2003

BRITNEY SPEARS is such a huge fan of SEX AND THE CITY, she often fantasises about being one of the raunchy TV show's characters. The sexy singer, 21, had been tapped for a cameo...

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Sex And The City's Steve So Insecure

19th November 2003

SEX AND THE CITY actor DAVID EIGENBERG enjoys every moment of the show to its fullest, because he knows he could be fired at any minute. The hunky star, who plays MIRANDA's boyfriend STEVE...

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Britain's Sex And The City In Cash Crisis

19th November 2003

The show touted to be Britain's version of SEX AND THE CITY has already run into trouble - TV companies are reluctant to agree to the high salaries of the all-star cast. Networks have...

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Kim Cattrall Happy Not To Be A Mum

17th November 2003

SEX AND THE CITY actress KIM CATTRALL is content with the fact that she will never be a mother. But the 47-year-old actress - who plays raunchy SAMANTHA in the hit TV series -...

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Kim Cattrall: Work Is My Priority

14th November 2003

SEX AND THE CITY actress KIM CATTRALL has no regrets in her personal life - because she decided early on that her career would take priority. The 47-year-old actress - who has been married...

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Helen Mirren Bemoans Tv Sex

4th November 2003

Veteran actress HELEN MIRREN disapproves of the levels of sex and nudity on television - despite regularly disrobing onscreen herself. The CALENDAR GIRLS star admits she's becoming more old-fashioned about what she watches on...

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Sex In The City Characters In Happy Ending

28th October 2003

SPOILER WARNING! Hit TV show SEX AND THE CITY will reach its much anticipated conclusion with at least two of the unlucky-in-love characters married. Photographers on the set of the show have captured the moment...

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Sharon Ditches Chocolate

22nd October 2003

Rock matriarch SHARON OSBOURNE has officially given up eating chocolate today (22OCT03), after a nightmare bout of acid reflux last night (21OCT03). The wife of OZZY OSBOURNE admits she has consumed tons of her...

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Gwyneth's Sex And The City Episode

17th October 2003

GWYNETH PALTROW got much more than the usual paparazzi when she stepped out of her New York home last week (ends10OCT03) - the cast of SEX AND THE CITY were filming an episode on her...

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Kournikova To Retire For Tv?

14th October 2003

Sexy tennis babe ANNA KOURNIKOVA is considering retiring because of her ongoing back problem, reports in Britain claim. The 22-year-old Russian, who is well known for her eye-catching looks, lucrative modelling jobs and rock...

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Jude Law's Sister Gets Star Patrons

10th October 2003

Actor JUDE LAW's sister is making her way up the showbiz ladder - her paintings have become a favourite of New York's celebrity set. Artist NATASHA is exhibiting at the city's trendy INGRAO gallery,...

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Chris Noth: Not A Fan Of Sweat

6th October 2003

SEX AND THE CITY hunk CHRIS NOTH has no problem with meeting his adoring army of fans - but dislikes sweaty palms. The 48-year-old actor - who plays MR BIG in the hit show...

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Kristin Davis Bags A British Hunk

3rd October 2003

SEX AND THE CITY beauty KRISTIN DAVIS has begun a new romance with British actor DAMIAN LEWIS after they met at a post-EMMYS party. The stunning star - who plays prudish CHARLOTTE YORK in...

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Flop For George Clooney

30th September 2003

GEORGE CLOONEY's new political television drama K STREET has spectacularly flopped, scoring disappointing ratings after its first airing in America. The first episode of the series, a collaboration with STEVEN SODERBERGH, managed to attract...

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Injured Baryhsnikov Postpones Tour

26th September 2003

Ballet legend MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV has been forced to postpone his autumn (03) tour after suffering a knee injury. According to a spokesman for the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES, Baryshnikov will be unable to...

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Cattrall For Sex And The City Spin-off?

23rd September 2003

Speculation is rife that KIM CATTRALL will land her own spin-off show once hit series SEX AND THE CITY ends next year (04). Cattrall's man-eating character SAMANTHA JONES has become a cult favourite with...

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Sex + The City Wows America

18th September 2003

More than eight million viewers tuned in to watch the mid-season finale of SEX AND THE CITY on Sunday (14SEP03), making it the second largest audience in the history of the show. Meanwhile,...

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Sex And The City's Pubic Hair Problem

16th September 2003

Fans of saucy show SEX AND THE CITY were treated to a colourful scene on Sunday night's (14SEP03) show - KIM CATTRALL's character SAMANTHA accidentally dyed her pubic hair red. Horrified to find her...

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Alicia Starts Matchmaking, Like Her New Character

15th September 2003

CLUELESS star ALICIA SILVERSTONE is taking her latest role as a matchmaker to heart - by trying to set up her best friend with a production assistant on the TV show. The actress will...

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Garson Still Gets Sex In The City

12th September 2003

SEX AND THE CITY actor WILLIE GARSON finds playing a camp gay character on the hit TV show can have a bearing on his real life romances. Whilst Garson finds his appearances on the...

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Cattrall Propositioned By Lesbian Fan

12th September 2003

KIM CATTRALL thought her dating worries were over when she arrived at the TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL in Canada earlier this week (beg08SEP03) to a sign that asked her to get married again. But the...

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Norton Knocks Back Davis

9th September 2003

EDWARD NORTON is in no hurry to find a new girlfriend after splitting with long-term partner SALMA HAYEK - he turned down KRISTIN DAVIS' advances at a recent party. The SEX AND THE CITY...

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Britney Loves Jessica's Tv Show

5th September 2003

BRITNEY SPEARS is a huge fan of pop peer JESSICA SIMPSON's reality show NEWLYWEDS. The fly-on-the-wall look at Jessica's marriage to former 98 DEGREES star NICK LACHEY has joined SEX AND THE CITY and...

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Geri's Acting Flop

3rd September 2003

GERI HALLIWELL hopes of forging a Hollywood career have taken a turn for the worse, her cameo performance in the final series of SEX AND THE CITY has been dubbed a flop. After the...

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Jessica Parker Fuels Nose Job Reports

27th August 2003

SEX AND THE CITY actress SARAH JESSICA PARKER has almost certainly undergone surgery to reshape her nose, according to a top cosmetic consultant. Recent photos of the TV star indicate she's made a "subtle"...

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Sex And The City Creator's Slur On Scots

25th August 2003

SEX AND THE CITY creator CANDACE BUSHNELL has let fly with a bizarre outburst against Scottish people. Promoting her new book TRADING UP at the Edinburgh festival, the former columnist claimed that to make...

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Kylie's Surprise When Knickers Appear On Tv

24th August 2003

Pop princess KYLIE MINOGUE was pleasantly surprised when her underwear appeared on hit US TV show SEX AND THE CITY. The CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD singer - who personally designed the...

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No More Sex In The City

22nd August 2003

Sex has lost its hold over the city, according to CANDACE BUSHNELL, the New York journalist who wrote the original book of SEX AND THE CITY. The blonde journalist's latest novel, TRADING UP, has...

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Underwood's Diverse Addition To Sex And The City

19th August 2003

SEX AND THE CITY actress CYNTHIA NIXON has welcomed newcomer BLAIR UNDERWOOD as her character's latest love - because she feels it's time the show broke down some racial barriers. FULL FRONTAL star Underwood...

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