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No More Romance For Sarah Jessica Parker?

15th March 2006

SARAH JESSICA PARKER is hoping to change Hollywood stereotypes of placing twenty and thirtysomething actresses in romantic roles. Following the demise of her show SEX AND THE CITY in 2004, the 40-year-old actress has played...

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Polygamy Drama Causes Mormon Outrage

13th March 2006

A new US TV drama series about a man married to three women at the same time has outraged the Mormon Church. BIG LOVE stars BILL PAXTON as a Salt Lake City, Utah, businessman who...

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Davis Defends Canine Kissing

11th March 2006

Former SEX AND THE CITY actress KRISTIN DAVIS is stunned by people who are disgusted by her love of kissing dogs - insisting they simply do not understand what it's like to be a "dog...

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Cattrall Joins Elton's Comedy

10th March 2006

Former SEX AND THE CITY vixen KIM CATTRALL is set to star in SIR ELTON JOHN's forthcoming TV comedy show. The English-born actress, who played man-hungry SAMANTHA JONES in the defunct HBO show, will play...

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Davis Depressed By Sex And The City Reruns

8th March 2006

Actress KRISTIN DAVIS finds it impossible to watch past episodes of her hit TV show SEX AND THE CITY, because they depress her. The star, who played CHARLOTTE YORK on the show, refuses to...

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Davis: 'Desperate Housewives Fails Single Women'

4th March 2006

Hollywood actress KRISTIN DAVIS has hit out at award-winning show DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES - claiming it doesn't represent single women. Davis, who played CHARLOTTE YORK in long-running show SEX AND THE CITY, accuses Desperate Housewives of...

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Kristin Shocked By Anti-charlotte Offers

28th February 2006

Actress KRISTIN DAVIS has been inundated with raunchy roles since SEX AND THE CITY wrapped last year (05) but insists she's still too attached to her beloved TV character to play a vamp. The...

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Gershon Signs Up For Sex And The City Follow-up

22nd February 2006

SHOWGIRLS star GINA GERSHON has signed up to star in the latest TV series from SEX AND THE CITY author CANDACE BUSHNELL. LIPSTICK JUNGLE, which is based on the writer's best-selling book, follows the...

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Corbett Only Acted To Fund Music

7th February 2006

Actor-turned-singer JOHN CORBETT is thrilled to have finally ditched his film career, insisting he only ever accepted movie roles in a bid to raise money for his country music calling. The MY BIG FAT...

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Cattrall Spreads Her Wisdom To Teens

7th February 2006

Former SEX AND THE CITY actress KIM CATTRALL is using her life experiences to offer advice and guidance to teenage girls in her next book. After writing best-sellers SATISFACTION: THE ART OF THE FEMALE...

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Parker And Broderick Deny Broadyway Stint

26th January 2006

LATEST: SARAH JESSICA PARKER has laughed off rumours she is set to star alongside her actor husband MATTHEW BRODERICK in a Broadway, New York play. Stage production DON'T FOLLOW ME, I'M LOST, TOO was...

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The Things They Say 951

4th January 2006

"He was the politician that dated SARAH JESSICA (PARKER), that wanted her to pee on him." CYNTHIA NIXON was titillated when she discovered her husband in new stage play RABBIT HOLE would be actor JOHN...

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Parker: 'Thank Sex For Desperate Housewives'

2nd January 2006

SARAH JESSICA PARKER thinks fans of hit TV drama DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES should thank the cast and crew of SEX AND THE CITY for helping to get the hit show on air. Although she accepts...

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Parker And Broderick Sell Hamptons Home

20th December 2005

Hollywood couple SARAH JESSICA PARKER and MATTHEW BRODERICK have sold one of their three holiday homes in New York State's Hamptons. The former SEX AND THE CITY actress and GODZILLA star's four-bedroom home in...

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Parker: 'Satc Couldn't Compete With Desperate Housewives'

20th December 2005

SARAH JESSICA PARKER is grateful her US show SEX AND THE CITY ended when it did - because it would have been crushed in the ratings war by successor DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Despite her programme's...

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The Things They Say 860

15th December 2005

"The weather is changing in New York and I have a little bit of time to walk around the city and every street is a landmark to me and every street has a new significance...

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Beyonce's New Perfume Represents Alter-ego

13th December 2005

R+B star BEYONCE KNOWLES' new perfume True Star Gold represents her on-stage alter-ego SASHA. The former DESTINY'S CHILD bandmember, 24, launched True Star fragrance with TOMMY HILFIGER in September 2004, and after huge sales,...

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Parker's Plagued Apartment

8th December 2005

SARAH JESSICA PARKER is regularly forced to push past crowds of SEX AND THE CITY fans, queuing up outside her character CARRIE BRADSHAW's Manhattan building. Parker, who played sex columnist Bradshaw in the hit...

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Prim And Proper Parker

7th December 2005

SARAH JESSICA PARKER refuses to drink alcohol like her SEX AND THE CITY character CARRIE BRADSHAW, after being put off booze during her teen years. The actress, who celebrated her 40th birthday in March...

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Parker's Empathy For Housewives

6th December 2005

SARAH JESSICA PARKER empathises with the stars of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, after reading media reports of on-set fighting. During her six years in hit comedy SEX AND THE CITY, Parker and her co-stars KRISTIN DAVIS,...

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Parker: 'I Received No Sex Toys As Carrie Bradshaw'

5th December 2005

SARAH JESSICA PARKER is amazed SEX AND THE CITY fans continue to think she has a collection of sex toys from her time on the TV show, because her character never appeared in raunchy scenes....

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Bushnell's Porn Pages

20th November 2005

SEX AND THE CITY writer CANDACE BUSHNELL is contributing to a raunchy anthology of literary erotica - and will maintain her mystique by using her "porn-star" name. Bushnell joins an illustrious list of authors,...

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Dawson Stunned By Boyfriend's Sex Secret

18th November 2005

ROSARIO DAWSON was stunned when she first discovered exactly who her boyfriend JASON LEWIS was - because she realised millions of avid SEX AND THE CITY fans had seen him naked. Dawson knew Lewis...

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Sex And The City Star To Play Doting Housewife

30th October 2005

Actress SARAH JESSICA PARKER, best known for her role as CARRIE in Manhattan-based series SEX AND THE CITY, is to ditch her hard-nosed, single woman image to play the part of a subservient wife in...

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Elton's Tv Show Gets Go-ahead

28th October 2005

Pop superstar SIR ELTON JOHN is close to realising his Hollywood career - America's ABC network has agreed to broadcast a pilot episode of his TV show. The ROCKET MAN star is following in...

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Parker's Son Insists On Beatles-inspired Attire

21st October 2005

SARAH JESSICA PARKER and MATTHEW BRODERICK's three-year-old son JAMES has become such a huge fan of THE BEATLES, he insists on the whole family dressing like the British legends. Parker, who served as a...

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Baryshnikov Shocked By Graphic Sex And The City

26th September 2005

Russian actor MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV had no idea SEX AND THE CITY contained such graphic love scenes when he signed on to star in the hit US TV series. Baryshnikov, who starred as artist ALEKSANDR...

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Parker Tops New York's Rich List

22nd September 2005

SARAH JESSICA PARKER is New York City's richest female star after beating supermodel GISELE BUNDCHEN and NICOLE KIDMAN in a new money poll. The SEX AND THE CITY actress, who has an estimated $38...

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Yogi Berra Settles Sex And The City Spat

21st September 2005

Baseball legend YOGI BERRA has reached a settlement with US TV network TBS in his $10 million (GBP5.5 million) lawsuit over the use of his name in a SEX AND THE CITY ad campaign....

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Longoria Voted Sexiest Tv Star Of All Time

28th August 2005

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES actress EVA LONGORIA has beaten off competition from JENNIFER ANISTON to be voted the sexiest TV beauty of all time. The 30-year-old Latina, who claims she was the "ugly duckling" of her...

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