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Seth Rogen Mocks Pal James Franco's Instagram Scandal On 'Snl'

By Nick Hill | 14th April 2014

Seth Rogen didn't let James Franco live down his recently embarrassing Instagram scandal, while performing his 'Saturday Night Live' opening monologue.The 31 year-old comedic actor poked fun at his 'Pineapple Express' co-star for trying to...

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Seth Rogen And Aidy Bryant Violate 'Snl' Code In New Improv Clip [Video]

By Lauren James | 10th April 2014

In readiness for his long-awaited Saturday Night Live hosting slot this weekend, Seth Rogen has released a classic SNL promo clip in which he jokes around with cast member Aidy Bryant in multiple takes. If...

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Zac Efron Heading To Law School In 'The Associate,' John Grisham Adaptation

By Lauren James | 3rd April 2014

Zac Efron is gearing up to both produce and star in the movie adaptation of writer John Grisham's hit legal thriller, The Associate. The former High School Musical star will be continuing his evolution from...

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Seth Rogen's Kanye West Parodies Are All In Jest - He's A Big Ol' Fan

By Jack de Aguilar | 29th March 2014

Seth Rogen’s been making the press rounds recently to promote his new film, ‘The Interview’, but most people weren’t interested in the funny man’s latest project, with most people keen to hear about his constant...

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Kermiggy Vs. Kimye - The Muppets Mock Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Vogue Cover

By Elinor Cosgrave | 23rd March 2014

A war of words has been waging on social media between those who believe Kim Kardashian is the height of fashion and sophistication and those who feel her name should not be mentioned in the...

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Seth Rogen Blasts The Behaviour Of Justin Bieber As "Obnoxious" & "Insincere"

By Nick Hill | 15th March 2014

Actor Seth Rogen had some choice words when asked about the recent behaviour of Justin Bieber.The 'This Is The End' actor branded the troubled 20 year-old as "obnoxious" when being interviewed on Andy Cohen's 'Watch...

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All The Celebrities That Seth Rogen Has Smoked Weed With.

By Michael West | 14th March 2014

Just days after Lindsay Lohan allegedly released a list of her famous bedroom partners, Seth Rogen has revealed all the Hollywood stars that have joined him for a premium pot-smoking session. Rogen - the star...

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As Judd Apatow Continues His Revenge, We Remember 'Freaks And Geeks'

By Stephanie Chase | 13th March 2014

‘Freaks and Geeks’ may have only lasted for one season, but the show has had an enduring legacy, not least of all for producer Judd Apatow who has just called his whole career 'revenge' for...

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Sxsw Highlights: "Chef", "Neighbors" And "Veronica Mars" Bring The Laughs (And The Diehard Fan Emotions)

By Victoria Pavlova | 10th March 2014

For those who care about films in the slightest, South by Southwest is the place to be this week. The conference, which runs March 7th through March 16th in Austin, Texas, is the place for...

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Senators Leave Before Seth Rogen's Moving Appeal In The Name Of Alzheimer's Sufferers

By Victoria Pavlova | 27th February 2014

Most film fans probably know Seth Rogen as the slightly immature lead of films like Pineapple Express, Knocked Up and This Is The End. Real-life Rogen, however, had a serious problem on his mind, when...

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Seth Rogen Opens Up About Mother-in-law's Battle With Alzheimer's At Hearing

By Nick Hill | 27th February 2014

Seth Rogen, who is an Alzheimer's Association celebrity Champion, attended a hearing in Washington on Wednesday (Feb 26th), to testify about the disease.The 31 year-old spoke in front of a Senate Committee about his own...

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Seth Rogen And Evan Goldberg To Develop Nintendo Vs Sega Feature Film 'Console Wars'

By Nick Hill | 25th February 2014

If you were a true gamer from the late 80s and 90s, then you will remember the original war of the consoles.In today's digital entertainment universe there is an on-going battle between PlayStation and Xbox,...

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Seth Rogen And Evan Goldberg's 'Console Wars' Will Capture The Sega V Nintendo Zeitgeist

By Jack de Aguilar | 24th February 2014

If you’re a hardened gamer, then you’ll know that the current state of console gaming is predicated by a battle for supremacy between Nintendo and Sega in the late-80s and 90s.If you’re not au fait...

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The Seth Rogen 'Starring' Parody Of 'Her' Might Be The Best Thing You See All Week [Video]

By Joe Wilde | 26th January 2014

Her might not be the most prominent Oscar contender, but it is still one helluva movieFirst off we were treated to a Phillip Seymour Hoffman-featuring parody of the new Spike Jonze movie Her, one that...

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Seth Rogen Weighs In On Justin Bieber Arrest: "He's A Piece Of Sh*t"

By Joe Wilde | 24th January 2014

Seth Rogen has given his opinion on the recent arrest of Justin Bieber for DUI and resisting arrest, and he didn't tread lightly when voicing what he really thinks of the singer. The comic actor...

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A Week In News: Ian Watkins Trial, Amas Triumph And A Beloved Pet Dies

By Lauren James | 29th November 2013

Ian Watkins Trial: It's a shame we have to start with this one but little else has seen the headlines all week. The disgraced former Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins, 36, describing himself as a "determined...

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Zac Efron Joins Seth Rogen In Another 'Bound 2' Parody: Can It Work Again?

By Lauren James | 27th November 2013

Zac Efron has joined in the fun of spoofing Kanye West's new music video, 'Bound 2,' by posting his own version of the cheesy scene on Instagram. The real 'Bound 2' was released last week...

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The 'Bound 3' Parody Video Is So Good, Even Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Approve Of It

By Joe Wilde | 27th November 2013

'Bound 3,' the parody video of Kanye West's latest music video, for the Yeezus cut 'Bound 2,' has taken the internet by storm and proved so good that even the two people being poked fun...

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James Franco And Seth Rogen Spoof Kanye West's 'Bound 2' Video, Kim Kardashian Loves It!

By Nick Hill | 26th November 2013

James Franco and Seth Rogen have worked with each other before, in such films as 'Pineapple Express' and 'This Is The End', but their latest joint venture is quite unique. The two Hollywood actors have...

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Kanye West Made A Video, Seth Rogen And James Franco Spoofed It. Hilarity Ensued [Video]

By Victoria Pavlova | 25th November 2013

If you thought Kanye West’s newly released video for Bound 2 was priceless on its own, that is only because you haven’t seen Seth Rogen and James Franco’s take on it. The parody, released earlier...

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Quentin Tarantino's Top 10 Movies Of 2013 (So Far)

By Michael West | 8th October 2013

Movie buffs have begun to anticipate Quentin Tarantino's Top 10 movies lists in recent years. The legendary director's run-down of his favorite movies of the year has made for interesting reading in recent years and...

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Zac Efron Dealt With Cocaine Addiction With Rehab Check-in & Now He's On The Way To Recovery

By Lauren James | 19th September 2013

Actor Zac Efron has reportedly completed a rehab stint to tackle cocaine addiction five months ago, it has emerged. The 25 year-old High School Musical actor is said to have checked into rehab after what...

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A Week In Movies: Rush And Diana Premiere In London, Scarlett Johansson Stuns Venice, Zac Efron Taunts Seth Rogen

By Rich Cline | 6th September 2013

Naomi Watts was on the red carpet in London this week for the world premiere of Diana, about the final years in the life of the People's Princess. There were some touchy moments as she...

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Seth Rogen V Those Dastardly Kids In 'Neighbors' [Trailer + Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar | 4th September 2013

Seth Rogen has slowly been moving away from the stoner character he half-plays in movies. And when we say half-plays, we mean that in the most affectionate way possible; we just get the impression there’s...

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Seth Rogen's 'Neighbors': The Funniest Scene Involving An Air-bag-ever?

By Michael West | 3rd September 2013

We've been waiting on this one for a while, and it looks as though Seth Rogen's latest movie Neighbors may be worth it. According to, Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Nicholas Stoller wanted to make...

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Watch Seth Rogen's (And Others) Auditions For 'The Office' [Video]

By Jack de Aguilar | 7th August 2013

Audition tapes are probably… the best thing ever, especially when well-known stars are going for roles. These Office auditions, in which the hopefuls are reading the script from the British version of the award-winning...

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The Ultimate Compliment? James Franco To Be Roasted On Comedy Central

By Victoria Pavlova | 10th July 2013

It might seem like James Franco has been in almost every movie this year and with so much success, what better way to knock the actor/director/producer/writer/poet/we’re-probably missing-something-here down a peg than with a good old...

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A Week In Movies: Neeson Is Taken Again, Statham Goes Dramatic, Depp Cuts His Hair

By Staff Writer | 28th June 2013

The big news this week is that a reported $20 million paycheque has lured Liam Neeson back for a third Taken movie. There's no word yet on the plot, but does it really matter? Meanwhile,...

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It’S Only The Beginning For ‘This Is The End’: Critics Praise Seth Rogen’S Comedy

By Elinor Cosgrave | 28th June 2013

Seth Rogen's comedy This Is The End has received favourable reviews from critics. Released in U.S. cinemas today (28th June) it has already been moderately successful in the U.S Of the numerous critics who praised...

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This Is The End Reviews – Is This The End For Seth Rogan?

By Jack de Aguilar | 28th June 2013

Seth Rogen has done some funny stuff, and he’s done some not so funny stuff. And by his admission, it was difficult to find a studio to make his latest movie, This Is The End....

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