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Fox Finally Cancels Seth Green's Offensively Bad Sitcom 'Dads'

By Michael West | 8th May 2014

Ah, the ruthless machine that is the U.S. television industry. It's ruthless, but it's fun to watch sometimes - especially when the executives get it so, so wrong. This week, Fox cut ties with several...

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Is Offensive 'Dads' The Worst Reviewed Show Of The Year?

By Michael West | 17th September 2013

There was plenty of hope for Dads. Actually, there wasn't really. But, well...we don't know why we said that. No, there just wasn't.After Seth MacFarlane's Oscars disaster, nobody was particularly anticipating the writer's new live-action...

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Fox Orders Seth Macfarlane's 'Dads' And Samberg's 'Brooklyn Nine-nine' [Analysis]

By Michael West | 9th May 2013

Wow. Fox has really shown its hand for next season, offering four big new shows in the bid to get ahead in the race for ratings. The network has made high profile comedy pickups including...

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Fox Announces Fall Schedule: Seth Mcfarlane, Ichabod Crane And Many More

By Victoria Pavlova | 9th May 2013

Fox has announced a large chunk of the shows that will fill next season’s roster and there is certainly a lot to look forward to. The channel will air comedies, created by big names in...

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