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Serge Gainsbourg Collectibles Up For Auction

15th October 2013

Beloved French singer Serge Gainsbourg's belongings are to go under the hammer at an auction in Nantes on Halloween (31Oct13).Among the 100 bizarre items up for sale are cigarette butts smoked by the Je T'aime......

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Scarlett Johansson Collaborates On Bonnie & Clyde Track

31st July 2012

Scarlett Johansson has returned to working on her singing career.The actress has collaborated with Lulu Gainsbourg on a cover of French music legend Serge Gainsbourg's 'Bonnie & Clyde'. The track comes from Lulu's tribute album...

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Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradis Cover Gainsbourg Classic

22nd November 2011

Johnny Depp and his singer girlfriend Vanessa Paradis have teamed up to record a duet for a Serge Gainsbourg tribute album.The couple has covered Gainsbourg's 1971 track Ballade De Melody Nelson for From Gainsbourg to...

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Johansson Revisits Gainsbourg Classic With Singer's Son

5th September 2011

Scarlett Johansson has joined Serge Gainsbourg's son Lulu for a remake of the French legend's Bonnie & Clyde duet, which he recorded with Brigitte Bardot.The actress has re-recorded Bardot’s part in the 1968 song in...

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Stars Perform At Gainsbourg Tribute Gig

30th August 2011

Rockers Beck and Sean Lennon paid tribute to French star Serge Gainsbourg at a tribute show in Los Angeles on Sunday (28Aug11).The late musician's son Lulu, who was just five when Gainsbourg died of a...

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Laetitia Casta Shocked By Brigitte Bardot's Sex Advice

29th August 2011

Actress Laetitia Casta was shocked when she asked Brigitte Bardot for advice on how to play the screen icon in upcoming Serge Gainsbourg biopic A Heroic Life - because she told her to pretend she...

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Gainsbourg Biopic Planned

25th November 2008

Beloved French singer, actor and poet SERGE GAINSBOURG's life is to be turned into a new Hollywood movie. Serge Gainsbourg (vie heroique) will start shooting early in 2009 with graphic novelist Joann Sfar's as director....

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Fascinating Fact 6101

3rd October 2008

British model/actress LILY COLE has posed for a provocative spread for Playboy magazine. The 20-year-old is seen hugging a giant pink teddy bear in a shot inspired by SERGE GAINSBOURG's 1971 album HISTOIRE DE MELODY...

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Faithfull Tempted To Stray From Jagger

9th July 2008

Singer/actress MARIANNE FAITHFULL was tempted to stray from her former lover SIR MICK JAGGER after she was wooed by songwriter SERGE GAINSBOURG. The 60-year-old admits she almost cheated on the Rolling Stones rocker, whom she...

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Gainsbourg Secrets Exposed By Birkin

19th September 2006

Late French pop legend SERGE GAINSBOURG has been exposed as a strict Victorian father with a secret love for Scottish delicacy haggis in a new magazine tribute by his muse JANE BIRKIN. The actress/singer sat...

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Gainsbourg Paid To Fix Man's Teeth

14th September 2006

Late French singer SERGE GAINSBOURG once gave a photographer's assistant a cheque for 10,000 francs ($1935/GBP1,075) so he could have two false teeth fitted. The JE T'AIME legend was sitting for a shoot for French...

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Gainsbourg Snubs English Roots

1st September 2006

CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG is desperate to conceal her English heritage, because Brits make her feel "uncomfortable". The daughter of English icon JANE BIRKIN and SERGE GAINSBOURG is far prouder of her French roots, and although Birkin...

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Gainsbourg Recorded Album Behind Sheet

29th August 2006

Actress-turned-singer CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG was so lacking in confidence while recording her debut album 5:55 she had to hide behind a sheet while she sang. The 35-year-old daughter of SERGE GAINSBOURG and JANE BIRKIN teamed up...

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Birkin Upstaged By Bag

10th August 2006

British actress JANE BIRKIN admits the Hermes bag named after her is now more famous than her. The French-based star, who sang the breathy JE T'AIME with SERGE GAINSBOURG in the 1960s, was flattered when...

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Stars Help Gainsbourg Prepare First Album In 20 Years

6th June 2006

A host of stars including PULP frontman JARVIS COCKER and AIR are helping CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG record her first album in two decades. Gainsbourg, the daughter of legendary French singer SERGE GAINSBOURG and actress JANE BIRKIN,...

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Gainsbourg's Struggle With Shyness

28th April 2006

Actress/singer CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG still suffers from crippling shyness after 20 years working in front of cameras. The 21 GRAMS star, the daughter of French singer SERGE GAINSBOURG and British actress JANE BIRKIN, has always hated...

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Birkin: 'Bardot Is Crazy'

7th April 2006

Singer/actress JANE BIRKIN has labelled her DON JUAN co-star BRIGITTE BARDOT a "crazy" Right-winger, driven to distraction after years of being judged by her looks. Birkin, who married French icon SERGE GAINSBOURG after he split...

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Fascinating Fact 1312

3rd April 2006

Scottish rockers FRANZ FERDINAND have recorded a duet with iconic sixties star JANE BIRKIN on a tribute album for her late second husband, French singing legend SERGE GAINSBOURG. The TAKE ME OUT hitmakers and Birkin...

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Birkin's Boredom With Gainsbourg Excess

11th March 2006

Singer/actress JANE BIRKIN was often left exasperated with her late second husband SERGE GAINSBOURG's drinking, which ended up pushing her into the arms of her third spouse JACQUES DOILLON. Gainsbourg was such a national icon...

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Townshend's Songwriting Struggle

7th September 2005

PETE TOWNSHEND is struggling to write new songs for his legendary band THE WHO, because his recent material is too highbrow for the raucous rockers. Townshend, famed for his demonic guitar-smashing antics, admits his...

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Composer Colombier Dies

18th November 2004

French composer MICHEL COLOMBIER, who co-scored PRINCE's PURPLE RAIN movie, has died at his home in California after losing his battle with cancer. Colombier, 65, made his name in his native France, collaborating with...

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