The family of the late Mexican superstar Selena have come together to discuss her murder a decade ago. The family of "The Queen of Tejano music" revealed that she may have been pregnant at the time she was murdered by the former president of her fan club, Yolanda Saldivar in March 1995. The family came forward to with the revelations in light of the 10th anniversary of her murder. 

The Spanish-language magazine 'Latina' brought the Quintanilla family together to mourn their loss, where they announced plans to host anniversary events. Selena's father, Abraham, explained in the interview that Saldivar had attempted to kill his daughter four times before she actually murdered her. He went on to explain that Selena was planning to start a family at the time of her death.

According to Abraham, his daughter had spoken to the family the day before her murder, explaining that she and her husband, Chris Perez, were planning to start and family and had an appointment with a doctor to remove a contraceptive device removed from her. Perez himself contributed to the interview by explaining how he was able to cope with the death of his wife. 

Perez explained his coping techniques, saying: "I used to sleep with pictures of her, just snapshots of her without make-up, dusting - how I saw her. I used to carry a book of pictures around with me, just stacks of her. I'd go to a friend's house, and there'd be people mingling, and I'd be this dude in the corner somewhere with my pictures... This is 10 years later and I'm doing the best I can."