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Arquette Is Hollywood's Top Romantic

9th February 2004

Father-to-be DAVID ARQUETTE has been named Hollywood's most romantic star, because of the lavish firework parties he throws for his wife COURTENEY COX. The FRIENDS actress claims her SCREAM co-star is an old-fashioned Romeo...

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Craven To Remake The Hills Have Eyes

6th February 2004

Horror movie mogul WES CRAVEN is bringing his 1977 cult chiller THE HILLS HAVE EYES back to the big screen. The A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and SCREAM director will overlook a remake of...

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The Breakfast Club Voted Top Teen Movie

1st February 2004

Brat pack movie THE BREAKFAST CLUB has been voted the top teen film of all time. The 80s classic - based on a group of students given a Saturday morning detention - beat...

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Neve Loses Out With New Film

12th January 2004

Film babe NEVE CAMPBELL lost thousands of dollars on her new film THE COMPANY to ensure her fellow cast members received their wages. The PARTY OF FIVE actress stars and produces the ROBERT ALTMAN-directed...

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Wes Craven Shoots Werewolf Movie Again

15th December 2003

Veteran director WES CRAVEN has ditched the first cut of his new werewolf movie and started shooting again almost from scratch. The SCREAM filmmaker took the drastic step of refilming CURSED because he was...

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More Horror For Vampire Slayer Sarah

15th December 2003

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR is to star in a remake of a Japanese horror film. The actress - who previously starred in teen horror flicks SCREAM 2 and I KNOW...

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Cox Set For A Dark Future After Friends

4th December 2003

COURTENEY COX is going from one extreme to the other when FRIENDS comes to an end next year (04) - her first post-sitcom movie will be one of 2004's darkest films. The SCREAM actress...

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Dawson's Creek Jackson Turns To Horror

26th November 2003

DAWSON'S CREEK star JOSHUA JACKSON is poised to terrify fans of the hit TV drama - he's signed up for a role in WES CRAVEN's new horror movie CURSED. Singer MYA has also joined...

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Emily Mortimer Theft Shock

25th November 2003

English actress EMILY MORTIMER was left "extremely distressed" after her handbag was stolen near her London home. The SCREAM 3 star was shopping in the city's Notting Hill area with her two-month-old son SAM...

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Tommy Lee In Bed With Blu Cantrell

11th November 2003

TOMMY LEE has become such good pals with singer BLU CANTRELL, he ended up in bed with her on American TV yesterday (10NOV03). The former MOTLEY CRUE rocker was a guest co-host on SHARON...

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Laughter Keeps Cox And Arquette Together

10th November 2003

Laughter is the magic touch that keeps odd couple DAVID ARQUETTE and COURTENEY COX together. Arquette insists although he's noted for his bizarre taste in fashion and furnishings, his SCREAM co-star is the true...

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Courteney Cox's Baby Secret Unveiled

22nd October 2003

COURTENEY COX and husband DAVID ARQUETTE's dream of becoming parents has finally been realised, according to the actor's brother ALEXIS. Alexis, 43, broke the good news during a Monday (20OCT03) appearance on THE SHARON...

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Arquette Quit Drugs To Be With Courteney

13th October 2003

DAVID ARQUETTE quit doing drugs two weeks after his mother died because he knew he'd never woo FRIENDS star COURTENEY COX while he was getting high. The actor had a history of drug abuse...

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Geri + Jerry To Move In Together

12th October 2003

Pop star GERI HALLIWELL wants to move in with her on/off actor lover JERRY O'CONNELL - despite rumours he's still engaged to American TV presenter GUILIANA DePANDI. The former SPICE GIRL and SCREAM 2...

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Courteney Cox's Efforts To Get Pregnant

10th October 2003

FRIENDS star COURTENEY COX has spoken out about the troubles she and husband DAVID ARQUETTE have experienced in their efforts to become parents. The actress tells American news show 20/20 says she gets pregnant...

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Blu Cantrell Calls In The Girls

5th October 2003

R+B babe BLU CANTRELL has called in a host of glamorous pals to star in her next pop video - but her dream would be to have VICTORIA BECKHAM put in an appearance. The...

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Geri Halliwell Dubbed A 'Tour Guide' By Lover O'connell

5th October 2003

Unlucky-in-love singer GERI HALLIWELL has been branded nothing more than a "tour guide" by her most recent lover. The former SPICE GIRL was seen getting close to American actor JERRY O'CONNELL while he was...

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Pregnant Mccarthy Hated Being Fat

16th September 2003

Pin-up-turned-actress JENNY McCARTHY pleasured herself with a vibrator while she was pregnant with her first child because she wouldn't let her husband go near her. The SCREAM 3 star ballooned to almost 90 kilograms...

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Mccarthy Likes Elijah

16th September 2003

Sexy actress JENNY McCARTHY has fallen for LORD OF THE RINGS star ELIJAH WOOD - even though she's happily married. The SCREAM 3 star reveals she has always had a soft spot for young-looking...

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Jamie Kennedy's Ruined Date

16th September 2003

American actor JAMIE KENNEDY's hopes of romance turned sour when his date showed more interest in his SCREAM co-star SKEET ULRICH. The MALIBU'S MOST WANTED funnyman joined Ulrich to appear alongside NEVE CAMPBELL, DAVID...

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Emily Mortimer: My Worst Audition

3rd September 2003

British movie beauty EMILY MORTIMER has experienced some terrible auditions in her time - but found it especially difficult making her mark in Hollywood. The SCREAM 3 star was auditioning for a comedy and...

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Arquette Finds Cox's Home Work Sexy

22nd August 2003

Quirky actor DAVID ARQUETTE finds his wife COURTENEY COX to be at her sexiest when she's carrying out home improvement tasks. The SCREAM co-stars have been working together on their upcoming TV show MIX...

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Cox: 'The Arquettes Are My Family'

15th August 2003

FRIENDS stunner COURTENEY COX feels blessed to be part of the movie-making ARQUETTE family - because they're all so supportive. The actress - wife of her SCREAM co-star DAVID - married into a family...

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Courteney Cox: Dinner Party Hostess Extraordinaire

14th August 2003

FRIENDS beauty COURTENEY COX is famous for her amazing dinner parties - so now she holds them twice a week. The sexy actress - who is married to SCREAM co-star DAVID ARQUETTE - enjoys...

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Moss Takes The Microphone

8th August 2003

Supermodel KATE MOSS has employed a voice coach ahead of her upcoming turn as a rock singer - in a bid to prevent an embarrassing performance. The leggy stunner is taking to the stage...

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Arquette's Sexy Painting For Cox

31st July 2003

Quirky actor DAVID ARQUETTE has given his wife COURTENEY COX a gift to remember - a painting of a scantily-clad woman holding a wrench. Arquette, 31, recently presented his 39-year-old SCREAM co-star with the...

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Neve Finds New Love

28th July 2003

SCREAM beauty NEVE CAMPBELL has found love once again, after her split from actor JOHN CUSACK. The 29-year-old brunette has embarked on a romance with actor BILLY BURKE, who appeared in hit TV series...

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Arquette Offers Hugh 'That Chair'

17th July 2003

Quirky DAVID ARQUETTE once offered to give HUGH GRANT the chair he sat in to have his police mugshot taken after being arrested for picking up hooker DIVINE BROWN in 1995. The SCREAM actor,...

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Adams Splits With Fiancee

16th July 2003

Country rocker RYAN ADAMS has split with his long-term fiancee LEONA NAESS - after reportedly falling "in love" with Hollywood beauty PARKER POSEY. The GRAMMY-award winning NEW YORK, NEW YORK singer was spotted with...

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David Arquette Looking Forward To Fatherhood

6th July 2003

SCREAM actor DAVID ARQUETTE has spoken out about his delight at wife COURTENEY COX's pregnancy. David and his FRIENDS star spouse have been trying for a baby for some years and were devastated when...

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