Professional wrestler Scott Hall has been arrested after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend whilst under the influence of alcohol, it has been reported by Hall's drinking problems are well known throughout the wrestling world, blighting a career that had shown much promise when he joined the now premier sports entertainment company WWE (formerly WWF,) back in 1992 as the character Razor Ramon.

According to Hall's girlfriend Lisa Howell, he'd been drinking for two days and the pair of them had gotten into an argument leading Howell to flea into her car; chasing her, Hall - who in his wrestling days was billed as being 6'7 and close to 300 pounds - grabbed her by the throat and pulled her from the driver's seat. Furthermore police added that there were several signs of injury on Howell including red marks around her neck. Arrested on a domestic battery charge, Hall was apparently so drunk that he needed to be taken to the hospital first for medical clearance so that he could get put in the chokey. Howell has refused to press charges thus far, so it remains unclear if the case will progress.

Hall's history with alcohol is infamous, turning up to televised wrestling events drunk on numerous occasions, including famously on an edition of the now defunct World Championship Wrestling's Nitro program in 1998 where he was subsequently sent to rehab. He's never truly seemed to have gotten over his demons either, last year being taken to hospital after a suspected drug overdose as one of just many incidents surrounding him over the past 30 years.