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Richards And Sheen In Energy Drink Battle

12th October 2005

Sexy actress DENISE RICHARDS constantly argues with her husband CHARLIE SHEEN - for feeding their one-year-old daughter SAM sports drinks. Richards admits she's far from impressed with how easily the toddler can persuade her...

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Dogs Stand Between Richards And Sheen Reunion

4th October 2005

CHARLIE SHEEN has one more hurdle to get past before he can reunite with his estranged wife DENISE RICHARDS - he must learn to accept her three dogs. Richards had filed for divorce earlier...

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Sheen Sheds Some Light On Marital Woes

17th September 2005

CHARLIE SHEEN has hinted that one of the major reasons his marriage to DENISE RICHARDS hit turmoil was because he was too absorbed in watching sports to help her with parenting. Richards filed for...

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Book Cover Prompts Mccarthy To Dump Botox

5th May 2005

SCARY MOVIE 3 actress JENNY McCARTHY has sworn of ever using Botox again, after the cosmetic procedure ruined her ability to smile for her latest book cover. The blonde beauty posed with a model...

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Weinstein Brothers Agree To Leave Miramax

30th March 2005

Movie mogul brothers HARVEY and BOB WEINSTEIN will cease to be co-chief executives at the DISNEY-owned film production company MIRAMAX in September (05). The pair, who founded the hugely successful firm 25 years ago,...

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Mccarthy Gives Mother A Makeover

24th March 2005

Blonde beauty JENNY McCARTHY recently rewarded her hardworking mother with a full makeover - complete with new teeth and laser eye surgery. Although the SCARY MOVIE 3 actress has paid off all of her...

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Jackson Met Impersonator Dressed In Drag

2nd March 2005

The man portraying MICHAEL JACKSON in recreations of his child molestation trial was stunned when he met the pop superstar - because he was dressed as a woman. With TV cameras banned from the...

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Jackson Lookalike Gets Trial Recreation Lead

10th February 2005

EDWARD MOSS, the MICHAEL JACKSON lookalike who appeared in SCARY MOVIE 3, will play the pop superstar when US TV channel E! ENTERTAINMENT airs recreations of his upcoming child molestation trial. TV cameras won't...

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Hilton In Lesbian Sex Tape?

22nd December 2004

Hotel heiress PARIS HILTON has been struck with another sex tape scandal - this time featuring the sexy blonde frolicking with a woman. The explicit video was reportedly filmed on the reality TV star's...

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Mccarthy Poses For Playboy Again

12th November 2004

SCARY MOVIE 3 star JENNY McCARTHY has signed up for another PLAYBOY spread after promising pal HUGH HEFNER she'd pose naked again if she lost all the weight she gained when she was pregnant....

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Sheen's Shoe-checking Fixation

21st September 2004

HOT SHOTS! star CHARLIE SHEEN undergoes a ritual every time he wears a pair of shoes - he insists on checking for spiders before he puts them on. The Hollywood actor, married to SCARY...

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Scary Movie Star To Get It On In Hilton

19th August 2004

SCARY MOVIE 3 star SIMON REX is on board to play socialite PARIS HILTON's on-screen lover in a new movie. The actor has signed up to play the boyfriend of the hotel chain heiress...

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Miramax Face Job Cuts

18th June 2004

MIRAMAX bosses HARVEY and BOB WEINSTEIN are under pressure to make up to 20 per cent of their workforce redundant - as they battle to save money at the New York-based movie company....

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Hollywood Star Arrested For Punching Woman

13th June 2004

SCARY MOVIE 2 actor JAMES DeBELLO has been accused of punching a woman in a Los Angeles nightclub. The Hollywood star, 24, was reportedly dragged kicking and screaming by bouncers out of the...

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Cowell: I Can't Act

2nd June 2004

AMERICAN IDOL judge SIMON COWELL has slammed his own acting skills in last year's (03) SCARY MOVIE 3. The sharp-tongued music mogul proved he is no hypocrite when it comes to evaluating talent, by...

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Sheen Brands Paltrow's Choice Of Name 'Odd'

20th May 2004

GWYNETH PALTROW's decision to name her daughter APPLE has left one of Hollywood actor far from impressed - new father CHARLIE SHEEN. The OSCAR-winning actress and her rocker husband CHRIS MARTIN welcomed their first...

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Mccarthy's Mom-to-be Help

6th May 2004

PLAYBOY model-turned-funnygirl JENNY McCARTHY has written a new reality-check guide for first-time mums - because she couldn't find a suitable one when she was pregnant. The SCARY MOVIE 3 star grew to 204 pounds...

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Method Man And Redman Set For Tv Show

1st March 2004

Hip-hop stars METHOD MAN and REDMAN are joining forces to star in a new FOX comedy show. The as-yet-untitled project will centre on the lives of two successful black rappers who move into a...

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Sheen: Denise Saved Me From Loneliness

16th February 2004

Reformed wildman CHARLIE SHEEN would have ended up lonely and depressed if he hadn't met wife DENISE RICHARDS. The SCARY MOVIE 3 actor was on the brink of self-destruction after years of alcohol and...

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Sheen Surrenders Pool Room

30th January 2004

Former wildman CHARLIE SHEEN has surrendered to parenthood completely - by allowing his pool room to be turned into a nursery. The SCARY MOVIE 3 hunk - who is eagerly awaiting the arrival of...

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Nielsen: Women Used To Ridicule My Bow-legs

23rd January 2004

NAKED GUN star LESLIE NIELSEN used to consider himself a ladies' man, until he learnt "cruel young women" were mocking his crooked legs. The spoof actor - who is bow-legged - endured years of...

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Sheen: Denise Doesn't Want To Know About My Past

19th January 2004

Sexy actor CHARLIE SHEEN is glad wife DENISE RICHARDS has no wish to hear all the details of his former bad behaviour - as he knows the truth would really upset her. The 38-year-old...

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Another Hilton Sex Tape

17th November 2003

LATEST: Hotel heiress PARIS HILTON's sex tape shame refuses to go away - a second video, in which she appears naked with a model pal, has reportedly surfaced. Producers of American scandal show CELEBRITY...

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Matrix Revolutions Is 'Biggest Global Film Opening' Ever

10th November 2003

The MATRIX REVOLUTIONS has enjoyed a record-beating opening, taking $204 million (GBP120 million) at cinemas around the world. The third installment of the sci-fi trilogy opened on 18,000 screens around the world simultaneously last...

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Mccarthy Heads Up Bar Olympics

6th November 2003

Former pin-up-turned-actress JENNY McCARTHY is heading up a new American bar challenge which aims to show that women can beat men at pool and darts. The SCARY MOVIE 3 star has been named the...

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Scary Movie 3 Reigns At American Box Office

3rd November 2003

Horror spoof SCARY MOVIE 3 stayed at the top of the American box office this Halloween weekend (31OCT-2NOV03). Studio estimates released yesterday (02NOV03) have the movie sequel garnering $21.1 million (GBP13.2 million) for the...

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Jenny Mccarthy Praises Pammy

2nd November 2003

Movie star JENNY McCARTHY has spoken in praise of fellow sex symbol PAMELA ANDERSON. The two pneumatic bombshells both enjoy a sexy catfight in their current hit film SCARY MOVIE 3, dressed...

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Sheen And Richards' Scary Name Choice

31st October 2003

CHARLIE SHEEN and his wife DENISE RICHARDS considered naming their soon-to-be-born child after SCARY MOVIE 3 - because they conceived while making the comedy. The couple will welcome their first child together into the...

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Manheim Gets Revenge On Her Role Stealer

26th October 2003

THE PRACTICE star CAMRYN MANHEIM relished spoofing thespian CHERRY JONES in SCARY MOVIE 3 - because it provided a chance to get her own back on the woman who has beaten her to many great...

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Scary Movie 3 Smashes Records

26th October 2003

Horror spoof SCARY MOVIE 3 has charged to the top of the American box office this weekend (24-26OCT03) with a record haul both for an October release and for its distributor MIRAMAX FILMS. The...

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