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Oprah Winfrey To Receive Honorary Oscar

3rd August 2011

Oprah Winfrey is set to receive an honorary Oscar.The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced the chat show host - who received an honorary degree in June from the University of the...

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Anna Faris For The Dictator?

28th April 2011

Anna Faris is being lined up for a role in 'The Dictator'. The 'House Bunny' actress has entered negotiations to play the part of an organic food store owner in the project, which sees Sacha...

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Anna Faris Set For Ghostbusters Role

24th November 2010

Anna Faris is set to star in 'Ghostbusters 3'.The 'House Bunny' actress has reportedly been signed up to play one of the new 'Busters' who will take over the spook-catching business when it is re-opened...

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The Horror! The Horror! 2

29th October 2010

Halloween weekend is certain to be dominated by two low-budget horror flicks, with the debut of the seventh Saw movie, this one in 3D, expected to outdraw the second week of the intentionally low-tech Paranormal...

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Titans Crushes Easter Record

6th April 2010

It had to contend with mostly negative reviews, the NCAA men's basketball semifinals, Easter sunrise services (and therefore families going to bed early on Saturday night), a limited number of 3D screens (and no IMAX...

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Titans Sets Record In Debut

5th April 2010

Clash of the Titans accomplished more thrashing than clashing at the box office over the weekend. The film, digitally converted at virtually the last minute to 3D in order to take advantage of premium pricing...

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Tim Burton Scared By Life

14th March 2010

Tim Burton was scared of "real life". The 'Alice in Wonderland' director claims watching scary movies never affected him because he was so frightened by everyday occurrences.He said: "I never really got nightmares from movies....

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Retreat Likely To Advance To No. 1

9th October 2009

David Linde and Marc Shmuger, who were ousted Monday as co-chairman of Universal, might very well have the satisfaction of learning that one of the films that they greenlit, Couples Retreat, turned out to be...

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Ashley Tisdale Shuns Scary Movies

1st August 2009

Ashley Tisdale is too afraid to watch horror movies since she began living alone.The 'High School Musical' star can no longer enjoy her favourite creepy films because they leave her unable to sleep.The 24-year-old actress...

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Cameron Diaz To Marry Fan

28th July 2009

Cameron Diaz has agreed to marry an unknown comic book fan.The 'What Happens in Vegas' actress was given the unexpected proposal when answering questions from fans at the Comic-Con 2009 convention in San Diego, California.The...

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Faris Humiliated By Nude Scene

19th August 2008

SCARY MOVIE star ANNA FARIS was forced to break her no nudity clause for new film HOUSE BUNNY after a series of "complicating factors" with a body double forced her to bare all. Faris made...

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The Things They Say 9213

17th August 2008

"I would sneak out and stay out late. I got caught with a fake I.D. when I was 20. I had to go to court." SCARY MOVIE star ANNA FARIS on her wild past....

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Frasier's Kelsey Grammer To Play Scrooge In New Satire

20th February 2008

Kelsey Grammer is to step into Dickensian times by reprising the role of Ebenezer Scrooge in a new satirical movie.The Frasier star has already played the skinflint character in NBC-Hallmark's TV movie of A Christmas...

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Faris Settles Divorce

20th February 2008

SCARY MOVIE star ANNA FARIS is officially single after finalising her divorce from actor BENJAMIN INDRA on Tuesday (19Feb08). The 31-year-old actress married Indra in June 2004, but the couple split in March last year...

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Meet The Spartans Crushes Rambo At Us Box Office

28th January 2008

The reincarnated Rambo has been beaten to the number one spot at the US box office by spoof movie Meet the Spartans after its opening weekend.The parody, starring Carmen Electra and former EastEnder Sean Maguire,...

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Screenwriters Writing Their Own Ticket

15th August 2007

Several of Hollywood's top screenwriters are banding together as "collectives" to negotiate deals with studios under which they accept lower upfront fees for their scripts but receive a percentage of the movie's gross plus greater...

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Movie Reviews: 1408

22nd June 2007

Critics, who are used to roundly cursing just about every newly released horror film, aren't doing so in the case of 1408, a film based on a story by Stephen King about a cursed hotel...

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Talladega Nights Revs Up For Big Opening

4th August 2006

Daily Variety observed today (Friday) that although the summer's expensive "tentpole" films like Poseidon, Cars, Superman Returns, Miami Vice, and Pirates of the Caribbean have all been released, this weekend's relatively low-budget Talladega Nights: The...

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Electra Tries To Paint Away The Pain

29th July 2006

CARMEN ELECTRA has turned to painting to help her through the pain of her marriage split from rocker DAVE NAVARRO. The creative model/actress admits her estranged husband treated her to an artist's starter kit when...

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Rv Drives To Top Of Us Box Office

1st May 2006

ROBIN WILLIAMS and his family-vacation romp RV cruised to the top of the US box office with a $16.4 million (GBP9.4 million) haul this weekend (29-30APR06), while September 11th (01) drama UNITED 93 debuted in...

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Silent Hill Screams Up A Hit At Us Box Office

24th April 2006

Horror film SILENT HILL has screamed to the top of the US box office with an opening weekend take of $20.2 million (GBP11.5 million). The unsettling thriller, which stars RADHA MITCHELL as a mother searching...

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Ice Age Sequel Melts UK Audiences

19th April 2006

ICE AGE 2: THE MELTDOWN has remained frozen at number one in the UK movie chart for the second weekend in a row - raking in GBP3.6 million ($6 million). The animated hit, which slid...

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Scary Movie 4 Sets Box Office Record

17th April 2006

The fourth installment of the SCARY MOVIE franchise has climbed to the top of the US box office with $41 million (GBP23.4 million) in ticket sales, setting a new record for the Easter weekend. The...

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Electra Humoured Scary Movie Toilet Scene

14th April 2006

CARMEN ELECTRA proved her excellent sense of humour when producers of her latest film SCARY MOVIE 4 presented her with an embarrassing toilet scene. The former BAYWATCH actress was under the impression she'd be required...

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Fascinating Fact 1326

4th April 2006

The WAYANS brothers - SHAWN, MARLON and KEENEN, who created the SCARY MOVIE franchise, are working on a big screen re-make of classic TV comedy THE MUNSTERS.

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Mccarthy Wants To Spook Hilton

27th February 2006

Model/actress JENNY McCARTHY would love to haunt socialite PARIS HILTON if she becomes a spirit after death. The SCARY MOVIE 3 actress wants to offer the hotel heiress moral lessons - and drive her...

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Bierko Pokes Fun At Cruise In Scary Movie 4

26th January 2006

CINDERELLA MAN star CRAIG BIERKO pokes fun at TOM CRUISE's infamous sofa-jumping exploits on the OPRAH show in new horror spoof sequel SCARY MOVIE 4. Bierko first mimics Cruise in sci-fi blockbuster WAR OF...

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Madsen Forbidden From Talking About Scary Movie 4

10th January 2006

RESERVOIR DOGS star MICHAEL MADSEN has been forbidden to promote his new movie SCARY MOVIE 4, because producers fear any talk about his character will ruin the film. The actor reveals he has a...

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Richards' Sweet Start

15th December 2005

Hollywood actress DENISE RICHARDS starts her days on an extremely sweet note - by munching on chocolate treats M+Ms. The SCARY MOVIE 3 beauty, who recently shed weight within weeks of giving birth to...

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Fascinating Fact 494

15th November 2005

CARMEN ELECTRA, LESLIE NIELSEN and SIMON REX have all signed to star in SCARY MOVIE 4. The fourth installment in the horror-spoof franchise will parody superhero movies....

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