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Golf-mad Scarface Loves To Play A Round

11th December 2008

Rapper SCARFACE has an unlikely new hobby - he's addicted to golf. The star, real name Brad Jordan, fell in love with the genteel game after he joined his teenage daughter for a round one...

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Brown Mirrored Scarface Character

10th December 2008

R+B star BOBBY BROWN snorted so much cocaine he thought he was AL PACINO's legendary SCARFACE movie character TONY MONTANA. The singer, who divorced Whitney Houston in 2007 after 15 years of marriage, has fought...

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Pacino Picked Close For Pfeiffer's Scarface Role

21st November 2008

AL PACINO originally wanted GLENN CLOSE to be his co-star in SCARFACE - but producers didn't think she was sexy enough. The actor played a gangster in the 1983 film, and thought Close was perfect...

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Scarface Brands Mccain A 'Racist' In Vicious Rant

10th October 2008

Hip-hop veteran SCARFACE has added his own controversial views on U.S. presidential hopeful JOHN MCCain - branding the White House contender a racist. The retiring star, real name Brad Jordan, launched an astonishing attack on...

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Ice Cube Open To Scarface Supergroup

7th October 2008

Rapper ICE CUBE has welcomed plans laid out by retiring hip-hop star SCARFACE to create a new supergroup with himself and NAS. The Houston, Texas star recently revealed he would be quitting rap after the...

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Stars Pay Tribute To Hayes At Vh1 Hip Hop Honors

7th October 2008

Late great soul man ISAAC HAYES was given a special tribute at the 2008 VH1 Hip-Hop Honors on Monday (06Oct08) with performances by MOS DEF, ESTELLE, SCARFACE and PUBLIC ENEMY stars CHUCK D and FLAVOR...

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Rapper Scarface Hanging Up The Mic

30th September 2008

SCARFACE is quitting rap - the hip-hop veteran's forthcoming album will be his last. The star, real name Brad Jordan, will release Emeritus - meaning retired professor - in December (08) and Scarface reveals he...

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Ice Cube In Talks For Collaboration With Scarface + Nas

11th January 2008

Rapper/actor ICE CUBE is planning a superstar collaboration with his hip-hop peers SCARFACE and NAS. The former N.W.A. star admits they have yet to decide on the finer details, but a project with Scarface -...

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Ratner Skipped School To Watch Scarface Filming

30th July 2007

RUSH HOUR filmmaker BRETT RATNER knew he was destined to become a movie director when he skipped school to watch how AL PACINO worked on the set of SCARFACE. The 38-year-old was a teenager when...

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Fascinating Fact 3416

18th June 2007

Movie executives at NBC/Universal are reworking the soundtrack of cult classic gangster film SCARFACE to incorporate modern rap anthems for the film's upcoming 25th anniversary re-release in 2008....

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Knight: 'I Was Moving Home, Not Being Evicted'

29th March 2007

Rap mogul MARION 'SUGE' KNIGHT has rubbished reports he was evicted from his Los Angeles apartment last week (23MAR07), insisting he was just moving home. Reports emerged on Tuesday (27MAR07) alleging that several law enforcement...

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Knight Evicted From La Home

27th March 2007

Rap mogul MARION 'SUGE' KNIGHT has been evicted from his Los Angeles condominium. Reports allege several law enforcement agents arrived at Knight's luxury home on Wilshire Boulevard on Friday (23MAR07) to assist with the eviction...

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Gruffudd Dismisses 'Anti-hollywood' Brits

22nd March 2007

Welsh star IOAN GRUFFUDD has hit out at British actors who scoff at the idea of earning their living in Hollywood. The AMAZING GRACE star, who lives in Los Angeles, claims his UK counterparts are...

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Pfeiffer: 'Malkovich Was Nuts'

9th March 2007

SCARFACE star MICHELLE PFEIFFER likes her men to be a little crazy, but found former boyfriend JOHN MALKOVICH to be "nuts". The two began dating in 1988 after co-starring in DANGEROUS LIAISONS. And now Pfeiffer...

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Brando's Corleone Tops Screen Gangster Poll

23rd October 2006

MARLON BRANDO's portrayal as DON VITO CORLEONE in screen classic THE GODFATHER has been voted the UK's favourite screen gangster. Brando's performance in the 1972 movie beat out competition from AL PACINO playing TONY MONTANA...

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De Palma Defends Movie Violence

19th September 2006

Veteran director BRIAN DE PALMA has hit back at critics who claim his movies feature too much violence. THE BLACK DAHLIA film-maker insists audiences have wrongly come to expect extreme violence from his films ever...

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Ellroy Approves Dahlia Adaptation

5th September 2006

American novelist JAMES ELLROY is delighted with BRIAN DE PALMA's big screen adaptation of his best-selling novel THE BLACK DAHLIA. Ellroy, whose books LA CONFIDENTIAL and WONDER BOYS have also been turned into movies, is...

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Timbaland Bringing Pablo Escobar To The Big Screen

18th July 2006

Hip-hop mogul TIMBALAND is working on a biopic of late Colombian drug lord PABLO ESCOBAR, which he predicts will become a bigger cult hit than AL PACINO movie SCARFACE. The 35-year-old hitmaker is confident his...

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Fascinating Fact 1365

11th April 2006

British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS is joining SEAN COMBS, MOTORHEAD's LEMMY, CHEECH MARIN and FUN LOVIN' CRIMINALS star HUEY in lending a voice to characters in the new computer game version of SCARFACE.

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Fascinating Fact 1364

11th April 2006

British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS is joining SEAN COMBS, MOTORHEAD's LEMMY, CHEECH MARIN and FUN LOVIN' CRIMINALS star HUEY in lending a voice to characters in the new computer game version of SCARFACE.

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Spielberg Gave The Oc's Holland Her Big Break

29th March 2006

THE OC star WILLA HOLLAND decided to get into modelling and acting after family friend STEVEN SPIELBERG insisted she needed to be in front of a camera. The 14-year-old actress, who plays MISCHA BARTON's...

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Gervais Takes On Videogame Gangster Role

23rd November 2005

THE OFFICE star RICKY GERVAIS is stepping into the world of digital crime, after signing up to play a gangster in the new computer game SCARFACE: THE WORLD IS YOURS. The 44-year-old British comedian...

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The Things They Say 374

10th October 2005

"My son one time told me, 'Are you crazy? Why did you name me after a junkie drug dealer?' He was a good person. He was doing the wrong thing... for the right reasons." Columbian...

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The Darkness Chop Cocaine On New Album

1st October 2005

THE DARKNESS have caused a stir by opening their upcoming album ONE WAY TICKET TO HELL AND BACK with the sound of cocaine being cut into lines and snorted. The glam rockers insist the...

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Falk Strips On Camera For The First Time

21st September 2005

Veteran actor PETER FALK has given his fans a huge incentive to watch his new movie THE THINGS ABOUT MY FOLKS, by announcing he performs his first nude scene ever in the film. The...

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Vergara Named Son After Scarface Character

30th August 2005

Sexy actress SOFIA VERGARA is such a huge fan of cult gangster movie SCARFACE, she named her teen son after one of the characters. The 33-year-old Colombian beauty, who has been romantically linked to...

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Pacino Stars In Scarface Video Game

22nd April 2005

Hollywood veteran AL PACINO is returning to his legendary gangster role as TONY MONTANA - for a computer game. The 64-year-old screen icon will be reprising his villainous SCARFACE persona in the game based...

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Moby Shows Off His Nerdy Retreat

7th April 2005

MOBY has created his own nerdy getaway in upstate New York with his own observatory and Scrabble room. The dance music superstar splashed out on the six bedroom home and recently renovated it, so...

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Eastwood Steps Up For Dirty Harry Computer Game

24th February 2005

Legendary film-maker CLINT EASTWOOD has agreed to lend his image and voice to a new computer game based on classic 1971 movie DIRTY HARRY. Eastwood, who played vigilante cop HARRY CALLAHAN in Dirty Harry...

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Hollywood Directors Written Off As Talentless

30th January 2005

The debut movies made by Hollywood directors OLIVER STONE and BRIAN DE PALMA were rejected by unimpressed judges at the EDINBURGH FILM FESTIVAL in 1972 - accordingly to old documents discovered last week (ends28JAN05)....

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