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Barrymore Laughs At Her Golden Globes Breast Gaffe

23rd January 2006

DREW BARRYMORE poked fun at her Golden Globe wardrobe malfunction on US TV show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE on Saturday (21JAN06) when she appeared unannounced wearing huge fake breasts. The actress didn't wear a bra...

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Johansson Sings Up A Storm On Saturday Night Live

16th January 2006

SCARLETT JOHANSSON showed off her singing skills when she hosted US comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (14JAN06) by joining comedienne AMY POEHLER for a rendition of ISN'T IT WONDERFUL BEING A STAR. The actress...

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Lohan 'Appalled' By Vanity Fair Bulimia 'Confession'

11th January 2006

Teen singer/actress LINDSAY LOHAN is "appalled" by her interview published in Vanity Fair magazine last week (ends06JAN06), in which she "admitted" having suffered from bulimia. In an interview with reporter EVGENIA PERETZ, Lohan was...

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Lohan Confesses To Drugs And Bulimia

4th January 2006

Teen movie queen LINDSAY LOHAN has admitted using drugs and suffering from bulimia in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine. The actress blames her demise on her destructive relationship with her father MICHAEL LOHAN,...

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Baldwin Promotes His Own 'Gay' Movie

12th December 2005

Hollywood actor ALEC BALDWIN poked fun at HEATH LEDGER and JAKE GYLLENHAAL's new movie BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, by appearing in a skit promoting his own gay-themed movie. Ledger and Gyllenhaal have generated a lot of...

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The Things They Say 649

22nd November 2005

"It's kind of old news so you'd hope they'd come up with something more original than that." TERI HATCHER admits she wasn't overly impressed with pal EVA LONGORIA spoofing the infamous DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES VANITY FAIR...

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Longoria Pokes Fun At Vanity Fair Cover Shoot

21st November 2005

LATEST: EVA LONGORIA poked fun at the infamous DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES VANITY FAIR cover shoot spat on America's SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE on Saturday (19NOV05) by playing a scene-stealing TERI HATCHER. Longoria recalled the photo shoot,...

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Eva To Play Teri In Spoof Of Desperate Housewives Bust-up

19th November 2005

EVA LONGORIA will spoof the famous VANITY FAIR cover shoot fracas that left gossips claiming the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES stars were at war with each other when she hosts SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE tonight (19NOV05). But...

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Zeta-jones Wows Saturday Night Live Fans With Song + Dance Show

23rd October 2005

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES wowed American TV viewers last night (22OCT05) when she ripped off her shimmering black gown during her introduction on satirical show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. Wearing a sheer black body stocking underneath, the...

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Zeta-jones' Saturday Night Live Fear

20th October 2005

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is terrified about hosting the next edition of US TV comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, because she fears she won't be funny. The Oscar-winning actress, who has plenty of experience of live...

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Charles Rocket Commits Suicide

19th October 2005

DUMB AND DUMBER star CHARLES ROCKET committed suicide last week. He was 56. Connecticut police confirmed the actor/comedian was found dead close to his home on 7 October (05) after slashing his own throat....

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Simpson Redeems Saturday Night Live Fiasco

10th October 2005

ASHLEE SIMPSON finally redeemed her vocal reputation when she sang on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE without incident this weekend (08OCT05). The brave singer returned to the hit US comedy show a year after she was...

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Murray Attributes His Career To Belushi

7th October 2005

BILL MURRAY has paid tribute to the late comedian JOHN BELUSHI for trailblazing a path into Hollywood, paving the way for the LOST IN TRANSLATION star and his contemporaries. Recent movies RUSHMORE and LOST...

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Fascinating Fact 294

3rd October 2005

THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN star STEVE CARELL auditioned for a role on hit US comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 10 years ago, but lost out to funnyman WILL FERRELL....

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Simpson Gets Another Chance On Snl

3rd October 2005

ASHLEE SIMPSON will have the chance to redeem her vocal reputation with another performance on hit US comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE this weekend (08OCT05). The singer has faced almost a full year of...

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Armstrong To Take On Comedy

29th September 2005

Retired cyclist LANCE ARMSTRONG is planning to show off his comedic skills, after signing up to make an appearance on US TV show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. The seven-time Tour de France will make his...

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Martha Stewart Meets Martha Stewart

13th September 2005

Comedian DAVID SPADE gave MARTHA STEWART a surprise this morning (13SEP05), when he arrived on her new chat show dressed as the lifestyle guru. Donning a blonde wig, gold clogs and a poncho, Spade...

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Simpson To Address Lip-synch Scandal On New Album

5th August 2005

ASHLEE SIMPSON has decided to pen a song about the scandal surrounding her lip-syncing on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE last year (05). The PIECES OF ME singer, who is currently hard at work on the...

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Reality Show Helps Jackson Perfect Her Look For Her Dad

28th July 2005

Actress and comedienne VICTORIA JACKSON has a reality TV show to thank for helping her gain her father's acceptance at 46. The I LOVE YOU TO DEATH star signed up to appear on VH1...

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Crystal Mocks Cruise And Holmes At Tonys

6th June 2005

Funnyman BILLY CRYSTAL became the latest celebrity to mock TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES' high-profile romance at the TONY AWARDS in New York city last night (05JUN05). Crystal picked up Best Special Theatrical Event...

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Snl Star Mocks Cruise And Holmes Romance

30th May 2005

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE funnywoman TINA FEY mocked TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES' high-profile romance in front of a host of celebrities on Wednesday night (25MAY05). The MEAN GIRLS star and scriptwriter and fellow SNL...

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Swayze Tried To Save Farley

27th May 2005

DIRTY DANCING star PATRICK SWAYZE desperately tried to save tragic funnyman CHRIS FARLEY's life the night before the heavyweight star accidentally overdosed. Swayze and Farley became unlikely friends when they teamed up for a...

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Timberlake To Appear In Will + Grace?

26th May 2005

Pop hunk JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is reportedly set to go gay for his next role - with a guest spot on hit sitcom WILL + GRACE. Sources say the 'N SYNC frontman, who has displayed...

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Lohan Shown Rough Future

23rd May 2005

LINDSAY LOHAN has presented with the harsh facts of her future - and it includes marriage to veteran rocker TOMMY LEE. The 18-year-old actress hosted the season finale of US comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT...

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Lohan And Coldplay To Close Snl's Current Season

12th May 2005

LINDSAY LOHAN is teaming up with COLDPLAY to close out the current season of hit comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (SNL). The 30th season of the show will end on 21 May (05) with...

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Knoxville Predicts John's Wedding Designer

9th May 2005

ELTON JOHN and his boyfriend DAVID FURNISH's wedding outfits will be designed by DONATELLA VERSACE, according to former TV prankster JOHNNY KNOXVILLE. The ex-JACKASS star made an appearance on the 7 May (05) installment...

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Abdul Pokes Fun At American Idol Controversy

9th May 2005

LATEST: PAULA ABDUL proved she has a sense of humour by poking fun at the controversy surrounding her alleged involvement with an AMERICAN IDOL contestant on US TV show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (SNL). The...

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Abdul To Appear On Saturday Night Live?

6th May 2005

Former pop pin-up PAULA ABDUL reportedly plans to give Americans something to laugh about as she endures her current controversy - by making an appearance on comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. The STRAIGHT UP...

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Timberlake Lends Diaz Some Saturday Night Support

11th April 2005

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE gave his girlfriend CAMERON DIAZ some moral support on 9 April's (05) edition of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, when he reprised his role as ROBIN GIBB and joined her in a skit. Diaz...

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Fallon: 'Sport Eludes Me'

5th April 2005

JIMMY FALLON credits his stint on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE with giving him the credentials to play a baseball fan in new movie FEVER PITCH - because in reality he knows nothing about the sport....

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