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Disco Anthem 'Saturday Night Fever' One Of 25 Songs Added To Library Of Congress National Recording Register

By Hayley Avron | 21st March 2013

As part of a diligent plan to preserve and document American musical culture, Saturday Night Fever - the song that not only soundtracked one of the most popular films of the 1970s starring John Travolta...

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Empire Strikes Back And The Exorcist Make Congress Archives

28th December 2010

Iconic films including THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, THE EXORCIST and SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER are to be preserved as American national treasures with an induction into the Library of Congress' National Film Registry.Twenty five films have...

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Cowell Has Saturday Night Fever

9th June 2009

Media tycoon SIMON COWELL has a new project in the works - the AMERICAN IDOL boss reportedly plans to remake JOHN TRAVOLTA's classic dance movie SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER.Cowell is already said to have drawn up...

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Manero Drama Wins Turin Film Festival's Big Prize

30th November 2008

A quirky new South American movie about a serial killer obsessed with JOHN TRAVOLTA's SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER character has won the big prize at the Turin Film Festival in Italy. Director Pablo Larrain's Tony Manero...

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Gibb: 'I Can't Watch Saturday Night Fever'

25th October 2008

THE BEE GEES singer ROBIN GIBB has never seen hit dance movie SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER - even though the band recorded its infamous soundtrack. Gibb admits he has never managed to watch the entire film...

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Pitt Driven To Acting By Travolta

3rd October 2007

BRAD PITT was inspired to become an actor after watching JOHN TRAVOLTA in the 1977 movie SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. The Oceans Eleven star, 43, confesses sneaking in to a cinema as a youngster just to...

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New Saturday Night Fever Dvd Revisits The Film's Famous Sites

14th September 2007

The 30th anniversary DVD release of classic disco movie SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER includes a new documentary which revisits the New York neighbourhood that featured in the 1977 JOHN TRAVOLTA film. In the short film, which...

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Travolta Admits Hanks Envy

9th April 2007

Screen legend JOHN TRAVOLTA occasionally wrestles bouts of jealousy - over TOM HANKS' career. The SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER hunk confesses some of his biggest career mistakes were turning down roles Hanks subsequently made into hits....

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Gervais Convinces Travolta To Be An Extra

2nd April 2007

TV funnyman RICKY GERVAIS has won over JOHN TRAVOLTA and convinced him to appear in the Christmas special edition of his show EXTRAS. The Hollywood star had dismissed the idea of appearing as himself in...

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Travolta Stunned By Connery's Dance Invitation

2nd April 2007

Hollywood star JOHN TRAVOLTA was stunned when acting veteran SIR SEAN CONNERY personally asked to dance with him. The star, who showcased his fancy footwork in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER and GREASE, admits he was shocked...

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Travolta: 'Timberlake Stole My Dancing Feet'

5th March 2007

JOHN TRAVOLTA claims JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE copied his dance moves from 1970s movie hits GREASE and SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. The actor is adamant he was the inspiration for Timberlake's choreography - but plans to raise the...

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Travolta: 'Timberlake Stole My Dancing Feet'

5th March 2007

JOHN TRAVOLTA claims JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE copied his dance moves from 1970s movie hits GREASE and SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. The actor is adamant he was the inspiration for Timberlake's choreography - but plans to raise the...

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Bee Gees Score Tv Theme Tune

23rd February 2007

Surviving BEE GEES ROBIN and BARRY GIBB are hoping to reach a whole new audience by recording a catchy TV chat show theme tune. The disco icons have agreed their first ever small screen song...

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Pitt Inspired By Dancing Travolta

5th January 2007

JOHN TRAVOLTA has been hailed the inspiration behind BRAD PITT's acting career, after his super-cool role in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER bowled Pitt over. The 1977 disco classic saw Travolta play Brooklyn bad boy TONY MANERO...

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Gallagher Admits Bee Gees Debt

29th November 2006

OASIS star NOEL GALLAGHER has credited the BEE GEES with being as influential to him as his heroes THE BEATLES. The WONDERWALL guitarist admits he's a huge fan of the band, best known for its...

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Travolta: 'Life Too Short To Diet'

1st August 2006

JOHN TRAVOLTA is proud of his portly figure and has no plans to lose weight. The legendary star of GREASE and SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER once wowed moviegoers with his svelte figure and smooth dancing. He...

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The Graduate Tops Soundtracks Poll

12th January 2006

SIMON AND GARFUNKEL's THE GRADUATE soundtrack has topped a new movie music poll. The duo's 1967 classic album, which featured hits like MRS ROBINSON and THE SOUND OF SILENCE, beat PRINCE's PURPLE RAIN and...

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The Things They Say 418

19th October 2005

"There's nobody hotter or funnier or more brilliant than JOHN TRAVOLTA... He's my hero." MADONNA explains why she chose to pay tribute to SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER in the video for her new single HUNG UP....

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This Is Spinal Tap Tops Rock Movie List

14th October 2005

Cult rockumentary THIS IS SPINAL TAP has topped a new poll of classic rock 'n' roll movies. The 1984 film beat SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER and METALLICA's acclaimed documentary SOME KIND OF MONSTER to take...

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Travolta's Fever Dance Floor Up For Sale

22nd February 2005

The dance floor JOHN TRAVOLTA strutted across in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER is expected to fetch $80,000 (GBP42,000) when it goes up for auction. The multi-coloured floor, which featured in the 1977 movie classic, has...

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Travolta Credits Mother For Stylish Dress Sense

15th February 2005

JOHN TRAVOLTA has been wearing designer clothes since his childhood despite his family's financial struggles - due to his astute mother. The SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER actor credits his frugal mum HELEN for his stylish...

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Shaft Is Top Style Film

30th January 2005

Blaxploitation movie classic SHAFT has topped a new poll of the most important films that changed men's style. The 1971 film, starring RICHARD ROUNDTREE as a politically incorrect detective, beat JOHN TRAVOLTA's turn as...

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Usher To Unveil Four Films In 2005

4th December 2004

R+B hunk USHER is planning to be a major force in the movie world - he's appearing in four films next year (05). In addition to his work on an untitled MTV FILMS project...

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Alicia Keys To Perform On Gibb Tribute Album

28th September 2004

ALICIA KEYS and the BLACK EYED PEAS are among a list of stars who have signed up to perform on a tribute album in honour of late BEE GEES star MAURICE GIBB. The NIGHT...

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Blues Brothers Voted Best Soundtrack

6th August 2004

The music in hit movie THE BLUES BROTHERS has been voted the best film soundtrack of all time. Listeners of British radio station BBC 6 chose the Blues Brothers album - which featured ARETHA...

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow Tops Afi Movie Music List

24th June 2004

JUDY GARLAND's WIZARD OF OZ tune SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW has topped another movie music poll. The beloved song, which was voted the best tune of the last millennium in a 2000 poll, has...

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Travolta Writing Novel

26th November 2003

JOHN TRAVOLTA is one of the silver screen's biggest stars as well as a professional pilot - and now he's turning his hand to novel writing. The SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER actor, 49, is penning...

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Saturday Night Fever Still Dancing

27th July 2003

The BEE GEES have been rewarded for their efforts with the soundtrack to 1977 flick SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER - it has been voted the best movie album of all time. The disco soundtrack fought...

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Bee Gees Eye West End Return

27th June 2003

Surviving BEE GEES ROBIN and BARRY GIBB are planning to electrify London's West End with a new musical. The STAYING ALIVE hitmakers, who were devastated when brother MAURICE died earlier this year (JAN03), want...

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Travolta's Sex And Food Needs

10th June 2003

Hollywood star JOHN TRAVOLTA has discovered his survival in life hinges on two factors - sex and food. The SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER actor - married to actress KELLY PRESTON - admits if he was...

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