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Susan Boyle Expecting Backlash

16th September 2014

Susan Boyle is expecting a backlash from John Lennon and Pink Floyd fans.The former 'Britain's Got Talent' star has recorded versions of the Beatles' legend's 'Imagine' and the psychedelic rockers' 'Wish You Were Here' for...

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Sarah Mclachlan Credits Oily Skin For Youthful Glow

9th May 2014

Singer Sarah Mclachlan has revealed the oily skin which has annoyed her for years has become her secret to growing old gracefully.The 46 year old often gets compliments about her looks and questions about her...

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The Things They Say: 4183520

7th May 2014

"I'm terribly competitive when it comes to sports. I didn't know that about myself. I tore myself trying to be Steffie Graff (sic), trying to go after a (tennis) ball a few weeks ago. I'm...

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The Things They Say: 4182692

6th May 2014

"I used to do stand-up on my front porch. My audience was the neighbourhood kids. I also used to eat mud pies. I was infamous for eating mud pies... I was such a weird kid."...

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The Things They Say: 4182457

6th May 2014

"You wouldn't believe how many people use that song for their wedding. And I just smile quietly to myself. Like, "Oh, that's nice." Singer/songwriter Sarah Mclachlan confirms her song Possession is about a stalker, not...

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Sharon Osbourne Urges Fans To Support Sarah Mclachlan's Music School Fund

13th December 2012

Sharon Osbourne has given singer Sarah Mclachlan's Christmas charity drive a welcome boost by urging her 1.3 million fans to give generously to benefit her music school.The I Will Remember You hitmaker has been...

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Sarah Mclachlan And Randy Bachman Land Walk Of Fame Honours

20th June 2012

Singer/songwriter Sarah Mclachlan and guitarist Randy Bachman are set to be honoured in their native Canada for their contributions to music.The famous faces have been unveiled as inductees of this year's (12) Walk of Fame,...

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Sarah Mclachlan Pens Letter To Canadian Prime Minister

11th April 2012

Singer Sarah Mclachlan has penned a letter to Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper, urging him to ban commercial harp seal hunting.The I Will Remember You hitmaker and longtime American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty...

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Sarah Mclachlan To Honour Fallen Heroes Of 9/11

30th August 2011

Singer Sarah Mclachlan has signed up to honour the victims of 9/11 with a special concert to mark the opening of the Flight 93 National Memorial.The I Will Remember You hitmaker will perform at the...

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Mclachlan: 'I Make Light Of Divorce'

27th May 2011

Singer Sarah Mclachlan has learned to "make light" of her divorce from husband Ashwin Sood and move forward with her life after spending years blaming herself for the marriage breakdown.MCLachlan separated from the Canadian drummer...

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Sarah Mclachlan Says Marriage Was 'A Failure'

27th May 2011

Sarah Mclachlan, the Canadian musician and singer-songwriter, has described her divorce from Ashwin Sood as "a failure". Sarah Mclachlan, best known for emotional ballads and impressive vocal range, split from the British-born drummer in 2008...

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Mclachlan: 'Lilith Fair Is Dead'

10th March 2011

The all-woman Lilith Fair touring festival concept is over, according to co-founder Sarah Mclachlan.The Canadian singer revived the event in 2010 but it was not a success, and despite assurances that Lilith would return, Mclachlan...

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The Show Must Go On For Lilith Fair's Mclachlan

20th July 2010

LILITH FAIR co-founder SARAH MCLACHLAN is adamant the touring all-woman festival will have a successful future, despite a series of setbacks this summer (10).Organisers of the event were forced to scrap a handful of summer...

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The Things They Say 16587

20th May 2010

"I feel she's a little inappropriate for an eight year old, but I lost the battle on that one... I trust she just likes the beat." Singer/songwriter SARAH MCLACHLAN can't understand her daughter's obsession with...

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Fascinating Fact 9310

14th May 2010

Singer/songwriter SARAH MCLACHLAN is calling on fans to select which of her hits she will perform for the 2010 Lilith Fair, when the all-female summer shows kicks off on 27 June (10) in Canada. The...

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Mclachlan To Headline Lilith 2010

11th December 2009

Canadian singer/songwriter SARAH MCLACHLAN will headline the revamp of the women-friendly music festival she helped launch in the late 1990s.The I Will Remember You singer will lead the line-up at Lilith 2010, the reborn Lilith...

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Mclachlan To Revive Lilith Fair

1st May 2009

Singer SARAH MCLACHLAN is set to thrill music fans by hitting the road again with her travelling festival Lilith Fair. MCLachlan co-founded the event, which featured only female artists in its line-up, in the late 1990s...

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Mclachlan And Husband Splitting

11th September 2008

Singer SARAH MCLACHLAN is splitting from her husband of 11 years ASHWIN SOOD - who is also the drummer in her band. The Canadian star had no intention of announcing the split, but realised she...

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Caine: It's Tough For Jude

19th November 2007

Sir Michael Caine has admitted that while he admires Jude Law's talent he does not envy the tabloid pressure faced by his Sleuth co-star.Caine and Law star opposite each other in the new movie, with...

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Fascinating Fact 3082

5th April 2007

Singer/songwriter SARAH MCLACHLAN is expecting her second child later this year (07). The Canadian star gave birth to her first child, daughter INDIA ANN SUSHIL, in 2002....

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Prince, Bjork + Costello Celebrate Mitchell Comeback

3rd January 2007

PRINCE, BJORK and ELVIS COSTELLO will pay tribute to JONI MITCHELL on a new album as the iconic Canadian folk singer plans a comeback in 2007. The trio will be joined by JAMES TAYLOR, SARAH...

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The Departed Tops Las Vegas Film Society Awards

20th December 2006

MARTIN SCORSESE's star-studded gangster movie THE DEPARTED has landed three honours from the Las Vegas Film Society, including Best Picture. The Departed also picked up a Best Director accolade for Scorsese and a Best Film...

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Incubus Debut At The Top As Jay-z Slips Up

7th December 2006

Rockers INCUBUS have hit the top of the US charts for the first time, ending comeback king JAY-Z's one-week reign. The group's LIGHT GRENADES moved 165,000 copies in its opening week to debut at the...

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One Hundred Thousand Fans Turn Out For Christmas Tree Spectacular

30th November 2006

An estimated 100,000 people crowded the streets of Manhattan, New York last night (29NOV06) to witness the star-studded Christmas tree lighting festivities at the Rockefeller Center. The two-hour extravaganza, which was televised across America, was...

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Mcbride, Enya And Aguilera To Make Christmas Sparkle

7th November 2006

MARTINA MCBRIDE, ENYA, CHRISTINA AGUILERA and SARAH MCLACHLAN will join BETTE MIDLER and LIONEL RICHIE to launch Christmas time in New York this year (06). The stars will perform at the annual Christmas tree lighting...

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Paisley Re-records 20-Year-old Tune For Festive Album

28th September 2006

Country star BRAD PAISLEY is going back to his childhood to release a Christmas tune he wrote when he was just 13. The ALCOHOL singer penned BORN ON CHRISTMAS and performed it on JAMBOREE USA...

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The Things They Say 2878

12th September 2006

"It's odd being a 37-year-old heterosexual male who owns nothing but SARAH MCLACHLAN and TORI AMOS." MATTHEW PERRY on his penchant for highly emotional music by female singers.

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Aimee Mann Joins In The Christmas Fun

12th August 2006

Singer/songwriter AIMEE MANN has joined the summer Christmas (06) festivities after recording an album of holiday tunes for a new album. Mann joins BOOTSY COLLINS, country star WYNONNA and SARAH MCLACHLAN among the stars currently...

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Mclachlan Joins The Early Christmas Album Rush

9th August 2006

Canadian singer SARAH MCLACHLAN has joined the list of celebrity Christmas fans planning a 2006 festive release. After recording a version of JOHN LENNON's HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER) as a holiday release, MCLachlan chose...

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Stars Scoop-up Superman Dog Tags

24th June 2006

KATE BOSWORTH, WILMER VALDERRAMA and JOSH HOLLOWAY are all sporting the latest must-have accessory - Superman Dog Tags to support the CHRISTOPHER REEVE Foundation. The $10 (GBP6) tag features the Superman logo on the front...

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