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Nadine Coyle 'Shunned' By Girls Aloud

11th August 2010

Nadine Coyle is being shunned by Girls Aloud.The British chart-toppers - who are rumoured to be reforming after a year-long hiatus without the Irish singer - are said to be leaving their Los Angeles-based bandmate...

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Girl Alone Nadine Coyle

5th August 2010

Nadine Coyle has split from her boyfriend.The Girls Aloud beauty has decided to end her relationship with NFL player Jason Bell - who she has been dating since the summer of 2008 - because it...

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Cheryl Cole To Meet Derek's Family

5th August 2010

Cheryl Cole is to meet Derek Hough's parents for the first time.The 'Fight for This Love' singer and the 'Dancing with the Stars' dancer are growing increasingly close and while Cheryl is in the US...

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Sarah Harding Vows To Keep Clubbing

3rd August 2010

Sarah Harding will never give up partying.The Girls Aloud beauty is currently holidaying in Ibiza - which is famous for its clubs - with her DJ boyfriend Tom Crane and can't imagine a time when...

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Girls Aloud To Reform Without Nadine?

29th July 2010

Girls Aloud are reportedly set to reunite without Nadine Coyle.The other members of the chart-topping girl band - Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh and Cheryl Cole - haven't been in contact with Nadine in...

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Sarah Harding's Secret Sweets Sarah Harding's Secret Sweets

18th July 2010

Sarah Harding has a "naughty cupboard" for her treats and snacks.The Girls Aloud beauty - who is has been in a relationship with DJ Tom Crane for nearly three years - tries to be careful...

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Amy Winehouse Receives Royal Snub

6th July 2010

Amy Winehouse was stopped from meeting Prince Harry at a music festival - being told by security to stay away.The 'Rehab' singer had tried to slip onto the side of the stage at London's Wireless...

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Food Fan Sarah Harding

3rd July 2010

Sarah Harding refuses to deny herself her favourite foods.The 28-year-old Girls Aloud beauty is always happy to give into her cravings because she watches what she eats most of the time.She said: "I tend to...

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Sarah Harding's Sea Slimming Secret

2nd July 2010

Sarah Harding has revealed her secret to staying in shape is seaweed.The Girls Aloud singer always has a stash of kelp tablets at home to take before meals because they help you digest delicious foods.She...

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Sarah Harding's Business Brain

26th June 2010

Sarah Harding thinks she is a good businesswoman.The Girls Aloud star - who has her own night club - knows her time in the band won't last forever so she is doing her best to...

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Sarah Harding's Clingy Confession

23rd June 2010

Sarah Harding can be a "clingy" girlfriend.The Girls Aloud star - who is currently dating DJ Tom Crane - admits she can be slightly overbearing at the start of a relationship, but insists she soon...

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Sarah Harding's Tummy Trouble

22nd June 2010

Sarah Harding hates her "muffin top".The Girls Aloud singer - who is a slender UK size 10 - insists she has insecurities about her body but dresses carefully in order to hide her flaws.She said:...

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Harding Grows Her Own Vegetables

21st June 2010

GIRLS ALOUD star SARAH HARDING has swapped the London party scene for her garden - she's started growing her own vegetables at her country home.The British singer is renowned for her wild social life and...

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Veet Girl Sarah Harding

16th June 2010

Sarah Harding has become the new face of Veet.The Girls Aloud beauty will front a campaign for the hair removal firm to promote their new range Suprem' Essence Hair Removal, which is enriched with essential...

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A Bold Maxi Trend

26th May 2010

As a new season approaches, the maxi dress is still riding high in the style stakes although this time block colours are in and tribal prints are out.The shape of the dress is still as...

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Nadine Coyle Needs Girls

18th May 2010

Nadine Coyle "needs" Girls Aloud.Louis Walsh - who managed the quintet after they won UK reality TV show 'Popstars: The Rivals' in 2002 - doesn't believe the Irish singer will quit the group, despite recent...

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Nadine Coyle Frustrates Bandmates

17th May 2010

Nadine Coyle is frustrating her Girls Aloud bandmates with her solo album plans. The 24-year-old singer - who is currently working on her debut LP in Los Angeles - has still not set a release...

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Kimberley Walsh Lends Cheryl Support

11th May 2010

Kimberley Walsh is supporting Cheryl Cole through her marriage split.The Girls Aloud singer admits she is particularly close to her bandmate - who separated from soccer star husband Ashley Cole earlier this year amid allegations...

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Sarah Harding Waiting For Proposal

7th May 2010

Sarah Harding's boyfriend plans to propose to her in September.Tom Crane - who has been dating the Girls Aloud beauty for three years - is waiting until his brother ties the knot and then wants...

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Nicola Roberts Ready For Girls Aloud Reunion

26th April 2010

Nicola Roberts can't wait to be reunited with her Girls Aloud bandmates.The 'Loving Kind' girl group - which also consists of Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding and Kimberley Walsh - are currently on a...

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High Earner Cheryl Cole

23rd April 2010

Cheryl Cole's wealth has grown by 150 per cent in the last year. The 'Fight for This Love' singer - who is the face of L'Oreal Elvive hair-care range and Coca Cola Zero - came...

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Diana Vickers' Wants To Replace Nadine

20th April 2010

Diana Vickers wants to join Girls Aloud.The 'Once' singer - who was mentored by member Cheryl Cole in 2008 series of UK TV show 'The X Factor' - is a huge fan of the girl...

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Nicola Roberts Shy With Girls

18th April 2010

Nicola Roberts found it hard to introduce her boyfriend to her bandmates. The Girls Aloud singer - who has been dating 23-year-old entrepreneur Charlie Fennell for 18 months - left it for some time before...

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Girls Aloud Need A 'Miracle'?

14th April 2010

Girls Aloud's main songwriter believes "it will be a small miracle" if the band continues. Brian Higgins - the producer at the centre of pop producers Xenomania, who have worked with the girl group since...

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Girls Aloud In Silence

12th April 2010

Nadine Coyle hasn't spoken to her Girls Aloud bandmates for over six months.The girl group - which also consists of Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh - are currently on a planned...

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Harding Reveals Bizarre Charcoal Diet

9th April 2010

GIRLS ALOUD singer SARAH HARDING sprinkles charcoal on her food in an effort to stay slim.The sexy British star discovered the strange diet aid online, and now adds a small amount of the unappetising substance...

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Harding: 'I'd Be Dead If I Had Cole's Schedule'

7th April 2010

SARAH HARDING is in awe of her GIRLS ALOUD bandmate CHERYL COLE's stamina - insisting she'd be as "dead as a dodo" if she had the same hectic schedule.The hit U.K. girlband announced a 12-month...

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Sarah Harding Amazed By Cheryl

7th April 2010

Sarah Harding couldn't cope with Cheryl Cole's career.The 28-year-old singer is impressed with the way her Girls Aloud bandmate is juggling a career as a solo artist and judge on UK TV talent show 'The...

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Harding Dismisses Solo Speculation

30th March 2010

GIRLS ALOUD singer SARAH HARDING has laughed off reports she is to branch out as a solo artist, insisting she's focusing on her movie career.The U.K.'s biggest girl group has taken a 12-month hiatus to...

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Nadine Coyle Learning To Dance

28th March 2010

Nadine Coyle has been having dance lessons.The Girls Aloud singer is preparing to launch her solo career and admits there are some aspects of being a pop star she has had to work harder at...

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