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Keanu Reeves, After Discovering Stranger In His Library, Remains Almost Superhumanly Calm

By Elinor Cosgrave | 21st September 2014

We've seen Keanu Reeves defy gravity and jump between realities as Neo in The Matrix, but we weren't prepared for how incredibly calm he reportedly remained when faced with a complete stranger in his own...

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Talented Actors With Surprisingly Good Rap Skills

By Dan Greaves | 20th August 2014

Earlier this month, Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt surprised fans around the world with a memorable radio appearance in which he showcased his impressive rapping skills. Contact Music looks at some other talented...

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How Sandra Bullock Became The Highest Paid Actress In Hollywood

By George Percival | 12th August 2014

The results of Forbes annual celebrity rich list are in and it is with a certain amount of surprise thatSandra Bullockwas the highest paid film star of the past year. Bullock raked in over $51...

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Sandra Bullock No.1 On Forbes' List Of Highest Paid Actresses With $51 Million

By Nick Hill | 6th August 2014

Sandra Bullock's past year has been a success to say the least, and after starring in two blockbuster hits, the Academy Award-winning actress has topped Forbes' list of highest-paid Hollywood actresses from June 2013 to...

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New Court Documents Detail Sandra Bullock's Terrifying Encounter With Stalker

By Elinor Cosgrave | 17th July 2014

A series of search warrants obtained by a US entertainment website detail the terrifying encounter actress Sandra Bullock endured when a stalker broke into her house at the beginning of June.Sandra Bullock discovered her stalker...

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Sandra Bullock's Alleged Stalker Had A Whole Scrapbook Dedicated To Her - Details Of The Encounter

By Victoria Pavlova | 16th July 2014

When Sandra Bullock’s home was invaded last month, the star had a narrow brush, but stayed safe by locking herself in the bedroom. It turns out that she came closer to danger than we thought...

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Sandra Bullock Reportedly Met Her Intruder Face-to-face Inside Her Home

By Nick Hill | 15th July 2014

Sandra Bullock must have been terrified!The Hollywood actress reportedly met face-to-face with the intruder, Joshua Corbett, who broke into her Los Angeles home last month.TMZ obtained the search warrant police acquired to raid Corbett's home...

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Sandra Bullock Intruder Had Stockpile Of Weapons - But Does He Need Help?

By Michael West | 19th June 2014

Joshua Corbett, the man accused of breaking into Sandra Bullock’s Los Angeles home has pleaded not guilty to charges he possessed a stockpile of weapons and his lawyer insisted that he suffers from serious mental...

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Sandra Bullock's Alleged Stalker Found In Possession Of Several Machine Guns After Home Invasion

By Victoria Pavlova | 19th June 2014

The case of Sandra Bullock’s alleged stalker is getting increasingly complicated and very, very scary. The man, who stands accused of breaking into Bullock’s home earlier this month has been found to possess “an arsenal...

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Sandra Bullock's Intruder Faces New Gun Charges For Owning 'Arsenal Of Weapons'

By Nick Hill | 19th June 2014

The man who pleaded not guilty to breaking into the home of Sandra Bullock was hit with new charges on Wednesday (June 19th).The intruder, Joshua James Corbett, who is suspected of breaking into the 49...

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Celebrity Break-ins And Crazed Fans: When Fans Break Into Celebrity Homes

By George Percival | 13th June 2014

Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock has just recently discovered how far some fans will go to come into contact with their idols as a man broke into her Beverly Hills home in the early hours...

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Sandra Bullock's Crazed Fan Charged With Residential Burglary, Stalking

By Victoria Pavlova | 12th June 2014

It’s scary being a celebrity these days. Even someone as well liked as Sandra Bullock isn’t safe, as the recent home invasion she suffered shows. When an alleged stalker invaded Bullock’s home on Sunday, the...

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Sandra Bullock Jokes About Rumoured Romance With Chris Evans

By Nick Hill | 11th June 2014

Sandra Bullock has been garnering a lot of media attention lately due to rumours suggesting that she is dating 'Captain America' star Chris Evans.The 49 year-old actress has kept a good sense of humour about...

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Sandra Bullock's Intruder Charged With Felony For Burglary Attempt

By Nick Hill | 11th June 2014

The 39 year-old man, who was arrested for breaking into the Los Angeles home of Sandra Bullock, has been charged.The intruder, Joshua James Corbett, who broke into the 49 year-old actress' house in the early...

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Sandra Bullock's Intruder Rummaged Through Her Belongings Before Arrest

By Michael West | 10th June 2014

Joshua Corbett, the 49-year-old intruder who had an "obsession" with Sandra Bullock and broke into her house early on Sunday morning, was rummaging through her belongings at the time of his arrest. Corbett entered through...

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Sandra Bullock Acquires Emergency Protective Order After Suspect Is Identified

By Nick Hill | 10th June 2014

Sandra Bullock was inside her Los Angeles home when a man attempted to break-in, during the early hours of Sunday morning (June 8th).The Los Angeles Police Department arrested the trespasser, who was described as a...

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Sandra Bullock In Unnerving Prowler Scare Drama

By Lauren James | 9th June 2014

Sandra Bullock is sure to be upping her home security after a "hot prowler" was arrested lurking near her LA property. The intruder, who has been named as 39 year-old Joshua Corbett, made an attempt...

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Man Arrested For Breaking Into Sandra Bullock's Home While Actress Was Inside

By Nick Hill | 9th June 2014

A man was caught allegedly trying to break into the home of Sandra Bullock, TMZ reports.The incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning (June 8th) when the 49 year-old actress was inside the...

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'Gravity' Wins Trailer Of The Year At The Golden Trailer Awards

By Elinor Cosgrave | 1st June 2014

Gravity has won a Golden Trailer award for the Trailer of the Year. The sci-fi film was voted the best trailer out a wide variety of films nominated for the various Golden Trailer awards. Gravity's...

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Mptf's Night Before The Oscars Pulling Out Of Partnership With Beverly Hills Hotel

By Victoria Pavlova | 7th May 2014

In recent years, besides the glamour, celebrities and red carpet fashion at the Oscars, the show’s ethics have also been put into the spotlight. This year, The Night Before The Oscars, the biggest charity event...

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Tess Gerritsen Suing Warner Bros. Over Oscar-winning 'Gravity'

By Jack de Aguilar | 1st May 2014

Tess Gerritsen, author of the book, ‘Gravity’, is suing Warner Bros., studio behind the film, ‘Gravity’, asserting that that the movie was based on her book. She is seeking a screen credit and a percentage...

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That's No Satellite Debris! New 'Gravity' Scene "Redefines" Entire Movie [Video]

By Lauren James | 5th April 2014

A new video has been posted online that makes us think twice about space disaster thriller Gravity. Claiming that the clip "redefines entire movie," the fan-edited footage takes a closer look at how Sandra Bullock's...

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Jennifer Lopez Drops F-bomb Whilst Judging 'American Idol' - Live!

By Elinor Cosgrave | 28th March 2014

Jennifer Lopez was evidently mortified on Wednesday evening after dropping the F-bomb on live TV. Lopez was judging American Idol and got carried away when commenting on one of the contestant's performances.Jennifer Lopez accidently swore...

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Cate Blanchett's Oscar Tattoo, And Other Surprising Celebrity Ink

By Stephanie Chase | 6th March 2014

Cate Blanchett really wanted to commemorate her Oscar win on Sunday, and what better more permanent way is there then getting yourself a tattoo? The actress was seen leaving a tattoo parlour with a bandage...

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Oscars Governor's Ball Plays Host To Sea Of Academy Award Winners

By Lauren James | 3rd March 2014

The Governor's Ball once again played host to the biggest names in filmmaking this year as Oscar winners, nominees and guests filled the glamorous after party with celebration. After an immense and monumental year in...

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Ahead Of The Oscars, Alfonso Cuaron Claims 'Gravity' Is "Not Sci-fi"

By Michael West | 28th February 2014

With a clear nod to the fact that no sci-fi movie has ever won Best Picture at the Oscars, the director of 'Gravity', Alfonso Cuaron, has claimed his stunning 3-D epic starring Sandra Bullock and...

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Corden And Grimshaw? Our Favourite Awards Show Kisses

By Sophie Miskiw | 20th February 2014

Good friends Nick Grimshaw and James Corden shared an intimate (and kind of tonguey) kiss at last night’s BRIT awards, much to the delight of the crowd. The kiss marked the final time that Corden...

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From 'Gravity' To Barkhad Abdi - Where The Baftas 2014 Got It Wrong

By Jack de Aguilar | 17th February 2014

The Baftas delivered on certain promises, collating some of the world’s biggest stars and funneling them down a red carpet, giving a select few the chance to present an award, and, creating talking points as...

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Christina Aguilera Engaged - See Her Ring! [Picture]

By Elinor Cosgrave | 16th February 2014

Christina Aguilera accepted her boyfriend Matt Rutler's proposal on Friday (14th February). The 33-year-old 'Beautiful' singer met Rutler on the set of Burlesque, in which she was starring and he was working as a production...

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Sandra Bullock Says Goodbye To Jay Leno In Tearful Homage [Video]

By Lauren James | 6th February 2014

Sandra Bullock has expressed her sincere gratitude towards Jay Leno for his long-standing support over the years, even when she may not have necessarily deserved it. The outgoing host of The Tonight Show welcomed the...

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