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Stars Tweet Tributes To Late Director Paul Mazursky

2nd July 2014

A host of stars including Lena Dunham, Mel Brooks and Sandra Bernhard have spoken out to pay their respects to director Paul Mazursky following his death on Monday (30Jun14).The five-times Oscar nominated director passed away...

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The Things They Tweet: 3643310

7th May 2013

"I am so punk I forgot to get ready for the Met Ball. I'll be in a dirty bathroom shoving a safety pin through my eyebrow instead." Comedienne Sandra Bernhard pokes fun at the glamorous...

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Sandra Bernhard Turned Down Role On Sex And The City

24th January 2012

Comedienne and actress Sandra Bernhard turned down the chance to play Miranda Hobbes on hit U.S. TV series Sex And The City because she felt the original script was "terrible".Producers asked The King of Comedy...

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The Things They Tweet 2063

3rd November 2011

"Happy Birthday Roseanne, leading the way to justice and equality for everyone. Love you honey. Enjoy the day!" Actress Sandra Bernhard sends her best wishes to pal Roseanne, who turns 59 on Thursday (03Nov11).

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Bernhard Misses Former Best Pal Madonna

10th November 2010

Comedienne SANDRA BERNHARD regrets the breakdown of her friendship with MADONNA - because the stars were once "super, super, super" best pals.The Material Girl and the former Roseanne actress grew close in the 1980s after...

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Bernhard Joins Scissor Sisters Onstage

18th March 2010

Pop/rock band the SCISSOR SISTERS surprised fans in New York on Wednesday night (17Mar10) when they introduced comedian SANDRA BERNHARD to the stage for a special collaboration.The I Don't Feel Like Dancin' hitmakers played their...

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Bernhard Lashes Out At Reality Tv Stars

24th September 2009

Celebrity comedienne and singer SANDRA BERNHARD has lashed out at reality TV stars, insisting the antics of the fame-hungry are stealing airtime from more talented performers.Bernhard "struck out" on her own as a teen to...

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Bernhard Weeps Before Tours

28th May 2009

SANDRA BERNHARD gets so emotional at the thought of touring, she often breaks down in tears when she is about to hit the road.The comedienne hates leaving her family behind when she heads off to...

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The Things They Say 9867

13th October 2008

"I saw her at the gym, and I thought it was DYAN CANNON - all straggly and s**t." Comedienne SANDRA BERNHARD compares her gym-obsessed former friend MADONNA to 71-year-old movie star Cannon....

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Bernhard 'Terribly Upset' Over Palin Gang-rape Controversy

3rd October 2008

LATEST: SANDRA BERNHARD is "terribly upset" to be dropped from a woman's shelter fundraiser following her controversial comments about U.S. vice-presidential candidate SARAH PALIN. The comedienne allegedly shocked fans at a show in Washington D.C....

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Bernhard Axed From Fundraiser After Palin 'Gang Rape' Joke

2nd October 2008

Controversial comedienne SANDRA BERNHARD has been dropped as a headliner for a women's shelter fundraiser after making a series of shocking comments about U.S. vice-presidential candidate SARAH PALIN. The star, most famous for her former...

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Bernhard Turns On Madonna

1st July 2008

MADONNA's friendship with SANDRA BERNHARD took an unfunny turn after the comedienne launched into a bitter rant against the superstar during a recent stand-up routine. The funnywoman and the pop star were tight friends throughout...

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Bernhard: 'Lesbian Fling With Madonna Was A Wind-up'

26th September 2007

Actress-comedienne SANDRA BERNHARD has finally come clean about her alleged love affair with MADONNA - it was all made up. The pair became friends in the late 1980s and their increasing closeness sparked rumours...

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Bernhard Sticks By Hillary Clinton

27th August 2007

Actress-comedienne SANDRA BERNHARD has leaped to the defence of Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, after she was criticised by women for sticking by her man following his infidelity. Hillary Clinton famously stuck by her husband (and...

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Bernhard: 'Hilton And Abdul Have No Dignity'

23rd August 2007

Actress SANDRA BERNHARD has accused PARIS HILTON and PAULA ABDUL of having no dignity in their bids to be famous. The Roseanne star is stunned at the length some celebrities go to in the hope...

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Bernhard Slams 'Greasy Stinky Cowell'

23rd March 2007

SANDRA BERNHARD has hit out at AMERICAN IDOL judge SIMON COWELL, describing him as a "greasy, stinky Englishman". The comedienne hates the way the show demeans wannabe pop stars, dubbing it "banal and horrible" -...

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Bernhard: 'Britney's Parents Are To Blame'

23rd March 2007

BRITNEY SPEARS' parents are to blame for her breakdown, because they pushed her into the limelight and failed to step in when she found herself in trouble, according to comedienne SANDRA BERNHARD. The controversial funnywoman...

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Cumming Fights For Gay Rights

13th April 2004

British actor ALAN CUMMING has slammed American President GEORGE W BUSH over plans to halt homosexual marriages in the US. The openly gay X-MEN star will join other gay rights campaigners in Hollywood -...

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Kill Bill Helps Thurman Beat Bernhard To Cab

5th November 2003

UMA THURMAN's role as an assassin in new movie KILL BILL has left showbiz pals terrified of her. Comedienne SANDRA BERNHARD recently ran into the actress, and was careful not to upset her after...

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Sandra Bernhard's Special Delivery

15th October 2003

Comedienne SANDRA BERNHARD is set to increase labour pains with a guest-star as an eccentric midwife on the KELSEY GRAMMER-produced sitcom GIRLFRIENDS. Outspoken Bernhard will take on the role for an upcoming episode, where...

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Is Kabbalah Ruining Ritchie?

12th August 2003

GUY RITCHIE and wife MADONNA's obsession with mystical Jewish faith Kabbalah is ruining the British director's Hollywood career, according to film sources. Tinseltown insiders claim the SNATCH movie-maker has already blown a deal with...

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Madonna's Kabbalah Bash

28th April 2003

Pop icon MADONNA was the star attraction at a New York party on Thursday night (24APR03) - for a religious book launch. The MUSIC singer and her husband GUY RITCHIE attended the launch party...

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