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Jackson Tortured Snakes As Child

16th August 2006

SAMUEL L JACKSON had no problem working on new movie SNAKES ON A PLANE, because he regularly tortured snakes when he was a child. The PULP FICTION star grew up in rural Chattanooga, Tennessee,...

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Jackson's Online Wrangles

14th August 2006

Actor SAMUEL L JACKSON never allows fans to get away with insulting him on the internet, and reveals he spends hours fighting his corner in movie chat rooms. The screen star often goes incognito in...

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Penguin Spoof Too Dirty For Cinemas

3rd August 2006

Controversial director BOB SAGET was so fearful of being arrested over his risque spoof FARCE OF THE PENGUINS, he was forced back into the editting room. The cheeky satire of award-winning docu-film MARCH OF THE...

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Jackson: 'I Should Have Been In Miami Vice'

31st July 2006

SAMUEL L JACKSON has bittersweet memories of the original TV series of MIAMI VICE - because he was never given a part in the show. The PULP FICTION star even had pals involved in the...

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Jackson Calls On Hollywood Bosses To Hit The Internet

26th July 2006

SAMUEL L JACKSON is thrilled with the Internet interest in his new movie SNAKES ON A PLANE and feels many films would benefit from an online fan campaign before a single scene is shot. The...

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Jackson Orders Snakes Restraining Order

26th July 2006

SAMUEL L JACKSON had a clause in his contract for high-flying thriller SNAKES ON A PLANE which insisted all reptiles on the set were kept at least 20 feet (6 meters) from him at all...

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Star Wars Castmates To Reunite

24th July 2006

STAR WARS castmates SAMUEL L JACKSON and HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN are set to reunite on the big screen for a time travelling drama. The actors were slated to star in a project called POKER NIGHT but,...

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Jackson Thrilled With Mile-high-club Sex Scene

24th July 2006

SAMUEL L JACKSON and the cast and crew of highly-anticipated summer action film SNAKES ON A PLANE were called back for reshoots, so movie executives could add more swear words and a sex scene. The...

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Snakes Sheds Preview Screenings

20th July 2006

SAMUEL L JACKSON's new film SNAKES ON A PLANE will open without being screened for movie critics. Snakes On A Plane will have its first late night showing on 17 August (06) and has already...

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Snakes On A Plane Punk Supergroup Exposed

17th July 2006

The mystery behind new punk band COBRA STARSHIP has been revealed - the act is an indie supergroup made up of members from the SOUNDS, the ACADEMY IS and MIDTOWN. The group had many film...

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Jackson Voices God

16th July 2006

Movie superstar SAMUEL L JACKSON will voice God in a new audio version of the Bible. The taped recording of the New Testament will feature many famous other black actors and musicians. Jackson was given...

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Fascinating Fact 1750

10th July 2006

PULP FICTION star SAMUEL L JACKSON is such a fan of the theme song for his new action movie SNAKES ON A PLANE, he has agreed to appear in the video. The track is recorded...

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Bidding For Jackson's Jacket Hits $1,000

5th July 2006

LATEST: Fans of SAMUEL L JACKSON can pick up a rare item from the movie star's wardrobe - bidding on his signed SHAFT jacket has reached $1,000 (GBP555) with a day of online sales remaining....

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Witherspoon And Banks Design Charity Wedding Dresses

4th July 2006

REESE WITHERSPOON and TYRA BANKS are designing wedding gowns for an upcoming online charity auction. The ladies are busy creating fairytale dresses which will be sold off to benefit the American Cancer Society during an...

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Jackson Revoked Movie Name Change

3rd July 2006

SAMUEL L JACKSON almost pulled out of new movie SNAKES ON A PLANE when he discovered film-makers were planning to ditch its memorable title. Jackson, who signed up to the project on the strength of...

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Captain Ahab Wins Snakes On A Plane Soundtrack Contest

22nd June 2006

Los Angeles-based band CAPTAIN AHAB is celebrating after being crowned the winner of the SNAKES ON A PLANE movie soundtrack contest. The band, alongside runner-up LOUDEN SWAIN beat nearly 500 entries competing to win...

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Jackson To Play Fake Boxing Champ

15th June 2006

PULP FICTION star SAMUEL L JACKSON is set to star in the real life story of a homeless man who convinced a Los Angeles reporter he was a boxing champion. The unnamed vagabond duped sportswriter...

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Princes Join Cooper On The Golf Course

2nd June 2006

British royals PRINCE WILLIAM and PRINCE HARRY have been approached to play golf alongside rock hellraiser ALICE COOPER in this year's (06) Pro-Am celebrity tournament. Last year (05), golf fanatics CATHERINE ZETA-JONES, MICHAEL DOUGLAS, ROBBIE...

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Ziyi's Bold Behaviour Wows Cannes Jury

29th May 2006

Young Chinese actress ZHANG ZIYI stunned her elders on the jury of this year's (06) Cannes Film Festival with her "bold" opinions, according to jury head WONG KAR-WAI. The Hong Kong film-maker headed the jury...

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Loach And Cruz Win At Cannes

28th May 2006

British director KEN LOACH and Spanish star PENELOPE CRUZ were among the big winners at the climax of the Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera earlier today (28MAY06). The film-maker's drama THE WIND THAT...

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Berry's New Craze

27th May 2006

Hollywood actress HALLE BERRY has a new hobby - golf. The Ohio-born star said requests from fellow actors SAMUEL L JACKSON and MICHAEL DOUGLAS for her to join them in competitions convinced her to start...

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Ailing Elton Misses Cannes Aids Ball

26th May 2006

SIR ELTON JOHN had to miss out on an Aids charity ball in Cannes, France, last night (25MAY06) after suffering a sore throat. The gay ROCKET MAN star, a staunch Aids campaigner, sent his partner...

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Jackson's Battle At Cannes

20th May 2006

SAMUEL L JACKSON is struggling with the champagne-charged atmosphere at the Cannes Film Festival in France this month (MAY06), as he is relentlessly tempted to slip back into alcoholism. The PULP FICTION star is having...

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Director Dismisses Da Vinci Code Damnation

18th May 2006

THE DA VINCI CODE director RON HOWARD used his film's star-studded world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival last night (17MAY06) to launch a scathing attack on the poor reviews the film has attracted from...

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Jackson Sick Of Mistaken Identity

2nd May 2006

SAMUEL L JACKSON is fed up with being mistaken for fellow actor LAURENCE FISHBURNE. The PULP FICTION star feels embarrassed to correct talk show hosts who introduce him correctly but start asking about Fishburne's movies...

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Costner Named In Masseuse 'Sex Pest' Case

26th April 2006

Hollywood star KEVIN COSTNER has been officially named at the actor accused of performing a lewd sex act in front of a masseuse while honeymooning in Scotland in 2004. The 34-year-old woman, who worked at...

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Snakes On A Plane Gets More Gore

19th April 2006

SAMUEL L JACKSON was thrilled when the film-makers responsible for SNAKES ON A PLANE shot more gory and graphic footage, because the added scenes allowed him to utter his favourite line in the film. Additional...

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Simpsons Mastermind Snubbed By Gervais

17th April 2006

THE SIMPSONS creator MATT GROENING has confessed he's hurt British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS hasn't picked him for a part on hit comedy show EXTRAS. Despite hailing his cameo on the cult cartoon series the pinnacle...

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Jackson's Acid Rebellion

10th April 2006

SAMUEL L JACKSON was so frustrated while studying at Georgia's exclusive Morehouse college, he experimented with acid in a bid to beat his boredom. The PULP FICTION star fought against the highbrow all-black establishment. He...

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Jackson Teams Up With Cusack For King Film

5th April 2006

Actor SAMUEL L JACKSON is teaming up with JOHN CUSACK for the STEPHEN KING thriller 1408. Cusack will star as a debunker of paranormal occurrences who finds real terror when he checks into the notorious...

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