Actor Samuel L. Jackson once "nearly killed" a golf fan when he accidentally sent a ball sailing into the crowd on a top course in Scotland.

The Pulp Fiction star, who is an avid golfer, was playing in a celebrity tournament at the famous St Andrews course when the embarrassing incident occurred in front of a camera crew.

Jackson says, "I nearly killed a couple of spectators on live Tv. I was playing the Old Course and managed to mess up a simple chip on the 18th hole and hit a lady in the crowd.

"She was Ok, but it was kinda embarrassing because all my friends in the U.S. saw it."

The Hollywood star admits he loves dressing up in traditional Scottish plaid patterns while playing, adding, "I love golf because it's the only sport where you can dress like a pimp and nobody bats an eyelid. I once had a load of tartan (plaid) outfits made for a competition and out-pimped the whole course."