Actor Samuel L. Jackson's life has come full circle after filming a promotional advert for the American football stadium where he worked as a student.

The star attended Morehouse College in Georgia and made some extra cash by working as a merchant at the Georgia Dome, which is home to the Atlanta Falcons.

The icon went on to make a name for himself in such movies as Pulp Fiction and the Star Wars prequel trilogy, and Jackson reveals he was recently asked to come back and record a special announcement that would be played for fans ahead of each game.

He tells New York Magazine, "I've been a Falcons fan since I was in college, when I worked in the Atlanta stadium... Now when the Falcon games start, I'm actually on the Jumbotron (large-screen television). I do this big speech with a gospel choir behind me. They play it each week when the team comes on the field. I'm sorta (sic) part of the Falcon family."