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Craig's Terrible Time With Newman And Hanks

26th October 2004

British actor DANIEL CRAIG cringes when he recalls his first meeting with ROAD TO PERDITION castmates TOM HANKS and PAUL NEWMAN, because he acted like "such an a**ehole". The two film stalwarts and director...

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Danner To Babysit During House Move

22nd October 2004

GWYNETH PALTROW's actress mother BLYTHE DANNER is flying to London to babysit young APPLE while her OSCAR-winning daughter moves house. The TALENTED MR RIPLEY star and her COLDPLAY rocker husband CHRIS MARTIN bought the...

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Winslet: 'Motherhood Comes First'

19th October 2004

Being a mother is KATE WINSLET's true vocation, and she would have no problem quitting acting for her family. The British actress recently pulled out of WOODY ALLEN's new movie so she could spend...

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Patriotic Winslet To Stay In England

19th October 2004

Actress KATE WINSLET has allayed speculation she's destined for life in America with her director husband SAM MENDES, insisting she'd never leave her native England. Unlike many British actors who take up residency stateside...

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Mendes To Launch Shrek Broadway Musical

18th October 2004

OSCAR-winning director SAM MENDES is bringing animation hit SHREK to Broadway in a musical adaptation of the DREAMWORKS movie. The ROAD TO PERDITION star will have creative control of the New York production, while...

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Martin And Paltrow Ready To Move Into 'Haunted' Home

12th October 2004

COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN and his wife GWYNETH PALTROW are almost ready to move into their new luxury London home - but neighbours claim the property is haunted. Martin and OSCAR-winning Paltrow bought the...

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Winslet And Mendes Troubled By Botox

29th September 2004

TITANIC star KATE WINSLET has ruled out the possibility of ever getting Botox shots - because she fears the cosmetic treatment will ruin her acting abilities. The British screen beauty is horrified by the...

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Winslet Undersold Home Shared With Ex-husband

26th August 2004

KATE WINSLET has missed out on a $900,000 (GBP500,000) windfall from the sale of the home she shared with her first husband. The TITANIC actress sold her five-bedroom house in Walton-On-Thames, near London, for...

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Winslet Upset At Being Labelled A 'B*tch'

25th August 2004

KATE WINSLET is still bitter about being branded a "b*tch" by the press for leaving her first husband. The TITANIC actress, 28, "cried a lot" at the implications she had cheated on JIM THREAPLETON...

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Winslet Enjoys Community Life

24th August 2004

Hollywood star KATE WINSLET has silenced rural neighbours accusing her of failing to enter into community life - by donating money and four hours of her time to a local charity. The TITANIC beauty...

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Winslet And Mendes Infuriate Neighbours

17th August 2004

LATEST: Hollywood couple KATE WINSLET and SAM MENDES have offended their neighbours by stepping up security measures at their British mansion. Cotswold residents have already accused the TITANIC star and the OSCAR-winning AMERICAN BEAUTY...

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Winslet And Mendes Are 'Destroying' Village Life

8th August 2004

Actress KATE WINSLET and her director husband SAM MENDES have angered residents in the rural village where they live, by snubbing the local community. The couple - who moved into a $6 million (GBP3.3...

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Winslet Sells London Home To Paltrow

11th July 2004

KATE WINSLET has made a $756,000 (GBP420,000) profit from the sale of her London home to fellow movie actress GWYNETH PALTROW. The British beauty, 28, splashed out $3.78 million (GBP2.1 million) on the...

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Gyllenhaal Signs For Mendes Movie

9th July 2004

Hollywood heart-throb JAKE GYLLENHAAL has signed to star in the leading role of SAM MENDES third big screen movie JARHEAD. THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW star, 23, is set to star in Mendes' adaptation of...

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Winslet's Manor House Request Rejected

2nd July 2004

KATE WINSLET's designs for an extension to her $5.9 million (GBP3.3 million) British country retreat have been rejected by councillors for looking "like a shop front". The TITANIC actress, 28, and director husband SAM...

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Mendes' Play Flops After Two Weeks

8th June 2004

American director SAM MENDES is devastated that his first London play - since his resignation as artistic director of Donmar Warehouse theatre - has closed after just two weeks. The AMERICAN BEAUTY director...

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Mendes And Winslet Put Shrek To Music

2nd June 2004

TITANIC star KATE WINSLET's husband SAM MENDES is directing a Broadway version of the popular animated film SHREK. The AMERICAN BEAUTY director has hinted that his beautiful wife may make her singing debut in...

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Winslet's 'Chilled Out' Baby

30th April 2004

Actress KATE WINSLET has discovered the perfect dietary regime to ensure her baby is "chilled out" and flatulence-free - she avoids eating spicy food and drinking alcohol. The TITANIC beauty - who is breastfeeding...

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Mendes Takes Political Stance On Gulf War Movie

30th April 2004

Director SAM MENDES is planning a controversial movie based on the failed policies of the White House during the first Gulf War - and a string of A-list actors are already lining up for a...

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Winslet's Burglar Worries

14th April 2004

Movie beauty KATE WINSLET could be the target of seasoned burglars - neighbours at her lavish English mansion have warned. The TITANIC actress has spent the last year renovating a stunning $5.4 million (GBP3...

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Winslet And Mendes Move The Builders In

4th April 2004

Superstar couple KATE WINSLET and SAM MENDES have told builders to move into their $5.4 million (GBP3 million) Cotswold, south England mansion until they have finished renovating it. The 28-year-old British actress - currently...

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Winslet For Fourth Potter Movie

23rd March 2004

English rose KATE WINSLET is in talks to star in the fourth HARRY POTTER movie - as a French wizard. The TITANIC star, 29, has been asked to play FLEUR DELACOUR in the film...

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Mendes Bought His Own Wedding Ring

19th March 2004

Movie actress KATE WINSLET still owes director husband SAM MENDES money for his wedding ring. The couple wed last summer (03) in the Caribbean - and the big day was so unplanned, the...

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Winslet: Don't Believe The Gossip About My Marriages

19th March 2004

KATE WINSLET hates reading stories about how she and her ex-husband JIM THREAPLETON don't get along - because they're actually the best of friends. The TITANIC star claims the press made too much of...

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Winslet Succeeds In Her Quest For Happiness

9th March 2004

Actress KATE WINSLET is revelling in her marriage to celebrated movie director SAM MENDES, because she's found true happiness for the first time. The TITANIC star has suffered a series of crises in her...

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Sam Mendes Launches Scamp

18th February 2004

OSCAR-winning director SAM MENDES has founded an ambitious new entertainment company SCAMP FILM AND TELEVISION. The AMERICAN BEAUTY film-maker is returning to his theatrical roots with a series of stage adaptations, including a reworking...

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Rowling And Gervais Head Up British Culture List

11th February 2004

HARRY POTTER author JK ROWLING and THE OFFICE star RICKY GERVAIS are the two British celebrities will the most influence on popular culture - according to a new survey. The Top 50 Cultural Movers...

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Winslet Returns To The Big Screen

6th February 2004

British superstar KATE WINSLET is making a return to the big screen - and is already the favourite to take the lead in eagerly-anticipated adaptation THE CONSTANT GARDENERS. The TITANIC beauty - who married...

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Kate Gives Birth To Baby Joe

28th December 2003

KATE WINSLET had an extra special gift this Christmas (03) - a baby boy. The TITANIC actress gave birth to her second child, JOE, on 22 December (03). The baby, who weighed in at...

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Mendes Eyes Kite Runner Project

21st November 2003

OSCAR-winning director SAM MENDES is in talks to direct upcoming film THE KITE RUNNER, after helping producers find a scriptwriter for the project. The AMERICAN BEAUTY director, 38, is currently developing the film -...

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